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Best Soundbars under 1500 in India (2023 Updated!)

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Soundbars are very popular options as they perform far better compared to the audio output by the inbuilt speakers on TV and laptop.

Sound with rich bass, crystal clear audio quality, clear and crisp dialogue delivery, and all under this price range. 

With Rupees 1500, you would get the most basic and the starting range of soundbars.

You may also like soundbars under Rs 1000 in India, which would be a more budget option for you.

Considering the quality that you would expect from a good quality soundbar, I have chosen the best soundbars for you under Rupees 1500 that you would love listening to.

best soundbar under 1500 rs

What is essential audio equipment that we can wear up without a TV or a laptop that enhances the audio quality of the inbuilt speaker present in it is considered to be what of your money.

 A TV cabinet with a good LED TV feels empty without a good sound but having a good soundbar boosts up the sound quality as well as the order of your living space.

What are the best soundbars under 1500 rupees?

Soundbar NameCheck Price At Amazon
1. Redragon Orpheus GS550 Stereo Gaming Speakers Soundbar for PC with Red LED Backlight and Volume ControlCheck Price At Amazon
2. Mifa K3 Soundbar BT5.0, Big LED Display, USB SD Play, 10W RMS, 2200Mah Battery 10 Hours Playback timeCheck Price At Amazon
3. Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with 2400Mah Battery/BT v5.0/Aux/USB PortCheck Price At Amazon
4. Philips Notebook SPA1100 SoundbarCheck Price At Amazon
5. Prince Wooden Soundbar with Subwoofer Home Theater for T.V & PCCheck Price At Amazon
6. F&D E200 Plus 5W 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar SpeakerCheck Price At Amazon
7. Tessco FS-332 10 Watt Soundbar, Sound Bars for TV of Home Theater System (Bluetooth 5.0, 34 inches, DSP, Strong Bass, Wireless Wired Connections, Bass Adjustable, Wall Mountable)Check Price At Amazon
8. Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR-891, Bluetooth 4.2 an All-in-One Versatile Wireless SOUNDBAR with FM Tuner, 3.5mm AUX, Powerful 10W Sound, and USB PortCheck Price At Amazon
9. Amkette Boomer Compact Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar, 12 Hours Play Time & Two Large Passive Subwoofer with Multiple Playback Options USB/SD Card/Aux/FMCheck Price At Amazon

Factors to Consider to buy the best soundbar under 1500 rs in India

Choosing a soundbar can be overwhelming as the market is flooded with so many options to choose from.

However, before we consider any soundbar here are the following factors that I would like to confirm before I would look for any soundbar:

how to choose a soundbar-what are the factors

1. Sound Signature

The sound signature would define how the equalizer is tuned to make the audio more appealing to the user.

Every brand follows its specific sound signature. For eg: if you look at JBL speakers, their sound signature is based on Bass. 

The sound signature can influence how you would listen to audio from the soundbar. You need to check if the soundbar has a balanced sound signature or a bass-rich one.

It’s best if there is a knob to control the bass manually. The equalizer part you can adjust using any media player app.

2. Wired Vs Wireless

Many soundbars under 1500 are of a wired type and others support Bluetooth for their enhanced audio connectivity to other devices also.

Having a wireless soundbar is better as there you get the option to connect both with wires and also you can play music from your smartphone and the audio would play from the soundbar.

This would make it more convenient and simpler to use.

3. Big vs Compact Soundbar

Generally, soundbars mounted below the TV are thin and long.

However, to make it portable and travel-friendly there are many soundbar options like the Philips Notebook that is small enough to fit in your travel bag and you can carry with you anywhere you go.

Choosing the right soundbar size would require you to identify the purpose for which you would use it. For general usage in the home full-size soundbars are better than compact options.

4. FM Tuner Support

FM Tuner support is a must if you love listening to FM Radio often. 

In India during the lockdown, 51 million people tuned to the Radio and listening time increased by 2.36 hours per day as stated by BusinessInsider.

radio listeners stats

You will feel more convenient when you have this option in your soundbar. Once you have this feature you would like to tune to your favourite radio station at least once daily with the soundbar.  

5. Power Output

Every soundbar has its specific power output which you can find in its specifications. This output power is the measurement of the sound amplifier’s output power.

This figure is very important as you can identify the output loudness and quality mentioned in watts while comparing soundbars.

Best Soundbars under 1500

1. Redragon Orpheus GS550 Stereo Gaming Speakers Soundbar for PC with Red LED Backlight and Volume Control

Red Dragon is a popular gaming brand manufacturing gaming peripherals and other audio equipment, especially for gaming. 

The quality of the products is awesome. Red Dragon Orpheus GS550 is a Stereo Gaming Speaker that comes with RGB LED backlight and volume control which gives a true gaming sound experience.

best gaming soundbar under 1500-Redragon Orpheus GS550 Stereo Sound bar

You would enjoy playing games as the audio would be louder and brighter with Orpheus GS550’s output. Gaming detailed audio like footsteps and music would be pretty satisfying.

However, some even consider the bass of this soundbar to be average if you have already listened to any good Logitech Speakers before.

Otherwise, for normal users, you would find audio quality quite good.

This soundbar has a dimension of 5 x 10 x 27 cm which makes it sleek. It is also very light in weight as it weighs around 330 Grams.

GS550’s design looks sleek and stylish and red coloured lights emit from it which makes it look cooler.

Also, this speaker is a soundbar and also can be split into two speakers making it a 2.0 audio speaker.

Each of the two speakers in this soundbar has an audio output of 3W which is good. 

In terms of Connectivity, you would find a 3.5 mm jack where you can easily plug your microphone or your headphones.

Overall, this soundbar GS550 from Redgear is a good choice if you are a gamer.

