Types of Mouse: The Definitive Guide of 2022-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Whenever you use a computer, desktop, or laptop, you need a pointing device.

Most of you have used the common wired mouse with your computer or a trackpad with the laptop.

If you are looking to know the types of mouse, then this is the right post.

Though you can use a typical wired type of mouse for all the purposes, however, the technical advancement and innovations created many mouse types.

types of mouse

What is a Computer Mouse?

The mouse is a handheld pointing device attached to a PC or your laptop. It detects the two-dimensional motion of your hands.

You can use a computer mouse for several purposes for your work, gaming, general browsing the internet, and any other purposes.

Types of Mouse

The different types of mouse are:

1. Wired Mouse

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A Wired Mouse is the most typical type of mouse we use with our computer. This type of mouse has a wire attached to it that connects to the USB port of your computer.

The wired mouse is good in terms of performance. Due to the wired connection, there are no chances of experiencing lags. Overall you would get good performance with this mouse.

2. Wireless Mouse

A Wireless Mouse is the type of mouse that is not connected by wires to your desktop or laptop but is connected wirelessly.

Wireless technologies have evolved. Now you can have a wireless connection like a 2.4 GHz connection using a receiver or Bluetooth connectivity. Here, I classify the Wireless mouse into 2.4 GHz Wireless mouse and Bluetooth Mouse.

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a. 2.4 GHz Wireless Mouse

This is the most commonly seen technology that is used for a wireless mouse. Wireless mouse with 2.4 GHz receiver establishes a connection with your computer or laptop. Hence, you can use the mouse wirelessly.

Wireless mouses with a 2.4 GHz connection are commonly available, and performance is good with a slight lag that you may notice if you play games often.

Logitech M331 2.4 GHzwireless mouse

b. Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth Mouse establishes connectivity with your laptop or desktop using Bluetooth connectivity. 

It is easier to connect devices like Smart Tv, iPad or even smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity. This is because, for smartphones, you don’t get the slot for connecting the USB receiver.

Logitech M585 Bluetooth Mouse

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3. Ergonomic mouse

As we use the mouse for all our work while we use desktop and many use even with laptops for a long duration, our hands get strained and tired. So, to make the mouse more comfortable to hold and use, now the design has been evolved. Now, ergonomic mouses are manufactured.

Ergonomic mouses are designed excellently, keeping the natural arm position to relax our fingers and arm while we use the mouse.

In this video, find the real feel of the ergonomic mouse by best brands.

4. Vertical Mouse

A vertical mouse is a well designed ergonomic mouse that is tilted to one side. It looks like a mouse placed in a slanted way, i.e. placed vertically.

The vertical mouse replicates the most natural position of your hand that makes it essential for the mouse to follow. This vertical mouse saves your hand from tiring and strain. This vertical mouse is exceptionally designed. I feel it is better to work for longer hours with a vertical mouse.

In this video, find how the vertical mouse can be used in real life. You would know if this type of mouse is really useful.

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5. Optical Mouse

Optical Mouse is the most commonly seen mouse that uses the Optical tracking technology within the mouse. If you turn the mouse, you will find that the bottom of the mouse has an Optical sensor that effectively tracks your mouse movement whenever you move the mouse on a surface.

The optical mouse works excellent for opaque surfaces. However, it struggles to track on the glass surface.

In this video, you will find how the optical mouse works in real life.

6. Laser Mouse

Laser Mouse is the type of mouse that is tracked by laser tracking technology. The mouse based on laser tracking technology works excellent on any surfaces, whether glass, wood, metal etc. 

These types of mouses are very precise and accurate in terms of tracking. Also, these types of mouse are generally more expensive than the optical mouses.

In this video, you will find how the laser mouse works in detail.

7. Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse is the mouse designed and made specifically for gaming purposes. Its sole motive is to have a gaming performance boost(with DPI adjustment, low latency, programmable buttons) during competitive gaming tournaments and even at home. The look and feel are also great for the gaming mouses as they come with in build RGB lights.

These also have an RGB backlit that gives excellent gaming feel with this mouse. With the gaming mouse, you generally get a higher DPI option. Also, you get more buttons that you can program and customise according to the game. 

This type of mouse also has onboard memory that stores the profiles, lighting colours, and mouse switch customisation information.

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In this video, you will find different top gaming mouses available and also how they perform in real life.

8. Trackball Mouse

Trackball Mouse is a type of ergonomic mouse made for users who can move the mouse pointer without moving the mouse. The trackball is a moveable ball attached to the left side of the mouse. You can rotate the trackball, which will replicate moving the mouse.

With a trackball mouse, it will be easier to move the mouse pointer without hurting your fingers. It is an excellent option for looking for an ergonomic mouse for finger pain and wrist pain.

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In this video, you will get to know about the trackball mouses. You will also know if they are really useful for your daily use.

Choosing the Right Type of Computer Mouse

As we have seen different types of mouses, let’s know about choosing the right type of computer mouse.

In the video find how to choose the right type of computer mouse.

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Q: What is the best type of computer mouse?

ANS: For gaming, Gaming mouse are best. For budget users wired mouse are the best. For users connecting multi-device wireless Bluetooth mouse are the best.

Q: Which is better wired or wireless mouse?

ANS: For budget users, wired mouse are the best. For gamers also wired mouse performs better as compared to wireless mouse options due to very low latency in case of the wired mouse. Some wireless mouse from Logitech G series are better then even the wired mouses.

Q: Is Bluetooth or USB mouse better?

ANS: USB mouse can be connected to BIOS also whereas bluetooth mouse cannot. So, USB mouses are better.

Q: What are the common mouse actions?

ANS: The common computer mouse actions are: Left Click, Right Click, Double Click, Drag & Drop, and Scroll.

Q: What are the two uses of mouse?

ANS: The two uses of a mouse are Move the Cursor and Point.


In this post, we looked into the different types of mouses with images. I hope you have understood the mouse types available in the market. You may also like to know about the types of keyboards available.

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