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What is Techbullish?

Techbullish is your one-stop destination for anything that pertains to Computers Peripherals & IT-related products. Here you’ll find all the answers to your queries, and we’ve done that just for you. We’re here to help you out with this hectic life and make it more convenient. There’s more!

We strive to keep you updated about the latest happening in this domain.

In Tecbullish, every article is written with utmost care and accuracy to provide the right information about any computer peripherals of daily need.

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Here at TechBullish, you would find extensive detailed and helpful guides and informational articles on

We know before choosing any computer peripherals you need to do extensive research and find the best for your needs. It might be difficult for an end-user to do the technical research and choose a good product.

To make the choice easier and better, I have lucidly explained each topic in a guide and a plethora of informational articles to help you understand before choosing a product for you.

The review section is worth reading. Here you’ll get detailed reviews on the various product available in the market and help you choose a good product for your use.

Why Choose Techbullish?

  • You will find all the information you need by reading our blog.
  • Articles are written after proper research.
  • All articles here are written by me (Anirban Saha), so you don’t need to worry about Expertise.
  • Articles are updated regularly.
  • For the technical specification only I refer to official websites.
  • As many websites have multiple authors, they may not have control over the trustworthiness of the information. In contrast, here, every content is written and verified to accuracy by me. So, you can trust.

Our Mission

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Best computer peripherals | Our channel intro | Techbullish

Techbullish started in 2020 as a blog in the peripheral space. After a lot of hard work, this blog is keeping growing to serve a single mission to digitally educate people that would help them know the upcoming technologies and make the right investment decisions for computer peripherals.

We believe that knowledge is power and educating people before making an investment in computer peripherals and gadgets would help them fetch better returns to live their dream life.

“Thank You” for visiting Techbullish 🙂

About Anirban Saha

Anirban Saha-Electronics Engineer Founder

Anirban Saha

Founder and Editor (techbullish.com)

NameAnirban Saha
Education B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
College Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata
Profession Software Developer
Hobbies Playing Games, Listening to music, exploring new technologies and gadgets
LinkedIn Check my LinkedIn Profile
Twitter @itsanirbansaha
Instagram Follow Me On Instagram

I am Anirban Saha, Founder, and Editor of techbullish.com.

I was born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal. I graduated from the Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata with a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Institute of Engineering and Management 01
Image Credits: Pinakpani, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is the image of my college where I spent 4 years of quality education in B.Tech from 2014-18.

During my college days, my curious mind led me to explore deep into Electronics. So, then I got into research and the paper for Quantum Dot Cellular Automata got Published in IEEE Explore.

“Reliability analysis of a noiseless Code Converter using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata,” 2016 IEEE 7th Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (IEMCON), Vancouver, BC, 2016, pp. 1-8, doi: 10.1109/IEMCON.2016.7746358.

After graduation, I started my career as a Software Developer in a leading MNC.

I love listening to music, reading about new technologies and always try to stay updated.

I have expertise in

  • Electronics,
  • Software Development,
  • Gadgets, and,
  • Computer peripherals.

I love to share my knowledge to help people decide the right product to choose on a budget.

Then, in 2020, I started this blog TechBullish. Since then, I have started creating one by one articles. I never knew then how to do marketing and all. I only keep concentrating on writing a quality article that is valuable to you.

Before writing any blog, I dedicate time for extensive research, pros and cons, validate major factors before recommending a product. Wherever possible, I clearly mention the source of any data I analysed to compare.

I hope the articles are helpful to you. 🙂

I look forward to receiving feedback from you. You can contact me here.

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