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Our Editorial Process

Our Editorial Process At Techbullish is created to produce The Highest Quality and Helpful Content For You. We have strict guidelines in our process to deliver information accurately and in the most updated form.


Here are the steps we follow to ensure our content is kept to the highest standards:

1. Keeping Single and Expert Author

Anirban Saha-Electronics Engineer Founder
Anirban Saha (Author)

For TechBullish, Anirban Saha is the sole Author. He is a tech Expert and whenever he writes an article he goes through a rigorous research process to provide you with the best content possible.

Unless we get sure of any fact, we don’t mention it.

2. Validation of Each of the Facts from Trusted and Verified sources

Every Fact is revisited and fact-checked to ensure the Information is trustworthy. We often link out to those trustworthy resources so that you can also read any additional information if you need to visit there.

3. Keeping Content Updated Regularly

As you know, the tech industry is ever-evolving.

For E.g: Even, the Menus on TV get updated in Software updates once in a while.

We update content as soon as we detect any new changes happening to that to make it helpful for you.

4. Taking Feedback from You

At the end of Every Post, there is a feedback section where you can mention whether this post helped you or not. Also, you may reach us through the Contact US section and mention any concern you faced.

We keep updating with your feedback and make the post even better.

5. Adding Helpful Media Whenever Necessary

We try to add Images, Infographics, Video Embeds inside every post whenever required so that you get the direct reference in visuals also.

You can read more About Us here.