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11 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1500 in India

Gaming is the most favourite thing we do other than our usual work on a computer or Laptop.

Whatever the type of game, the essential peripherals are a good keyboard and a mouse.

If you are looking for the best Gaming keyboard under 1500 to play awesome games like DOTA, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and GTA V, this post is for you.

I have covered the most viable keyboard options that would be best for your gaming and have features like Anti-ghosting, RGB lighting, mechanical feel, sturdy build, and more.

What are the best gaming keyboards under Rs 1500?

  1. HP K300 Gaming Keyboard
  2.  HP K500F Gaming Keyboard
  3. Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical wired Gaming keyboard
  4. Marvo K616 Gaming Keyboard
  5. Zysk G-Link Mutant NK-23 Gaming Keyboard
  6. Microdigit Raider Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
  7. Redragon Karura K502 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard with RGB LED Backlight
  8. Zebronics Zeb-War Gaming Keyboard 
  9. Artis Blaze Wired Backlit USB Gaming Keyboard
  10. EvoFox (by Amkette) Fireblade Gaming Wired Keyboard
  11. Zebronics Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard

Factors to look in a Budget Gaming Keyboard under 1500


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There are several factors to check so that to verify if the keyboard quality is suitable for your regular gaming or not.

These can be treated as a checklist which I use to filter out and choose only the better gaming keyboard options from Amazon.

1. Build Quality

The more I say about the build quality, is less. The build quality is a crucial factor, and choosing a good build quality keyboard is essential for gaming.

In gaming, the build quality is tested to the most extreme than in any other task.

A good build quality involves checking the build quality of the frame or chassis. Then the keycaps and key type which is used in the gaming keyboard.

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2. RGB Lighting 

RGB lighting gives a true Gaming feel. Whenever I see an RGB lighting keyboard, it looks so much better than any ordinary keyboard without backlighting or RGB lighting features.

This RGB lighting behind keys also ensures the keys are better visible to you even if your room is not well lit.

3. Mechanical Feel Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards use mechanical keycaps, which give the essence of the actual typewriter feels in a computer keyboard.

Also, it provides an added benefit. Mechanical feel keys are effortless to press and provide excellent feedback.

Hence, these mechanical keys improve the typing speed on the keyboard and are more durable than membrane keyboards.

In the budget gaming keyboard options under 1500, we would find mostly the non-mechanical keyboard types present.

However, most of them simulate the mechanical feel you would get in a real mechanical keyboard, which is impressive and a must-have feature.

4. Anti-Ghosting Feature

The Anti-Ghosting feature is a great and most helpful feature for FPS or any fast-paced gaming when we try pressing multiple keys at once.

If we use any standard keyboard, it would not respond or recognize all key presses if you press many keys together due to its hardware limitation.

However, for Anti-Ghosting keyboards, this problem is solved. Now you can press multiple keys as fast as possible, and your system would notice each keypress accurately.

It would improve the gaming performance that you desired.

Many gaming titles require pressing multiple keys. They have complex control to do a specific action or perform a particular task in the games. 

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Best Gaming Keyboard under 1500

1. HP K300 Gaming Keyboard 

HP K300 is a budget Gaming keyboard from HP with Stunning Looks and functionality. If you love gaming, then you must have embraced the aura of RGB lighting.

They look really cool and also you can adjust the brightness to the desired amount.

This HP K300 is compatible with Windows and Mac OS devices, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity.

Just plug and play the keyboard with its USB port to your PC or laptop.

These keyboard keys are curated as a high and low key layout that comes naturally to use. You might need to have a wrist rest if you feel the keys are a bit high for your hands to rest.

Though it is a membrane keyboard, it would simulate the experience of a mechanical keyboard with its good-quality keycaps.

You would really enjoy using this keyboard from HP. HP is a trustworthy brand, and this keyboard is worth considering at this price point.

From this video, you will find the detail of the HP K300, review and how it will be in real life.

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2. HP K500F Gaming Keyboard

HP K500F is a slim-designed gaming keyboard from HP. HP is a reputed brand, and choosing a gaming keyboard from HP is worth considering.

