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13 Best Keyboards Under 500 in India (2023 Updated!)

Keyboards are a must-have for most people since computers are often used for all our everyday activities. However, not all people have the luxury of buying expensive keyboards.

When it comes to finding the best keyboard for under 500 rupees in India, there are plenty of options to choose from.

It is confusing to know which keyboard to buy at a budget price of 500 in India, but I have made this choice easier for you with our detailed review and buying guide.

Are you in a Hurry?

After researching over 13 best keyboards under 500, my favorite is the Amkette Xcite Neo Wired USB Keyboard.

You can also navigate directly over to my recommendation section to find the best keyboard for each category like wired, wireless, and gaming.

best keyboard under 500

Let’s get started!

Best Keyboard under 500: Our Top Picks of 2023

Below is the list of top affordable keyboards picked by us under the 500 range in India after looking at basic features coupled with premium features and taking durability and typing comfort under consideration.

Keyboard NameCheck At Amazon
1. TVS Champ USB keyboardView on Amazon
2. Amkette Xcite Pro USB KeyboardView On Amazon
3. Amkette Xcite Neo Wired USB KeyboardView On Amazon
4. Logitech K120 Wired USB KeyboardView On Amazon
5. Zebronics ZEB-KM2100 USB KeyboardView On Amazon
6. HP Keyboard k1500 USB KeyboardView On Amazon
7. Quantum QHM-7406 Wired USB KeyboardView On Amazon
8.  HP 100 Wired USB KeyboardView On Amazon
9.  Prodot KB-207 USB KeyboardView On Amazon
10.  Zebronics K25 Keyboard with USB View On Amazon
11. iBall Winner Wired USB KeyboardView On Amazon
12. Lapcare E9 Wired USB KeyboardView On Amazon
13. Quantum QHM7307 USB Wired KeyboardView On Amazon

Who are the users of the keyboards under 500 rupees?

It is for users looking for a budget keyboard buying option.

A perfect keyboard under Rs 500 for them would have a comfortable typing experience which would help effectively reduce typing stress under a budget.

Factors to choose the best keyboard under 500

The keyboard is an integral part of a computer and, as such, should be chosen carefully. When looking for a keyboard to purchase for under Rs 500, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Budget

As we are looking under a budget of Rs 500, we are looking for cheap keyboard options with a good performance and good typing experience

And you won’t be surprised that many keyboards, even if they are reasonable, they have a reasonably good built quality and a very comfortable typing experience.

2. Design

Design is essential for any keyboard as it provides an excellent aesthetic vibe to your workspace. But, as we are considering a budget choice for a keyboard under 500, I would more focus on the performance rather than looks.

3. Performance

Performance is a crucial factor in choosing any keyboard as lag may ruin our typing experience. Also, the keypress accuracy that a keyboard understands when you type fast is very vital.

4. Usage Comfort and Feel

We need to make sure that the keyboard has a good feel to it. It should be comfortable to type on for extended periods of time.

Some keyboards are stiffer than others, so try out a few different models before making your decision.

5. Features

We need to be sure that the keyboard has all the features you need. Different people have different needs, so there is no one perfect keyboard for everyone.

However, most people will want a full-sized keyboard with basic features like a number pad and media keys.

6. Considering Renewed Keyboards

You may think, why here I have included some renewed keyboards. But wait, you are getting a branded company keyboard at a stone’s throw price.

Say 40% discount for the new product’s selling price. Amazon also claims that these Amazon-renewed products have very little or no scratches and minimal to no damage, and they are as good as new. 

When you purchase a renewed product, I highly recommend you test that thoroughly for the next couple of days to ensure there are no defects. 

Best Keyboard under 500 Reviews

1. TVS Champ USB Keyboard

TVS Electronics manufactures some great heavy-duty Keyboard that is durable in day-to-day rough and tough work. 

TVS Champ USB Keyboard is a Heavy Duty Keyboard from the TVS brand. It has a stylish and sturdy build that you can easily rely upon if you have a budget under rs 500.

best keyboard under 500-TVS-Champ-USB-Keyboard-under-500

The TVS Champ Keyboard is exceptionally user-friendly and lightweight and has an ergonomic design, thus enabling easy and effortless keystrokes.

You would find here dedicated multimedia switches helps to increase productivity. 

2. Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard

Amkette Xcite Pro USB Keyboard features a spill-resistant design. It has a quiet keystroke, and its typing experience is smooth.

