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7 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 3000 in India (Updated)

If you are looking for the best gaming keyboard under 3000, then you are at the right place.

A gaming keyboard is as vital as a great gaming PC setup.

A gaming keyboard makes a huge difference when you play competitive games online or even for your regular productivity.

Gaming keyboards add a ton of advanced features (Anti-Ghosting, NKRO, low latency clicks, macro keys) to you to give an edge to your gaming, a better build quality to ensure durability for intensive gaming, and a great RGB look to enhance the gaming experience.

Let’s get started!

What are the best Gaming Keyboards under 3000?

Gaming Keyboard nameCheck At Amazon
1. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Neon Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard Check Price at Amazon
2. TVS Electronics Gold Mechanical KeyboardCheck Price at Amazon
3. Ant Esports MK1000 Multicolour Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue SwitchesCheck Price at Amazon
4. Zebronics Mechanical USB Wired Max Plus Gaming KeyboardCheck Price at Amazon
5. AmazonBasics Mechanical Feel Gaming KeyboardCheck Price at Amazon
6. HP GK320 Gaming Keyboard (RGB)Check Price at Amazon
7. TVS Electronics Gold Bio Mechanical Keyboard Check Price at Amazon
best gaming keyboard under 3000 india

Who are the Gaming Keyboards under 3000 for?

Mechanical gaming keyboards are used by people from various professions like gamers, software developers, designers, copywriters, editors, and many other professionals. 

Specifically, these are excellent for playing games and performing any task that is keyboard intensive. 

Even Gaming Professionals love to choose an RGB Gaming mechanical keyboard for competitive gaming.

Factors to Look for in a Gaming Keyboard Under 3000

Before buying any keyboard, it is good to know the factors that set apart gaming keyboards under 3000 from their cheap counterparts. 

You also need to know the factors you should consider before choosing your gaming Keyboard to get good productivity or experience using that Keyboard for a long time.

1. Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Type for a Gaming keyboard

Membrane keyboards are keyboards where keys are not separate.

It detects keypress by the pressure pad(membrane) present beneath the keys.

These represent cheaper keyboards available in the market.

However, Mechanical keyboards use individual springs and a switch for each key.

These are costlier than regular keyboards and are very durable.

You can read more about mechanical vs membrane keyboards here.

2. RGB Backlit vs Non-Backlit

Backlit would help to use the Keyboard even in dark conditions and improve productivity.

It gives an added advantage.

For this reason, even when we buy a laptop keyboard, we look for a backlit keyboard in it. 

RGB keyboards are advanced types of backlit keyboards where backlit changes to different colours and a variety of patterns by projecting colours of Red, Green, and Blue.

These improve the aura of the workspace and would give a gaming feel with RGB lighting effects.

3. Durability

Durability is an essential factor. You would use this Keyboard most time when you will use your PC.

During gameplay, you would use the Keyboard quickly to improve performance.

If the Keyboard is not durable, then you may face critical issues often.

For build quality, we need to consider the quality of the chassis, switches and also keycaps.

4. Anti-Ghosting

Anti-Ghosting denotes a unique keypress that is essential when you press more than 2 to 3 keys at a particular time.

It can happen during gameplay when you press the keys very frequently.

It is an essential feature, and it plays a significant role when you play games.

I have written a dedicated article on Anti-Ghosting.

In this video, you will in detail about anti-ghosting for the keyboard.

5. Switch Quality

Switch play an essential role in any keyboard type.

Specifically, as mechanical keyboards focus explicitly on improved switches, we should consider switch types and quality before buying.

6. Mechanical Switch Type for Gaming

Though you find different mechanical keyboards in the market available, the mechanical keyboard switches differ by Manufacturer and switch type.

In this video, find in detail which type of switch to choose.

Some of the top manufacturers are Cherry MX(Premium type), Kailh, Gateron, Long Hua etc.

long hua blue switch

Switches can be of several types, but the most popular and useful are :

Blue Switch

Blue switches are excellent. You can quickly identify by opening the upper keycap by its colour.

You would find the right amount of clicky sound when you type using this Keyboard.

It would also give you excellent feedback with each keypress and hence would help you to type faster.

The blue switch is prevalent among gamers as the experience it gives is unmatched.

The blue switch is known for its clicky feedback as well as the clicking sound it produces.

The blue switch requires a 50 gm actuation force.

You can compare the sound of the blue switch to any old typewriter type.