This is a membrane-type keyboard but has a mechanical keyboard feel to it.

The panel is made of metal, so it adds durability, which is an excellent feature to consider. The metal panel makes this keyboard sturdier and scratch-resistant.

This HPK500F has 26 Keys anti- Ghosting features, which is an excellent feature to consider.

This has a rainbow backlit that lit up to boost your workspace and enhance your gaming experience.

You can adjust the brightness of the backlight of the keyboard also.

Many people have good experience using this keyboard due to its good build quality, lightweight and performance.

From this video, you will find the detail of the HP K500F, a detailed review and how it will be in real life.

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3. Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical wired Gaming keyboard

If you are gaming for a while, you must have heard about Redgear and its excellent gaming peripherals and accessories.

This Redgear Blaze is a semi-mechanical wired keyboard designed for gaming purposes.

As most of the Gorgeous gaming keyboards that you would see have floating keycaps, the same is here. And the keys are responsive and durable, which is an essential metric to consider for gaming.

Also, it supports the Anti-Ghosting features with 19 keys, windows key lock feature, which is a must-have feature for any gaming keyboard.

From this video, you will find the detail of the Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical Keyboard, a detailed review and how it will be in real life.

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4. Zysk G-Link Mutant NK-23 Gaming Keyboard

Zysk G-Link Mutant NK-23 Keyboard is a Wired Gaming keyboard with colourful backlighting available on Amazon. You can even control the light functionality and can turn it off if you don’t like it.

This keyboard has 26 anti-ghosting keys and gives an elevated gaming experience.

This also has 12 hotkeys known as multimedia keys on top of the keyboard and adds quick shortcuts, which are essential for gaming.

Professional gamers like to customise quick actions and shortcuts on their desired keys for faster access and improved gaming performance.

This gives them an edge over their competitor in gaming during tournaments or any gaming competitions.

5. Microdigit Raider Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Microdigit Raider is a Wired Gaming Mechanical keyboard under 1500. This gaming keyboard has 25 keys that support the n-Key Rollover/Anti-ghosting feature. Also, it has 14 additional function keys.

The Keys are quiet, designed for longevity, and durability, and you would get decent feedback whenever you use them.

The keys are water-resistant, which makes them able to withstand any accidental spills while playing games.

Also, you get laser engraved keys that make the keys last longer.

This Microdigit gaming keyboard has RGB backlit support. It has lighting modes like RED, GREEN and BLUE with adjustable brightness levels.

This is recommended for casual gamers and also can be used for office work.

6. Marvo K616 Gaming Keyboard

Marvo K616 is a membrane keyboard with the looks of a mechanical keyboard. These have silent keys to type with.

It also has Anti-ghosting for its 19 keys, giving you an added advantage in gaming over your competitor. 

This keyboard’s height can be adjustable with flaps. In terms of build quality, this looks and feels sturdy enough to support long-time gaming.

In terms of lighting, it has RGB lighting with three mixed colours and has breathing effects too. You can also adjust the brightness as you desire.

Overall, considering all factors, this keyboard is recommended for people under a budget or suitable for beginners in gaming.

From this video, you will find the detail of the Marvo K616 Gaming Keyboard, a detailed review and how it will be in real life.

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7. Zebronics Zeb-War Gaming Keyboard

Zeb War Gaming Keyboard is another good keyboard option from Zebronics.

This keyboard comes with a Multicolour LED and is beautiful to look at.

This keyboard is also function-rich. It has integrated media control keys that can be used as a shortcut for many operations.

This keyboard key has a lifetime of 12 Million Times keystrokes which is good to consider.

From this video, you will find the detail of the Zebronics Zeb-War Gaming Keyboard, a detailed review and how it will be in real life.

8. Redragon Karura K502 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard with RGB LED Backlight

Redragon is a popular brand for gaming peripherals and accessories in India. Redragon Karura K502 is a Wired USB Gaming Keyboard.

This has a unique feature unlike any other gaming keyboard in that it has silent keys with it.

