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Best Linear Switches in 2023 (Complete Guide!)

There are a lot of different types of switches like linear, tactile, and clicky available for mechanical keyboards on the market today.

Linear switches are one of the popular switches in the gaming community and it’s known for their performance.

If you are looking for the best linear switches for your mechanical keyboard, here I have covered the top available linear switches and also my top choices for linear switch keyboards with a complete analysis.

Best Linear Switches

Let’s get started!

What are Linear Switches?

Linear switches are the type of mechanical switches without any noisy clicks and bumpy feedback. These switches are known for their buttery-smooth actuation and fast clicks.

Due to the low actuation force, smooth clicks, and low noise, these are preferred for typing and competitive gaming.

E.g., Red switches like the MX Red are linear switches with smooth clicks and an actuation force of only 45g.

Factors to find The Best Linear Switches

Here are the factors you need to look at before you choose any linear switches or any linear switch mechanical keyboard:

1. Sound

Linear switches are more quiet compared to all the other switches in the market.

For this reason, one gets to use them in all places without the fear of being noisy to your neighbors. 

2. Smoothness

Best linear switches are known to be smooth. For this reason, you will not get to experience any form of roughness in the course of using them. 

3. Actuation force

The actuation force refers to the amount of force that is necessary to aid in switches activation.

Generally, the green switches have 80 actuation force, black ones have 50g actuation force and red switches have 45g actuation force. 

4. Durability

One of the main advantages, why people prefer to purchase linear switches, is that they are durable.

Besides being durable, they are also all-around, consistent, and durable switches that one would ever come across. 

Should You Get a Linear Switch?

The linear switches are products that are great and ideal for use by all people who are phobic of the experience of small bumps. 

These different bumps come from the different tactile switches. In other cases, the noise comes from different kinds of clicky switches. 

Linear switches are consistent, smooth, and quiet in the whole movement. Generally, the tactile switch has a medium resistance. Again, it is a product that is clear while the overall resistance is heavy. 

Here is the list of the Top 7 Linear switches you can buy:

#1. Gateron Yellow Switches

The Gateron Yellow Switches are an ideal switch option for all people to use. They are great for use by people who love using linear switches, especially with mechanical keyboards. 

They are quiet, smooth, have a pressing vertical sensation and no clicky feel is present, If you are working in the office, this is a product that is reliable for use at all times. 

Also, you may as well use it while gaming and if you are a person who engages in typing activities for long periods. 

Besides, there is a 50g Gateron Yellow actuation force. In the case of the travel distance, it measures 4mm. This distance is much similar to the Gateron standard switches. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable and great for use in gaming and typing
  • Smooth and have no scratches
  • Comes in a wide variety


  • The factory has a slight pre-lubing
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You can also check the complete Gateron Yellow Review here.

#2. Gateron Ink Black

Generally, the Gateron Ink Black Switches are products that are favorable for use in all communities for a long time. 

For this reason, there is a great need of testing these switches out. When this happens, one gets to lube, film, and install them in a custom KBD75 build. The keyboard entails full aluminum and comes with different forms of switch mods. 

Though the product is quite pricey, its performance is great. In the case of smoothness, the product is smooth. There is a production of the best bassy sound on all the different kinds of impact. 

Before you get to apply switch film and lube in the Link batch, you will find that the best linear switches are quite scratchy. 

For this reason, their wobbling nature will disappoint you. Through the application of film and lube, one realizes the major reason why this switch is a favorite of all people. 


  • High-quality product
  • Durable
  • Simple to install
  • Great custom build


  • Quite pricey
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#3. Cherry MX Black

The Cherry MX Black refers to switches that belong to the mechanical keyboard and linear switches. For this reason, they have a linear and a moderate stiff feel. 

Besides, Cherry MX Black is a switch whose spring resistance is high and has no kind of audible click. 

This makes the product produce noise especially while bottoming out. The absence of audible click gives a high note for all the employees in the work stations especially the ones utilizing the communication and voice systems. 

Another thing, Cherry X Black is a switch with both prestige and history. It came into the market in 1984 and is thus one of the best switches that any person would ever come across. 

It is utilizing stations in the point-of-sale or instance cash registers as a result of the high actuation force. 


  • High-quality item
  • Have a professional look
  • Durable
  • Reliable


  • A bit pricey

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#4. Cherry MX Speed Silver

Cherry MX speed switches are key switches that are advanced in the whole world. They have different promises and different functionalities and features that are absent in other places. 

Another thing, there is a great need for one to understand why they are among the most ideal products in the market. 

Another thing, the Cherry MX switches entail products that are world-famous and with different kinds of mechanical keyboards. 

They consist of MX speed silver which is in other terms referred to as the Cherry lineup that is fastest. 

Again, there is a combination of spring low resistance with linear and incredible performance. 

