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Can I Practice Typing On My Laptop Keyboard Regularly?

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After my old computer got messed up, I finally went to replace it with a laptop.

Then I was thinking about this as I needed to do typing if it would be similar to typing on a laptop keyboard.

If you have a similar query then it is the right place.

Laptop keyboards are indeed good to practice with. Typing is a skill that can be improved through regular practice.

By practicing on your laptop keyboard, you will become more comfortable and efficient with the layout and keys.

This will help you to type faster and more accurately when you need to use a computer for work or school.

practice typing on backlit laptop keyboard
practice typing on a backlit laptop keyboard

Let’s get started!

Can we practice typing on our laptop keyboards regularly?

Practicing typing using the laptop’s keyboard is equally good as any other desktop keyboard. You do not get the same feel as that old-school typewriter.

Still, you get enough scope to practice in a full-size laptop‘s keyboard that genuinely resembles the typing experience you need. At the same time, you appear for any exam requiring practice in typing.

Start by practicing the basic typing drills that you learned in school. Then move on to more challenging exercises, such as speed typing tests and text editing tasks.

Be patient and keep practicing; eventually, you’ll be able to type quickly and accurately on your laptop keyboard.

Do you need a Backlit Keyboard on your Laptop to Practice Typing?

Sometimes you might even practice typing even in the dark at night. So, for that thing having the backlit in the keyboard is a lifesaver.

At night, without light, it would be challenging to type on a keyboard, so you need to light up the room.

So, it’s better to have a backlit keyboard to practice, and checking the keyboard has backlit support is essential before buying a laptop

Even if you need to spend extra money to have a backlit feature, you will be benefited in the long run. It will surely boost up your productivity.

Most Important Parameters for your Typing to consider

Typing Speed

Typing speed is a crucial part, and we try to achieve max typing speed whenever we practice typing on a keyboard, be it on a desktop or a laptop.

When we are practicing typing, whether on a laptop or desktop keyboard.

Then typing speed is pretty important while practicing on the computer. You won’t compromise the typing speed.

This keyboard indeed resembles the full-size keyboard you are practicing on a desktop or a typewriter.

Typing Accuracy

Though Typing speed is essential, typing accuracy is far more critical. Having high typing speed is good, but whatever you type needs to be accurate also.

So while typing on the laptop, your accuracy should also be high. 

To improve the accuracy, you need to find the keys that usually produce more errors and work on that to improve. Several websites can help you with this training and enhance your typing accuracy.

I have mentioned below the websites/apps that would help you ace your typing speed and accuracy.

Top Websites to Learn Typing and Practice for Free

Whenever you’re trying to practice typing on a laptop regularly, you might need some app that would help you to get some statistics(typing speed, accuracy).

These websites would allow you to get improvement on your typing speed and accuracy.

They would help you to implement the incrementing typing ability that you do every day. 

There are a few websites that I personally used while I practice typing: 

1. RataType:

Ratatype is a fantastic website that is suitable for beginners to advanced levels. This has a straightforward interface with countless tests you can take for free.

practice typing on my laptop keyboard regularly-RataType Typing Test Typing Test

If you visit RataType, you would even get a Certification showcasing your typing speed. It’s incredible, isn’t it? This would encourage you to feel motivated when you get a certificate after your typing test assessment.

After you assess your typing speed, you can get back to practising typing on your laptop using their free typing courses.

These courses would be essential to improve the typing speed metrics. 

The more you practice and get used to the key positions, your speed would significantly improve.

2. TypingTest

Typing tests are made with different difficulty levels, which would help test your typing speed to levels like Medium Text, Blind Test, and other tests. 

They also have suitable quality lessons that would help you to improve your typing speed and accuracy.

practice typing on my laptop keyboard-typingtest interface typing test has a unique feature that would analyze which keys you often mistype (tricky keys). They give practice exercises to get better at those keys, which reduces your accuracy the most.

Practicing would ensure better typing speed and improve typing accuracy, which is also a significant factor.

Which jobs require typing as an essential criterion?

Every job is now online, and it needs typing as a part. So, several jobs require typing as a metric to determine efficiency.

Some of the jobs are:

  1. Copywriting
  2. Content Creation
  3. Blogging
  4. Office desk jobs
  5. Accounting jobs
  6. Banking jobs and more.

What is a good typing speed as a Beginner?

The average typing speed for a beginner is around 30-35 WPM(Word Per Minute). With regular practice for a week, you can easily take this to 40 WPM, a good typing speed for a beginner.

You can measure your typing speed with any online tool. For any typing exam to qualify, you need to upgrade your typing to at least 45 Word Per Minute.

What is the overall Good Typing speed on a laptop?

If you are an experienced typist or practicing typing for a long time, then an overall good typing speed would be around anywhere between 100-120 Word Per minute with more than 95% accuracy.

Many typists even take speed to 180-200 Word Per minute, and they can be considered exceptionally fast.

When should you not go to practice on a laptop keyboard?

Suppose you are appearing for a typing test that requires typing using a typewriter. In that case, if you practice using a laptop keyboard, you will not have an idea about the actual time you would take the exam.

So, it is advisable to practice with the typewriter if your exam is with the typewriter.

You need to see if your laptop has a full-sized keyboard or not.

If your computer has a mini-sized keyboard, it will not be as beneficial as you desired.


How many hours a day should I practice typing?

It is recommended to practice typing at least 30 mins per day to see a good improvement in typing speed within 60 days.

Is Laptop keyboard good for typing?

Laptop keyboards are decent for typing.

Is 35 wpm a good typing speed?

35 words per minute are slower than the average typing speed of 40 words per minute. To achieve a good typing speed it should be at least 50 words per minute which will eventually come with practice.


Let’s conclude the post!

As long as you usually practice typing as a beginner to learn typing basics, it will not matter if you practice typing with a laptop keyboard or a desktop one. 

However, suppose you are practicing typing to prepare for an exam that requires typing as a qualifier by using a typewriter.

In that case, it is advisable to practice also using the typewriter for having an actual typewriter experience. Otherwise, you can always practice typing on your laptop keyboard regularly.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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