Best Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV to Buy [2021]

Are you looking for the best wireless keyboard for Samsung smart tv? Then stay tuned as we have analyzed and did a detailed comparison to find the best available Wireless keyboards both USB and Bluetooth type for your Smart TV.

As technology is evolving daily, it is bringing different products which have increased convenience and ease of use to the end user. In past days, we used to watch TV, which was old fashioned like a box after that sleep television skin, and now everything is getting smarter and smarter. Now, we watch YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar at our convenience online from our TV.

Do you need a Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV?

As of now, TV or smart tv are being used not only to watch tv shows but also for different types of entertainment like watching web series, playing games, joining conference video calls and even aiding in work from home. As our uses have evolved,  now having a mere remote for our smart tv is not sufficient and we need a more advanced remote control for our television ie. a complete keyboard.

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And doing video conferences all at ease from your TV, what if the keyboard and mouse come together as all in one and even that wirelessly connects with your smart TV.

Bluetooth Keyboards vs 2.4 GHz USB Keyboards: Which is best for your Samsung Smart TV?

Let’s know the differences between a wireless keyboard vs Bluetooth keyboard. Though we have many wireless keyboards available with us, we still have probably one option with an adapter that is either the infrared version or the USB. Wi-Fi 2.40 GHz version and another is entirely widely that is the Bluetooth version.

Hence, now comes the fact that it is choosing a Bluetooth connectivity one or a USB dongle one so while selecting a Bluetooth wireless keyboard option.

There are different needs for different people, as if you are using it for a PC or your laptop.

Or anything or even now the most important thing that we use is our smart TV. If you want to use your smart TV, the better option would be to have Bluetooth connectivity if your smart TV supports Bluetooth, or else you must go with the USB dongle one if your TV does not support Bluetooth.

What are the factors to be looked upon while purchasing Wireless keyboard?


Now the main keyboard features lie on its design and keys and how we can use it. So which must think that we need a full size key wireless keyboard or a smaller one or having a wireless smaller one keyboard plus having an option for a mouse-like an experience we have an experience using laptops. 

Switch Type:

The type of switch also matters. That enhances our typing experience. The keyboard we have is clicking mechanical keys, or they can have scissor keys or the membrane keyboard or plastic different types of switches? You should think before choosing those things. Now the main factor that we should consider while buying a wireless keyboard is another that is the power.

Battery Life:

We don’t get power from the source. The source now becomes a source that is a PC or laptop now the source becomes that is the battery embedded in that cable there are two options suppose it is rechargeable or it can be connected through air or many keyboards which only are there which all rely on.

Triple size batteries. To get power from you must consider those options and also the connectivity range if you are using it from a longer home distance, so we should also get.

Best Wireless Keyboard for Samsung Smart TV 2020 (Buyer’s Guide)

As our suggestions are regarding the best keyboard for Samsung Smart TV. So we looked for the best typing keyboard and a compact design together. We have chosen best 3 keyboards which are all in a solution for your keyboard and mouse requirement all at once for your television.

Logitech K600 TV – TV Keyboard with Integrated Touchpad and D-Pad Compatible with Smart TV 

Logitech K600 TV comes with a unique design with its Dpad. All in one navigation touchpad seems to be of great control for all operations on your smart tv. It has a 15-metre wireless range.

Easy to switch between different OS Windows, android or your smart tv. It has all the required media keys to play, pause, forward all your favourite shows and music. Also, you can enjoy playing games on TV with this wireless keyboard with inbuilt DPad.

Logitech K600 TV Keyboard

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch TV Keyboard with Easy Media Control and Built-In Touchpad:

Another wireless keyboard range in our list is the wireless touch keyboard k400 plus. It has a compact design with an inbuilt trackpad and this is a compatible wireless keyboard for smart tv. It makes you feel like you are using your laptop trackpad with your keyboard.

It’s design is compact and slim. It is perfect for your living room. Whether you are near or far it is going to be connected as it has a connectivity range of 10 m or 33ft. If you consider your room to be 12ft or 15ft long, so you can just imagine how good its connectivity range is.

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch TV Keyboard

Worried about battery life? This keyboard has the answer. Logitech K400 has a whooping battery life of 18 months. Isn’t it awesome? And it connects with your tv fast with Logitech Unifying Receiver working in 2.4Ghz protocol to TV’s USB Port.

Keys are pretty comfortable and its touchpad is great for browsing content even on your tv. Moreover its Logitech, one of the best keyboard and mouse manufacturers. 

Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard with Built-in Touchpad – Easy-access Media Keys and Shortcut Keys for Windows or Android

Yes, another Logitech wireless keyboard for Samsung smart tv in the list.

Do you even work in the dark? This keyboard would ease your typing experience even in the dark with its backlit.  

Logitech K830 wireless keyboard

Wireless connectivity is pretty awesome. With its range of 33 ft, it remains connected to your tv.

Logitech K830 keyboard’s Touchpad is smooth and very accurate. It has a premium texture in its metallic design chassis. It is chargeable and each charge stays for around 10 days. Logitech k830 Samsung smart tv keyboard is a good choice to opt for.

Wireless Keyboard Comparison for Samsung Smart TV

KeyboardLogitech K600 TVLogitech K400 PlusLogitech K830
Cnnectivity and RangeWireless(15m)Wireless(10m)Wireless(10m)
Battery Lifetime12 months18 months10 days (Rechargable)
Platform SupportWindows, Android, iOSWindows, Android, iOSWindows, Android, iOS
Touchpad SupportYesYesYes, also D Pad is there.
Our Rating4/54.2/54.5/5
PriceCheck At Amazon(US) Check At Amazon(US)/ Check At Amazon(India)Check At Amazon(US)

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Our choice:

Considering all the factors like quality, reliable connectivity and build factor which are pretty important for any keyboards. Also compact all in one design for the keyboard is essential for keyboards for Samsung smart televisions.

Price is also a factor which determines if the product is valuable or not. The above three choices are such that purchasing one or the other you would not lose anything. These three keyboards are awesome. 

My choice is Logitech K400 Plus : (Check At Amazon India) | (Check At Amazon US)


These are perfect for work and entertainment and you can use them from anywhere from sofa, chair or anywhere you sit. If you have a separate mouse then you need to have a rest place to keep the keyboard and mouse setup. 

Hope you liked our comparison. We wish you to get your best wireless keyboard for Samsung smart TV. Staying connected with us is pretty simple. Just fill your email in the form and press subscribe to our newsletter. We would send you quality posts as soon as we publish them on our blog. 

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