How long do Corsair keyboards last?

Keyboards are an essential peripheral with every desktop or laptop. While choosing a good keyboard, often Corsair products come to our mind.

Corsair is the brand for computer parts like keyboards, Streaming Gears, PC Components, and especially the quality of the products they manufacture is value for money.

Corsair keyboards come with a highly durable build quality and are made of good quality keys. Though their keyboard is excellent, a question often comes to mind if their keyboard would last long.

Corsair Keyboard LifeSpan

So, How long do Corsair keyboards last? Corsair Mechanical Keyboards with Cherry Mx Switches can last for 10-15 years. The Corsair Membrane Gaming Keyboards can last for 3-4 years on average use.

Corsair keyboards are outstanding in the aura and the experience it provides as gaming keyboards. Each of the keyboards made by Corsair is durable, be it mechanical or membrane. 

how long do corsair keyboards last

Advantage of Corsair Mechanical Keyboards over Membrane Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards would have a longer lifespan as compared to the membrane keyboards from Corsair.

Corsair makes keyboards build quality top-notch. 

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The mechanical keyboard from Corsair is excellent for even Pro Gamers. Though their budget range of membrane keyboards is good, it is recommended for gaming enthusiasts or casual gamers.

Corsair is working to improve the mechanical keyboard by using Linear Switches Cherry Mx Silver Fast to improve competitive gaming. Also, in K100 from Corsair, they made response time to register each keypress to 0.5ms which is way faster than high-quality mechanical keyboards with 2ms response time.

You can also check how long mechanical keyboards last and how long membrane keyboards last from our articles. You will find that the Corsair Keyboards outperform the average mechanical and membrane keyboards in terms of longevity.

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Types of Corsair Keyboards

Corsair Manufactures different types of Keyboards like:

  1. RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards
  2. Wireless Keyboards
  3. Mechanical Gaming Keyboards
  4. Standard Gaming Keyboards
  5. ICUE Nexus (Companion touch screen for Gaming Keyboards)


Overall, Corsair Keyboards are tremendous and have a greater lifetime than other non branded keyboard available in the market.

Due to the excellent lifespan and excellent Corsair keyboards offer, they become the primary choice for Gamers. I use RAM, SMPS from Corsair that power my Gaming Rig.