Headphones For Competitive Gaming India 2021

Headphones For Competitive Gaming India 2021

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  • Single 3.5mm Jack for sound and mic
  • Soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad, as well as adjustable length hinges guarantee hours of gaming comfort
  • It delivers cristal clear sound with rich bass suitable for your gaming experience
  • Flexible microphone for exact positioning and mic.
  • Mic is sensitive enough to capture audio during gameplay tournament
  • Good for Gaming Streamers also and it looks very stylish
  • Best Companion Headphones For Playing Competitive Games in India on 2021


Best Headphones For Competitive Gaming in India for 2021

Competitive gaming is emerging and the quality of accessories being used by the gamers are also getting better and better. Top gamers are using the accessories to have an extra edge with no lag. For every competitive gamers headphone plays a avital role in their gameplay or competition they participate in. In many games it is required to converse as they need to communicate with their team during the gameplay and for it having a crisp clear audio with a good mic is pretty important.

Which is the Best Headphones For Competitive Gaming India 2020?

I have reviewed many other gaming headphones and after reviewing many I found I found out Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones with Mic as best for playing all your competitive games. It feels worth to share about this product how is it.


Factors for being the Best Headphones For Playing Competitive Games in India:

The following factors should be satisfied while playing championship:

  1. Wearing Comfort: Comfort is a prime factor for any gaming headphone as gamers or game streamers need to wear them for long hours. This headphone has very comfortable soft earcups that is suitable for your long hours of effortless gameplay.
  2. Audio Quality: When we are playing competitive games hearing footsteps is essential or getting clear sound is essential. If you play fps games like Pubg, Fortnite, Call Of Duty Mobile etc. then you would now how much it is important to have a good headphone. This headphone would give you the competitive edge by providing you crisp and clear sound in its range.
  3. Mic Quality: Presence of a mic is pretty essential in gaming headphones. This headphone has a good mic that would capture your voice clearly and provide you a good gaming experience in this price segment.
  4. Build Quality: Build Quality is pretty important factor too for a headphone. This headphone has a premium looks and build quality is also good and is durable.

Considering the above factors in this price range Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones with Mic is the best Headphones For Competitive Gaming India 2020.

Supported Devices:

This device connects with your laptop PC, smartphone both Android and iPhones. Also, it supports gaming consoles like PS4 and XBox One. So, it has a wide range of device support.


It is available in many beautiful colours with premium feel like: Black/Blue , Black/Red, Camo Black, Camo Green, Camo Grey, Green and Grey. All the colours are unique and give a gaming feel if you wear. You probably have noticed already how beautiful the colours are in Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphone.

cosmicByte GS410 Camo Greencosmic byte GS 410 whitecosmic byte GS 410 red

Technical Specifications:

Color Name: Black/Blue  |  Design: Headphones
Model: Cosmic Byte Kotion Each GS420 Impedance: 32 ohm Sensitivity: 105dB plus/minus 3dB at 1KHz Frequency range: 15Hz-20KHz Headset interface: 3.5 mm Cable length: 2.1m

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Cosmic Byte is one of the top manufacturers of Gaming Products in India. They have all products like Gaming Headphones, Cooling Pad, Mouse and Keyboards.


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