If you like the typewriter sound, then blue switch keyboards are best for you.

Brown Switch

Brown Switch is another type of mechanical keyboard switch which its brown colour can easily identify.

You can quickly determine by opening the top keycap.

Brown Switch requires a 45 gm actuation force less than a blue switch and produces less sound.

If you don’t like much sound but need a real mechanical feel, brown switches are perfect.

7. Keypress Experience

Keypress experience directly affects your productivity.

If your Keyboard is hard to press or is not much responsive, you might become slower in typing.

The opposite is also true. 

Mechanical keyboards improve typing experience and hence overall improve typing speed.

In the last two years of using a mechanical keyboard, my typing speed increased by about 40%.

I have written an article in detail to cover the different keypress experiences for different switches.

You can find here the comparison of tactile vs linear vs clicky.

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000

1. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

The first Keyboard in the list comes from Cosmic Byte’s CB-GK-12 Neon Rainbow backlit mechanical keyboards.

How about when a mechanical keyboard has an inbuilt backlight that would help you work at ease even in a darker environment? 

It comes in two variants: one comes with blue switches, and another comes with brown switches

In this Keyboard, you can perform more than 50 million operations for each key. Its build quality is excellent.

It has an Aluminium body chassis with the keys having ten backlight effects with three brightness adjustment levels that you can easily do. 

There are also different modes by which the backlit can be made to do a specific design, like changing the speed you can again do for backlit keys.

What did we find as Pros?

  • It comes with Outemu Blue Mechanical Switch with ten lighting effects, a 3-level speed adjustment, and four brightness levels.
  • It comes with an Anti-ghosting feature and Windows key lock feature.
  • Build Quality is excellent as it comes with Aluminium Body with Chrome bezel.

What did we find as Cons?

  • The cable could have been braided.
  • It lacks inbuilt memory, so you have to reset the lighting again every time you want to use its effect.

My View

Cosmic Byte’s products are valued for money, and this is not an exception.

In this price range, this caught my attention.

It is highly recommended by me if you are a regular gamer.

2. TVS Electronics Gold Mechanical Keyboard

Sturdy and durable if you need it for all kinds of tasks like office work, personal work involving typing or gaming that requires the right amount of keyboard efficiency, this Keyboard TVS Gold Keyboard can easily handle ease.

Though there are many mechanical keyboards in the market, the TVS Gold keyboard is top-rated in India. People love using it.

What did we find as Pros?

  • TVS brand is trendy and known to many in India.
  • The typing experience is incredible. Every finger glides smoothly with every keypress on this Keyboard.
  • The key Pressing sound is satisfying.
  • The curved design is an added advantage for this Keyboard.
  • It improves typing speed.

What did we find as Cons?

  • It does not look any close to the modern-looking Gaming Mechanical Keyboard.
  • Another con is you don’t get any RGB lighting or any backlighting with this Keyboard.

My View

Simply, I can say you cannot go wrong with this Keyboard. I am so happy with this keyboard’s performance that I reviewed this Keyboard further in this article on TVS Gold Keyboard.

3. Ant Esports MK1000 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

I first knew about Ant Esports from their RGB gaming cabinet.

Every product is value for money as compared to its competitor.

You get a warranty of 1 Year with Ant Esports MK1000 Keyboard.

What did we find as Pros?

  • It has 86 Key Rollover never to miss any keypress
  • It has a multi-coloured backlighting option with six preset colour options.
  • It is durable(made of Steel, abs) and water-resistant to protect you from accidental spills.

What did we find as Cons?

Some people reported this Keyboard not working after a few months, but that won’t be an issue as you are covered with a 1 Year Warranty. This might be due to some defective piece they received.

My View

Overall, this Keyboard satisfied me and didn’t leave any complaints to raise from my side.

I would recommend you this Ant Esports MK1000 if you are a regular gamer. 

4. Zebronics Max Plus USB Wired Gaming Keyboard

Zebronics manufactures good quality peripherals at a stone’s throw low price.

Zebronics Max Plus Keyboard is very promising in this price range of 3000.

Zebronics Max keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that you can easily connect to your PC or laptop using Plug and Play USB cable. 

What did we find as Pros?

  • It has an anti-dust design to protect dust particles from entering the Keyboard.
  • It has an n-key rollover to ace your gameplay as you can press multiple keys at once.
  • The cable is 1.8 m long and is braided to protect it from wear and tear and provide a long life.

