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Is a Keyboard Input or Output Device?-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

For decades, the keyboard has been the primary method of inputting data into a computer or any other data processing device. No matter what type of mobile device you use, the chances are that you are using a keyboard to input your data. 

If you are reading this blog, there is a high likelihood that you are using a computer or mobile device to do this. It has, therefore, become increasingly important to understand the benefits of using a keyboard for input versus an alternative method.

Is a keyboard Input or Output Device?

The keyboard is a type of input device used to enter data into a computer. The information that is entered into a computer is referred to as an input. A keyboard is an example of a digitizer where the information that is to be input is converted into a digital signal, and then it can be processed by the computer.

is a keyboard input or output device

Why is Keyboard an Input device?

You might be wondering why a keyboard is an input device, but if you have ever used a keyboard before, it becomes clear. 

A keyboard is a device that is used to input data into a computer by using its switches. An external user can press a switch to input data, and the keyboard transfers the user’s input to the computer.

Hence, the keyboard is an input device.

What are Input Devices?

Monitors are Crucial Components of ... x
Monitors are Crucial Components of your PC

An input device is a device that is used to enter data into a computer, which can be computer hardware, a peripheral device, or a software program.

The standard input devices are the mouse, keyboard, touch screen, trackball, barcode reader, scanner, microphone, joystick, touchpad, light pen, drawing tablet, voice recognition system, gamepad, touch tablet, graphics tablet, data glove, digital camera, web camera, analog joystick, game controller, virtual reality headset, etc.

What are Output Devices?

An output device is any item that outputs information. This can be something like a monitor, speaker, projector, or printer. Output devices use information like text or images to display to your computer or television. 

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The output devices are the main ways that information is taken out of the computer. The data is taken out in the form of images, sound, or text. 

The output devices are used primarily for entertainment or business. You can connect the output devices to the computer with cables or wirelessly. 

The output devices are the monitor, the printer, projection equipment, and speakers.

Other Examples of Input Devices

Here are the very popular input devices:

Computer Mouse

The computer mouse, also known as a pointing device and the associated interface and navigation concepts, is a hand-held input device, often used with a personal computer. 

The mouse has a simple shape but has evolved to include additional features and buttons. A mouse is used to manipulate objects on the screen.

A computer mouse is an input device.


The scanner is a device that brings a document into a computer. The documents can be a photo, a sheet from a book, a sheet from a newspaper, a magazine, etc. Once the scan is complete, the software turns the information from the document into a digital file. In addition, you can share the file by email, posted on a website, or print it out.


Let’s conclude the post. If you would like to know about other peripherals like mouse, monitor, scanner, webcam, printer if they are input or output devices, you can check here.

I hope you liked reading this post and have the answer that a keyboard is an input device.