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Keyboards are a very important computer peripheral used every day.

You will find here information about mechanical keyboards and other Types of Keyboard, guides to choosing the best keyboards, comparisons, reviews, and more.

XVX M84 review

Here are the resources you can go through in Mechanical Keyboards:

  1. What is a Mechanical Keyboard?
  2. History of Mechanical Keyboards
  3. How do Mechanical Keyboards Work?
  4. Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard
  5. How to build a custom Mechanical Keyboard?
  6. How long does a Mechanical Keyboard last?
  7. How to clean a Mechanical Keyboard?
  8. How to Remove keys of a mechanical keyboard?
  9. Mechanical Keyboard Sizes
  10. ANSI vs ISO Keyboard (Know the Keyboard Layouts)

Know More About Mechanical Keyboard Components:

  1. Keyboard Switches
  2. Keycaps
  3. Switch Lube