2. Mifa K3 Soundbar

I have seen many soundbars but this soundbar looks unique and looks way better and also has a time display on it. This soundbar has a display in it that shows you the time.

best bluetooth soundbar under 1500-Mifa K3 Soundbar BT5.0

This is a Bluetooth-supported soundbar with Bluetooth version 5.0. You can easily pair this with your TV, laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet which makes this device versatile.

It has a 10W RMS audio output which is good to fill up your living room. 

3. Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with 2400mah Battery/BT v5.0/Aux/USB Port

Modernista Maestro Bar is a good Soundbar that has Bluetooth 5.0 and Aux support to connect your devices.

This Maestro Soundbar has a power output of 20W which would surely make your audio feel more lifelike and you would enjoy listening to this soundbar’s audio output.

Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

It has a good professional look of a soundbar and would surely enhance the look wherever you would mount this soundbar.

You might need mic functionality to pick up calls and this has it inbuilt. You don’t have to add any additional mic with this soundbar.

4. Philips Notebook SPA1100 Soundbar

Philips has a good mini soundbar ie. Philips Notebook Soundbar SPA1100. It is a good and compact mini soundbar from Philips.

It is a speaker that has built-in two speakers. You can easily use this SPA1100 soundbar even with both Windows and Mac OS devices.

Philips Notebook SPA1100 Soundbar

This soundbar does not have a rechargeable battery and you won’t need any adapter to power it on. It would receive power by connecting it using a USB cable.

This soundbar is made especially for being a portable solution(28.1cm wide, 5.52cm long, and 3.4 cm deep) to connect to your laptop or your PC. It just gets connected by Plug and Play.

As Philips Notebook SPA1100 is a portable mini soundbar, you can easily carry it in your travel bag wherever you travel. 

If you like a portable soundbar option for your laptop, then this Philips Notebook SPA1100 would be best for you.

5. Prince Wooden Soundbar with Subwoofer Home Theater for T.V & PC

Whenever I look at any home theatre, I check if its subwoofer is of wooden material or not. And this soundbar itself is made of wood, which makes it so good.

This wooden material will surely increase the bass of the sound that you would receive from this soundbar system.

Prince Wooden Soundbar is the perfect Soundbar to connect with your TV, PC, and laptop easily.

soundbar for tv and pc-Prince Wooden Soundbar with Subwoofer Home Theater

This soundbar has a dimension of 38 x 8.1 x 9 cm  which makes it sleek enough to mount at any place near your TV or your PC. This dimension makes it easy to carry this Wooden soundbar into your travel bag.

The sound signature is good with bass and is good enough for small parties also. It is good to fill an entire room. The sound signature is bass heavy and the audio quality is crystal clear. Even if you listen to any podcast or news the dialogues would come out crisp and clear.

If you love bass, this soundbar would amaze you. It would be a really good choice.

6. F&D E200 Plus 5W 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

F&D manufactures a high-quality audio system that is a Bluetooth Speaker. This Bluetooth speaker from F&D has a power output of 5W which is decent. You will hear crystal clear dialogues.

F&D E200 Plus 5W 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

You will enjoy listening to this F&D Bluetooth Soundbar speaker. It is a good choice for you for under Rs 1500 if you are looking for a good soundbar in India.

7. Tessco FS-332 10 Watt Soundbar, Sound Bars for TV of Home Theater System

Tessco FS-332 is a good Bluetooth soundbar with Bluetooth 5.0 support. It has crisp and strong bass that will make the audio more enjoyable and you would surely love using this.

Tessco FS-332 10 Watt Soundbar under 1500

This has a bass adjustable knob which is essential as different audio may need different levels of bass.

You can turn the bass up for EDM music or adjust it somewhere in between for movies or other audio according to your listening preference.

This soundbar has a power output of 10W which is good considering a soundbar under 1500 rs. You can easily mount this soundbar to your walls.

It uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to reduce noise and make the audio output clearer than any normal output.

8. Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR-891

Portronics sound systems are really good under a budget. They sound extremely loud and good.  FM Tuner is sometimes skipped while we consider a soundbar as it is not a must for everyone to consider.

However, considering general Indian audio listeners FM Radio plays a very strong part considering a soundbar.

Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR-891

This Portronics soundbar has FM Radio support out of the really good box. For FM listeners this soundbar would be a good choice.

It produces powerful audio with an output of 10W. 

I highly recommend Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR 891 for you to buy.

9. Amkette Boomer Compact Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

Amkette has a good soundbar in this range of Rs 1500 ie. Amkette Boomer Compact Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar.

As it is a wireless soundbar it also has an option to go without external power using an internal battery that has a 12 hours playback time.

Amkette Boomer Compact Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

It has two passive Subwoofers which improves the audio quality with rich bass. You can easily connect a USB, SD Card, or AUX to listen to the audio at your convenience.

I love listening to FM also and this has support for that also which makes it amazing. 

My Choice for “Soundbars under 1500 INR”

I am picky in choosing a good audio product. These soundbars are so good that it is difficult to pick up only a single choice. So, I made the recommendation based especially on your requirement.

  1. Best Soundbar under 1500 for TV, Laptop, PC : Modernista Maestro Bar 20W
  1. Best Portable  Soundbar under 1500: Philips Notebook SPA1100 Soundbar 
  1. Best Soundbar under 1500 for Gaming: Redragon Orpheus GS550 Stereo Gaming Speakers

Final Words

Let’s wrap up the guide. I have tried to explain each detail through this guide to find the best soundbar under 1500 rs. I covered many soundbars wired and wireless with Bluetooth support.

Some even had special features like FM Tuner out of the box with it. I hope you have found the best soundbar for your choice and as part of the requirement. Thanks for reading this article.

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