KeyCaps in Xcite Pro are UV coated to prevent them from fading. It has a 1-Year Amkette Warranty.

keuboard under 500-Amkette-Xcite-Pro-USB-Keyboard

Highlight Features of this keyboard:

  1. Spill-proof design
  2. UV coated keycaps
  3. One-Click Multimedia Access 

Its colour is black. It has a dimension of 47 x 2.7 x 15.2 cm. The Amkette Xcite Pro weights 457 Grams.

This keyboard design is super to go at a reasonable price. 

3. Logitech K120 Wired USB Keyboard 

We all know about Logitech and how great keyboards they manufacture. At a stone’s throw price, you are getting this Logitech K120 keyboard from Amazon as this is a renewed product.

logitech keyboard under 500-Logitech-K-120-Keyboard

Logitech K120 has a rugged look and has a quiet and comfortable typing experience. It has a durable and spill-resistant design which makes it suitable to use this keyboard without any tension.

As per connectivity, it can be plugged in and played in using the USB connection. 

4. Zebronics ZEB-KM2100 USB Keyboard 

Zebronics ZEB-KM2100 USB Keyboard has 114 keys, including 12 dedicated multimedia keys and a rupee key. Zebronics manufactures good-quality keyboards. The Connectivity interface is USB, and you can connect this quickly to your PC. 

The modular design of the keyboard makes customization a possibility.

This keyboard keycap has a UV coating, and the inscriptions would last long. The keys are silent, and it is comfortable to type.


Zebronics ZEB-KM2100 USB Keyboard has a dimension of 14.6 x 42.3 x 2.7 cm and weighs 458 Grams.

Pros :

1. It is small in size.

2. Easy to carry, Overall quality(3.5/5)

Cons :

1. Buttons are tough (they will become smooth after long usage hours ).

2. USB port is rough to use

Zebronics customer care is easily available in India.

5. Amkette Xcite Neo Wired USB Keyboard 

Apart from Amkette Xcite Pro Wired Keyboard, this is another keyboard under Rs 500, which is a good contender.

The new Xcite NEO Keyboard is the right typing keyboard having a soft key feel experience for the user. 

best keyboard under 500 rs-Amkette-Xcite-Neo-USB-Keyboard

You can easily access multimedia and internet functionality with shortcut keys present on this keyboard.

As per spill resistance, this Amkette Xcite Neo Wired USB Keyboard is spill-resistant as claimed by Amkette. Your typing experience would be supreme and comfortable.

These keyboard keycaps are UV coated and would give your keycap letters a long life before fadingThis keyboard can be connected to both Linux and Windows systems.

Its dimension is 44.5 x 15.6 x 2.6 cm. Amkette Xcite Neo Wired USB Keyboard weighs 437 Grams and is black.

6. HP Keyboard k1500 Wired USB Keyboard

HP has a good keyboard under 500 rs, ie. HP k1500 Wired USB Keyboard. HP k1500 is sure to boat your daily productivity with its comfortable typing experience.

This keyboard comes with three indicator lights for caps lock, scroll lock, and num lock which eliminate the need for guesswork. User-friendly design. 

It’s built sturdy enough to ease your daily task and can act as your daily driver for your work from home. HP k1500 wired USB keyboard has a spill-resistant design, so you don’t need to worry about spilling your coffee or juice when you drink.

HP keyboard under 500-HP-k-1500-Keyboard

The K1500 from HP has 3 LED lights at the top right corner of the keyboard for caps lock, scroll lock, and num lock. 

You can easily connect this with our desktop or laptop whatever the OS may be like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Ubuntu, or Mac.

HP k1500 wired keyboard has a dimension of 46.1 x 16.8 x 3.4 cm and weighs approx 572 g that enabling you seamlessly to carry it with you.

HP K1500 Wired USB Keyboard is perfect for your fast and easy typing!

7. Quantum QHM-7406 Spill-Resistant Wired USB Keyboard

I have chosen a keyboard from Quantum, ie. Quantum QHM 7406. Quantum claims that its keys have a Long life( life span of 10 Million times) and compact size for space-saving for your desk. Three function keys: sleep, wake up, and power.

Quantum QHM 7406 Wired USB Keyboard

It has a  dimension of 44.3 x 14.5 x 2 cm and weighs 374 Grams

QHM 7406 is black and has a matte finish. It is quite interesting as it is infused with a noiseless design so that your working environment remains undisturbed.

