Keyboard Types: The Definitive Guide of 2022-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Keyboards are the essential peripheral to be used as an input device with PC, Laptop, or even smart TVs and tablets. If you are looking to know about the keyboard types, then this is the right post.

A keyboard takes input from the user and passes the information to the computer what the user typed. Using keyboards, you can type on a PC, laptop, Smart Tv etc. So, in terms of input devices, the keyboard plays a vital role.

Though the primary purpose of a keyboard is the same, being an input device, types of keyboards are still meant for different purposes.

Let’s dive right in.

types of keyboard

Types of Keyboards

Keyboards can be classified into several types:

1. Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboards are keyboards with unique mechanical switches. It is constructed of individual switches that form the keys. 

image of mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are durable and excellent in terms of the performance they provide. Hence, they have a long lifespan as compared to membrane type of keyboards.

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Did you ever use a typewriter before? If you used it or seen it, the clicky feel of the keys is there in a mechanical keyboard which is similar to a typewriter.

Mechanical keyboards are excellent for programming, gaming and typing too. Research shows that with mechanical keyboard you can type faster and also flexor muscles exerting less effort on a mechanical keyboard than on a membrane keyboard.

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2. Membrane Keyboard

Membrane Keyboards are based on a membrane beneath the keys. All the impressions get registered in the circuit placed below the membrane.

Membrane keyboards as compared to mechanical keyboards are cost-effective options and are suitable for everyday use. Also, now good membrane keyboards are available that are also known as gaming keyboards.

Membrane keyboards are silent during typing. Still, they have a comparatively lower lifespan as compared to mechanical keyboards.

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3. Mecha-Membrane Keyboard

Razer designed Mecha-Membrane keyboard technology. This Mecha membrane technology for the keyboard combines the best mechanical and membrane keyboards in a single unit. 

Razer did this mechanical and membrane keyboard fusion design to remove the tradeoffs in each of the keyboards. The mecha membrane keyboard is fast, tactile, and produces less noise. 

You can check in detail the comparison of mecha-membrane vs mechanical keyboards.

4. Rubber Dome Keyboard

Rubber Dome keyboards are based on rubber present beneath the keycaps layer. 

Internal Circuit showing rubber domes (Image Source: en:Image:ProjectionKeyboard.jpg, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons )

If you remove the keyboard switches, the membrane beneath the switches that recognizes your input is dome-shaped and made of rubber.

Rubber dome keyboards are suitable for general purposes and are a less expensive option for general usage.

5. Flexible Keyboard

A flexible keyboard emerged from the membrane keyboard. Still, the base being flexible, we can bend it in any way without issue.

Flexible keyboards can be rolled and stored in a small area. Here, in the video below you will get the real experience of the flexible keyboard.

6. Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic Keyboards evolved to be the most User-friendly for long time usage. It works pretty effectively in managing the posture of your hands.

Without maintaining a good posture during typing or using a mouse may cause finger pain. Ergonomic keyboards solve a ton of problems related to pain in fingers, wrist pain, etc. 

7. RGB Gaming Keyboards

Semi Mechanical Keyboards have a mechanical feel though they have membrane bases. It gives the experience of a mechanical keyboard on a membrane type.

This type of keyboard is created to give a mechanical feel keyboard at a reduced cost.

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8. Wired Keyboards

Wired Keyboards are keyboards that are connected to the PC or laptops using wires. 

Either they have a USB connector or PS2. These are nothing special and are very commonly found.

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The wired keyboard is popular and widely used. The pro gamers like using a wired keyboard for participating in tournaments and not a wireless keyboard because the unmetered performance that a wired keyboard gives is unmatched.

You never worry about the battery getting drained out or any lags and glitches that may occur in Wireless keyboards. The wired keyboard has a speedy response time which is very much essential in FPS gaming. 

Due to this fast response time, the wired keyboard is preferred by professional gamers.

9. Wireless Keyboards

The wireless keyboard doesn’t have wired clutter like the wired keyboards, and hence does not look bad in your workspace.


With Wireless keyboards, you can connect to different devices by Wireless connectivity like 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency and Bluetooth Connectivity.

Learn more about which is better in the comparison of wireless vs Bluetooth keyboard.