Their billing is done by spring and low resistance with linear and incredible performance.

As a result, they are billing in the form of gaming and premium switches on all the different pro gamers.


  • Durable
  • The build is fabulous
  • Fast actuation and speed


  • Too light switch

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#5. Cherry MX Red Switches

Cherry MX Red is the linear offering from the Gold standard Cherry MX Switches lineup. They are available in transparent and non-transparent ones.

Cherry MX Reds are very smooth with an actuation of only 45g. They don’t have any bumpy feedback in them making them one of the ideal linear switches.

I feel Cherry MX Reds are awesome for gaming purely because of the snappy clicks and no bumpy feedback.

If you are a clicky switch fan, then you may feel these to be too silent to use. You will hardly notice any clicking sound from when you would start using them.

They are perfect to be used in any silent workspace without bothering others.

They are very durable too. These switches don’t wear off easily even if you use them intensively in games.

If you are serious about gaming, then the Cherry MX Red can be a good pick!


  • Great typing performance with Actuation of 45g
  • Quality gaming performance with snappy actuation
  • High-quality product without any noisy clicks


  • None
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#6. Razer Yellow Switches

The Razer Yellow switches are great when it comes to speed. Again, it has a great overall resemblance with speed switches. 

In the case of travel and actuation, they have a great overall resemblance to speed switches. 

For this reason, there is no 100% certainty without the possibility of the switch desoldering process. 

This implies you will always have certainty of its closeness as you get to use the speed switches. 

Another thing, both the Yellow switches and the orange switches in many ways get to sound similar. 


  • High-quality product
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use


  • Pricey
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#7. C3 Equalz Tangerine Switches

These are switches that feature tangerine orange iconic stems, clear tops, and a black bottom. Again, these are switches whose manufacturing process took place in Gateron. 

After their presence in the Chinese market, you will find that C3 tangerines had a large overall appearance in the Chinese market.

They feature a bottomed black switch with a 62g spring milky bottom option. 

Another thing, these switches are green-stemmed and orange-housed. They are found in all different kinds of communities at large. 

The main differences are found in the switches whose originally planning was to use translucent instead of opaque housing. 


  • Sounds smooth
  • Elegant product
  • High-quality item
  • Reliable


  • None

Which is the best linear switch for gaming? 

I find Gateron Yellow Switches to be the best switch for use in gaming. This is because it operates silently and thus stands out from the rest of the switches. 

The other switches that are also ideal for gaming are Gateron Ink Black and Cherry MX Black.

Which is the best linear switch for typing? 

If you are buying switches for use for typing purposes, the most ideal product for you is Razer Yellow Switches.

The main reason why these are the best products for you to buy is that they help one type without having to put in a lot of effort.

You may as well consider the use of C3 Equalz Tangerine Switches and Cherry MX Red Switches. 

How does a linear switch work?

The linear switches consist of switches whose overall focus is on the production of actuation, a smooth and consistent process in absence of any kind of tactile feedback. 

Besides, you will realize that the linear switches are as well great for use by all people who hate the small pup experience from loud noises in the tactile switches. 

How to Improve Your Linear Switches? 

Mechanical keyboard lubing entails the passage right which is a hobby for many people. People lube the switches because:

  • It is therapeutic and fun
  • Reduces tactile bump
  • Lessens the scratches
  • Minimal rattle
  • Smoothens the actuation
  • Improves acoustics

Though this activity is time-intensive, when you lube the switches, you will improve on how the keyboard works in many different ways. If you wish to acquire a smooth and sound feel, you should consider the use of a board of high quality. 

Best Linear Switches FAQs

Q. Are Linear switches durable?

Linear switches are durable and in their long life, they continue to deliver great services. 

Q. Is it hard to use linear switches?

No. Linear switches are among the simplest switches for any person to use.

Q. Are Linear Switches compatible with all keyboards?

Yes. Linear switches have great compatibility levels and this makes them compatible with all keyboards. 

Q. Are linear switches better?

In many cases, the linear switches are always consistent, smooth, and quiet in their life.
In most cases, they are used by gamers because they have keystrokes with great precision and thus are great for use at all times in competitive games. 

Q. What is the best Cherry MX linear switch?

Mainly, Cherry MX Speed Silver has put a lot of aspects in the linear switches, Again, it is known to improve it at all times for gaming purposes.
Their overall actuation distance is shorter. For this reason, you will find the switch to be faster compared to all the different kinds of options present in the list. 

Q. What is the smoothest mechanical switch?

From my personal experience, I find Gateron Yellow Switches to be the smoothest switches in the market.
This is because while using the product, I always find the typing process to take place smoothly. 


Let’s conclude the post on the best Linear switches!

Having gone through this best linear switches review, which linear switch pleased you the most?

I am sure you got the complete guide to the different features of switches and thus you can now make a wise decision during the purchase process. 

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