What did we find as Cons?

Not many cons.

My View

Looks good as per this budget—no complaints about this Keyboard. 

5. AmazonBasics Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard

AmazonBasics is a quality range of products from Amazon.

This AmazonBasics Mechanical feel Keyboard is perfect for your gaming. 

This keyboard will give you a mechanical keyboard feel with every keypress, and it is highly durable for your rough gameplay.

AmazonBasics Mechanical Feel keyboard is a wired USB keyboard.

It has customizable RGB Led lighting in it. This is a membrane keyboard with a mechanical feel.

What did we find as Pros?

  • It has Programmable Macro Keys and Anti-Ghosting Keys
  • It Comes with Customizable RGB Lighting
  • You can Lock Windows Switch for Game or Desktop Mode
  • You will find One-Touch Media Controls to access media from the Keyboard directly.

What did we find as Cons?

  • No mechanical switches like Cherry MX or Kailh.
  • The price could have been more competitive.

My View

You will be satisfied with all the tasks you throw at it.

It would have been better to have Kailh, Cherry MX or at least Long Hua switches in it for being a real mechanical keyboard. 

6. HP GK320 Gaming Keyboard

We all know about the excellent Quality of HP keyboards.

I am very excited to include this HP GK320 Gaming keyboard in this list of mechanical keyboards under Rs 3000.

Everyone who uses a PC or a laptop knows about the quality product HP makes.

Previously, I have used two HP keyboards of membrane type, and I never felt bad.

In 3000 rs, getting a mechanical Gaming keyboard from HP is fantastic. 

What did we find as Pros?

  • Strong keycaps with a matte texture that would prevent keys from fading out
  • Its USB cable is gold-plated.
  • It has blue Mechanical Switches which would give good tactile feedback and typewriter sound.
  • Has N-Key Rollover with six keys.

What did we find as Cons?

Did not find any cons.

My View

GK320’s build quality is good, and as per my testing and reviews, it is quite good.

I am mostly very picky when I am choosing a high-quality gaming keyboard.

If you are a Gamer is an obvious choice and is value for money.

7. TVS Electronics Gold Bio Keyboard

TVS Electronics keyboards are very popular for day-to-day usage and are known all over India for their durability.

TVS Electronics Gold Bio keyboard is a great innovative product made by TVS Electronics.

It is an excellent mechanical keyboard with added features that you will rarely find available on any keyboard.

It has an added advantage like an anti-microbial coating that would help the Keyboard prevent harmful bacteria and viruses.

We generally use keyboards throughout our day. So, with this feature, you get some protection from bacteria growth here.

What did we find as Pros?

  • It has an anti-microbial coating
  • Extremely durable

What did we find as Cons?

Unlike other gaming keyboards, this does not have any backlight to support you with your work even in a dark environment.

My View

Not all of us need to use a keyboard even in a dark environment.

If we consider this in terms of performance and durability, it is our definitive choice under 3000. 

My Choice

After giving a walkthrough with all the details and information you need to decide on the best gaming keyboard under 3000, I would like to provide my top choice.

Here are my favourites:

FAQs on Best Gaming Keyboard under Rs 3000

Q: Are Mechanical Keyboards worth it?

Ans: Mechanical Keyboards can initially take more investment, but the performance, increased productivity, and satisfaction it delivers to gamers or programmers are unmatched. Mechanical keyboards are truly worth their price.

Q: Are mechanical keyboards better for gaming?

Ans: Professional Gamers, even most other gamers, prefer mechanical keyboards. These are durable, last longer, are more tactile, provide excellent feedback, anti-ghosting features, and even RGB lighting. Overall mechanical keyboards are better for gaming than any other keyboard.

Q: Are the gaming keyboards worth it?

Ans: Gaming keyboards pack the perfect balance of performance, durability, and advanced gaming features that essentially makes the gaming keyboards better value for money if the sole purpose of gaming. This is why gaming keyboards are worth it.

Q: What Type of Keyboard is best for Gaming?

Ans: The RGB backlit mechanical keyboards are great for gaming. They look great and the performance is also great.


Let’s conclude!

As you come this far, you have finally made your choice for the gaming keyboard you were looking for. 

Feel free to drop a query in the comments if you need further help from me in choosing the best gaming Keyboard under 3000. You can also check the article on the best gaming keyboards under 1500.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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