10. Multimedia Keyboards

The multimedia keyboard is a general full-sized keyboard but has multimedia playing buttons on the top. The multimedia functionality includes volume control(Up, Down and Mute), audio play and pause control, control to switch to the next or previous track.

The added multimedia controls in the keyboard provide quick navigation to the user.

11. Handheld Keyboards

So, what is a handheld keyboard? Handheld keyboards(a.k.a Portable keyboard) are a compact variant of keyboards designed to connect to wireless devices.

In this video, find the real feel of the portable yet useful handheld keyboard.

12. Vertical Keyboards

Vertical keyboards are generally split type keyboards where there are two parts of the keyboard. 

This type of keyboard is generally of two parts.

Vertical keyboards help us get the proper ergonomic position for our hands. These types of keyboards are better ergonomic designed.

In this video, get to know about the real feel of the vertical keyboards.

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13. Virtual Keyboards

What will keyboards be not like the other keyboards like wired keyboards or wireless keyboards which ideal form of keyboards?


In the diagram shown, it is the virtual keyboard available in the Windows 10 PC.

Virtual keyboards add the keyboard-like feature present in touch devices like smartphones tablets.

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 Even though on-screen keyboard views can also be called the virtual keyboard, so, for mobile and tablets, the default keyboard we use to type is the virtual keyboard.

Virtual keyboards are often more secure. Different banks also use virtual keyboards to enter login information. Also, you will find virtual keyboards coming from anti-virus brands. These are secure options for desktops.

For Eg: If you are checking this article from your phone, then the keyboard you used to search or type here is the virtual keyboard.

14. Projection Keyboards

We have seen projection to watch movies. We have seen some future movies that try to project screens on the table or desk and achieve to type or touch that and perform some action.

Projects and keyboards are such types of keywords where a light beam strikes the surface, And the keyboard-like surface gets projected and finally.

Projection keyboards look advanced, being a type of keyboard for the future. Improvements are going on till we can have a good one.

Research shows that you can achieve a 20 wpm after 20 hours of training on a projection keyboard.

15. 60% Keyboards

60% keyboard or a particular type of keyboard arrangement present in a mechanical keyboard where you can opt-out to remove some switches you don’t find essential. Here you get only 60% of the switches present in a full-sized keyboard.

For example, in 60% keyboard, you won’t find the number switch is present on the right side of the keyboard.

60% keyboard is trendy among mechanical keyboard users abroad as they like to set up the keyboard in arrears. It looks pretty clean in the workspace and is very good for programming.

In terms of size, there is also 65% keyboards.

16. TKL Keyboards

The design factor names this type of keyboard as Tenkeyless or TKL keyboard. This type of keyboard does not have a dedicated numeric keypad that you see in full-sized keyboards.

The numeric keys were from 0-9. Due to that, this type of keyboard layout is named a Tenkeyless keyboard.

The mechanical keyboard of the TKL type is preferred by office users, professionals, and those who can manage their work without the dedicated number keys on the right side of the keyboard.

The Tenkeyless design looks cleaner and much better as compared to a full-sized keyboard.

17. Full-Sized Keyboards

A Full-size keyboard have 106 switches that covers almost basic functionalities of a keyboard. 

You would get the functions: the alphabets, the controlling function, and the number keypad on the right site. 

The full-size keyboard is the general one that is commonly available in the market.

Full Sized Keyboards

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Q: How many types of keyboard keys?

ANS: There are 6 different types of keyboard keys, Alphanumeric keys, Functions keys(F1-F12), Numeric keys, Special keys like Delete, Cursor keys, andm the Modifier keys.

Q: Which type of keyboard is best for typing?

ANS: Mechanical keyboards are best for typing.

Q: What is standard type keyboard?

ANS: A QUERTY keyboard is known as a standard type of keyboard.

Q: What are the 12 function keys?

ANS: The 12 Function keys are F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11 and F12.

Q: Does Wireless Keyboard work in BIOS?

ANS: The Bluetooth keyboards does not get activated in BIOS. There only 2.4 Ghz wireless and wired keyboard works.


Let’s conclude the post!

I hope you liked the post and got to know many different types of keyboards in detail.

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