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What is Aka ms Remoteconnect: With Login and Code (Guide!)

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Are you trying to set up Minecraft on the console(PS4/Xbox) and searching for a way to have it play multiplayer cross-platform?

There is a good way to do it with the https aka ms remoteconnect website.

In this detailed guide, I will discuss what it is, the code you get to connect it properly, and how to configure aka ms remote connect, to play multiplayer in Minecraft properly.

Minecraft is a multiplayer world-building video game that you can play on computers, smartphones, or Xbox consoles.

The game was created more than a decade ago.

Minecraft is an online game that allows users to create their worlds using blocks of different materials, breed different species of animals even you can breed Axolotyls, and wolves

The game’s goal is to survive by gathering resources such as wood or stone from the environment while fighting off monsters.

Players can also craft tools and weapons out of these items. It has all the options to go creative with and even play multiplayer on cross-platform.

Aka ms Remoteconnect

Hello Minecrafters, Let’s get started!

What is Aka Ms Remoteconnect Minecraft? Remoteconnect Minecraft is a website that allows you to connect to other players on the server without downloading any software using a unique 8 digits code and signing in with Microsoft account.

It helps to play Minecraft together, regardless of the device they’re using or the console they own. It is very useful for those who are not very tech-savvy. 

It can connect people playing on consoles like Sony PlayStations 4+ with people playing on Nintendo Switch, or if you have an Xbox One / X / S, it can connect with any other of these platforms. 

What is Aka MS Remoteconnect code?

In your console, when you click Sign in to Microsoft account in Minecraft, you will see a popup with a link to aka ms remoteconnect to use to sign in with your free Microsoft account.

You will find an 8-digit code below it to enter when you visit that website from another device.

Minecraft allows you to play cross-platform using aka ms remote connect using an 8-digit code. This code you need to enter to aka ms remoteconnect website to set it up properly.

This unique 8-digit code is connected using the aka ms remoteconnect. You will find this code in the Minecraft game.

Aka ms Remoteconnect login (Step by Step)

Here is the way to login in, aka ms remoteconnect, and set up the gameplay properly:

  1. Open Minecraft in Console
  2. Click on Sign in with Microsoft Account, which would be present as a button on the bottom left of the Minecraft game landing screen.
  3. A popup will come that shows you the link and an 8-digit code on the bottom.
  4. Open the link aka ms remoteconnect on another device(a smartphone would work too) and enter the 8 digits unique code you got in the previous step.
  5. It will ask to sign in with a Microsoft account(Microsoft login credentials of Microsoft account)
  6. You will get a success message like “You are now signed in to Minecraft from your {device}. You can now safely close this window”.
  7. Close the browser window. Now you are logged in successfully. 
  8. After successful login in the console, you would see a popup showing successfully connected. 

To change any settings, you need to visit

How do I go to https aka MS Remoteconnect?

If you are setting up Minecraft play in the console, you can visit aka ms remoteconnect from the browser of your mobile device as you cannot do the same from the console.

How do you enter codes on Aka Remoteconnect?

Aka ms remoteconnect has a form asking for the Minecraft 8-digit code. You can provide the code there and click next. 

Next, you need to sign in with your Microsoft account, and then you are done signing in to the game on your console.

What is https aka MS? is a shortened URL version used to shorten large URLs using a redirect. It is not an actual URL but a redirect.

E.g., If you use the Url:, you will be redirected to page.

Is the Aka MS Remoteconnect Website Safe to Use?

Aka ms remoteconnect is a shortened URL and may seem to be suspicious. However, it redirects to, which is safe.

According to the wiki, is used by Microsoft for its Outlook and One Drive-related functionality.

Pros of Aka ms remoteconnect

  • It gives an easy and hassle-free way to log in and connect to a Microsoft account.
  • Aka ms remoteconnect is a simplified shortened URL that helps you type easily and remember when you are using it on another device. It is easier to remember than its redirected version
  • You do not need to type in your credentials in your console, and you can do it on another device which makes it convenient to use.

Cons of aka ms remoteconnect


Let’s conclude the post on Aka ms remoteconnect!

Playing Minecraft in Multiplayer is amazing, and aka ms remoteconnect does a great job. The setup is very easy too and hassle-free.

So, let’s begin playing multiplayer and unleashing your creativity with your friends. You may face other issues like being unable to join your friend’s Minecraft world. In that case you can check this guide here.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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