8. HP 100 Wired USB Keyboard

HP 100 Wired USB Keyboard features a full-size keyboard with a range of 109 keys, including 12 working function keys and 3 hotkeys.

Designed for comfort: Natural contours and shape allow the keyboard to sit in a comfortable position for your wrist and hands.

budget hp keyboard-HP100 Keyboard India

Connection is a breeze with wired USB connectivity so you can get up and running fast.

9. product KB-207 Wired USB Keyboard

ProDot KB 207s Keyboard is made in India and features a compact and elegant design for comfortable working. Its build quality is quite good.

Prodot KB 207 USB Keyboard

Product KB-207 is a full-sized keyboard with 104 standard keys. It is widely compatible with Operating Systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux & Chrome OS. 

You can easily plug and play this keyboard with your PC or your laptop. It is cheap and good for regular use.

10. Zebronics K25 USB Keyboard 

Zebronics ZEB-K25 is a standard USB keyboard having 105 keys. It has a silent switch tactile feeling and comes with a copper cable and UV-coated keys.

Zebronics K25 Keyboard

It is a standard full-sized keyboard with a super slim design. It has Comfortable and silent tactile switches and is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. It is available in Black color. You would get a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

It would help you with your daily work. This keyboard comes with a long and robust cable made out of copper which is a plus point. It has a dimension of 43 x 12.2 x 3 cm and weighs 430 Grams.

You can choose the Zebronics ZEB-K25 keyboard as a budget choice as your daily driver.

11. iBall Winner USB Wired Keyboard 

iBall Winner Wired USB keyboard has soft keys and is water-resistant as claimed by iBall. It has a unique study design. Its keys have a soft feel, and the typing experience is excellent in it.

keyboard under 500 rs in India-iBall winner usb keyboard

As it is water-resistant you don’t have to worry about occasional or accidental spills. It also features an extra big Enter and Spacebar key for a comfortable and swift experience.

It can be the best fit for students or educators for their daily tasks and can be a fantastic wired keyboard under 500.

12. Lapcare E9 Wired USB Keyboard 

Lapcare E9 is a wired keyboard having a USB interface. Designed to be the only keyboard you might need. Built to be practical with a focus on quality and portability.

Lapcare claims they tested keys for 80 million keystrokes which would enable efficient functioning for long-time usage. It has a total of 104 soft keys with 13 shortcut keys.

lapcare e9 keyboard

The keys are spaced generously from each other with the high keys design providing healthy key travel. It also aids in easy identification and reduces typing errors. The keys are protected by high-quality film which enables protection for accidental spills. 

Has a sturdy structure, well-spaced keys, and is height adjustable. Just the keyboard people need. They are designed for maximum compatibility with support for Windows Win10 and older and MAC OS.

The only shortcoming of this keyboard that was found was that the USB cable is a little bit short. And no distracting brand advertisements, like some other manufacturers.

For this price, this Lapcare E9  is too good. Really an Amazing keyboard under Rs 300!

13. Quantum QHM7307 Mini USB Wired Keyboard

Quantum features its wired USB keyboard Quantum QHM7307 under 500 in India. This quantum keyboard is a mini wireless USB keyboard having a lifespan of 10 million times keystrokes. 

mini keyboard under 500-Quantum-QHM-7307-USB-Wired-Keyboard

Quantum QHM7307 keyboard’s special soft keys are water-resistant and provide extra comfort with its big Enter Key and spacebar.

It has a total of 78 soft keys that can easily enhance your typing experience, and having a noiseless design would provide you with an undisturbed working environment. 

You can easily connect this keyboard to your USB, your computer, or your laptop. It’s so that it will never fade with its UV-coated design.

Moreover, the keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux OS, and Android TV. It has a dimension of 0.4 x 3 x 0.4 cm and weighs 322 grams.

My Recommendations for Keyboard under 500

As per my research and analysis to find the best keyboard under 500, my choice is :


Let’s conclude the post!

Hope you liked my comparison of the best keyboard under 500 in India. I would keep this article updated as and when I find some excellent keyboards in the market available for under 500.

If you have used some other keyboard or you used some excellent keyboard do mention it in the comments.

If you like gaming keyboards, you may like to read the post on the best gaming keyboard under 3000.

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