Also, you get a wrist rest aligned with it, which helps maintain your wrist in a good posture and prevent pain.

K502 has 25 anti-conflicting keys that help to eliminate ghosting which happens on any ordinary keyboard.

Also, as this is a full-sized keyboard, you get access to a complete Numpad.

Also, this keyboard can withstand some accidental liquid spills, so you don’t have to worry about liquid spills.
The keys are of low profile type, and your hand gets well aligned with the keys while resting on the wrist rest.

This improves the comfortable experience that you have using this Redragon K502 Wired Gaming Keyboard.

From this video, you will find the detail of the Redragon Karura K502 Gaming Keyboard, a detailed review and how it will be in real life.

 Check here the price of the Redragon Karura K502 Gaming Keyboard at Amazon

9. Artis Blaze Wired Backlit USB Gaming Keyboard

Artis Blaze Wired Keyboard is a Backlit USB Gaming Keyboard. The keycaps are laser printed and are perfectly designed for gaming.

Also, if you love keyboard lighting, this keyboard comes with three customisable LED colours Red, Purple and Blue.

This keyboard is spill-resistant, which is good to have if you are prone to spills. The keys are soft-touch and have anti-ghosting features that would give you an edge in gaming over your competitor.

This keyboard has a matte design which appeals to me.

It has 4 Programmable keys called G Keys that are customisable and pretty useful to have gaming shortcuts configured. The keys have a 10 Million Click lifetime.

The most fantastic feature is that it comes with an integrated Palm Rest of Compact size. The wrist rest saves you from buying an additional one with your gaming keyboard.

This is the feature that keeps this Gaming keyboard ahead.

10. EvoFox (by Amkette) Fireblade Gaming Wired Keyboard

EvoFox Fireblade by Amkette is a top-rated wired Gaming keyboard that many gamers prefer to choose. I have seen gamers using this in local tournaments in college fests.

Generally, the keycap letters get faded and look washed out after being heavily used in gaming.

This keyboard solves this problem as it has high-quality laser-etched keys that prevent the letters from fading out, which is good to have.

This is a compact keyboard and does not have the number panel on the sides that a full-sized keyboard has. Still, it’s really an excellent choice to go!

Also, the keycaps of this keyboard have high durability, and Amkette claims we can have 10 million keystrokes which are excellent.

It comes with a 1.5m long Braided Cable, which adds to the durability factor.

You would get a spillproof design that saves you from any accidental spills that can always occur during gameplay.

You also get an anti-ghosting feature on 19 keys which is a plus point to consider. It is advantageous playing on an anti-ghosting keyboard as compared to non-anti-ghosting ones.

Also, you can turn the Windows key lock which would prevent random pop-ups during your gameplay.

If you like the backlit and beautiful aura that gaming keyboards have, this keyboard will surely impress you.

With Amkette EvoFox, you get Rainbow backlighting with breathing effects that take the keyboard look to the next level.

11. Zebronics Gaming Multimedia USB Keyboard

Zebronics manufactures excellent budget computer peripherals and is very popular if you buy them, especially from the local Indian market.

Zebronics Gaming multimedia keyboard has an integrated media control within it.

The keyboard chassis/frame is very durable and light as it is made of aluminium.

It is excellent to have a chassis/frame made of aluminium as it provides much durability without any added weight.

Keys are laser etched, and the letters would not fade away.

The wire is also good in quality as it is braided. For keyboard longevity, considering braided cable is one of the most important factors to consider before buying.

Choosing a braided cable is really worth it.

My Choice

In this budget range of 1500 in India, I tried to cover the most useful options which would be value for money to you for your gaming.

My favourite choices are the:

Hey, find these amazing gaming keyboards from the link provided above.


Let’s conclude!

As you came to this point you must have got a clear idea about the best gaming keyboard under 1500. You can also check the best gaming keyboards under 3000.

If you are on a more stringent budget, you may go with the non-mechanical keyboard variants in this price range.

Also, you can consider the renewed keyboard options available on Amazon.

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