Heavy mouse vs Light mouse: Which is Better for Gaming?

A Gaming mouse is an essential device for competitive gaming. Some of the gamers prefer choosing the light mouse, whereas others prefer choosing a heavy mouse.

If you are a professional gamer, it is more likely to consider the right mouse weight to boost your gaming performance. The mouse’s weight plays a vital role in accuracy, sensitivity, and faster crosshair movements in gaming.

Mainly you need to know if the light mouse or heavy mouse would be better for your gaming. 

To remove your confusion here, I would compare the ups and downs of choosing the heavy and light mouse. I would explain in detail the differences with pros and cons.

Heavy Mouse vs Light Mouse

Heavy MouseLight Mouse
DPI OptionsSuitable to use with higher DPI settingsSuitable to use with lower DPI settings.
Best for FPSGoodExcellent
ComfortLess Comfortable and can cause hand strainVery Comfortable during gaming
Build QualityExcellent and DurableNot so good as build quality may be compromised to reduce weight. However, the lightweight mouse options from good brands like Logitech, SteelSeries, Razer, etc are good.
FeaturesMoreComparatively less
ControlMore control even in High DPI settingsLess control as compared to heavy mouses. It is best usable with Low DPI settings.
Heavy Mouse VS Light Mouse

What is a heavy mouse?

The Heavy mouse or heavy-weight mouse is a type of mouse with a weight greater than 120 gm. These types of mouses are generally used for gamers who need more control. 

You won’t notice the excess weight the mouse has when you are doing general work or even during casual gaming. You will see the heaviness during FPS gaming.

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With a heavy mouse, you would get slow mouse movement. This type of mouse helps in reducing the sensitivity of the mouse. A heavier-weight mouse would be more stable than a light mouse even if you increase the DPI.

E.g., Some good heavy mouses for gaming are Logitech G603, Logitech G602, Steelseries Rival 650.

Benefits of Heavy Mouse

A heavy mouse is a very popular mouse for gamers. There are several benefits of the heavy mouse:

  • Being a heavy mouse, it is suitable for people with large hands.
  • People holding the mouse by palm grip can easily use a heavy mouse.
  • A heavier mouse reduces the mouse sensitivity during your game. Sensitivity reduction implies more control during gaming.

Drawbacks of Heavy mouse

The heavy mouse has the following drawbacks:

  • Gamers having claw grip or fingertip grip would not feel comfortable using this mouse.
  • Gets arm tired more quickly

What is a Light mouse?

Considering 100 gm as the weight of a standard mouse, lightweight mouses are the type of mouse with a weight less than 80 gm.

The lightweight mouse would enable you to move the mouse very fast across the screen. This type of mouse is excellent for gamers who like playing with Low DPI settings.

E.g., Glorious Model O, Razer Viper Ultimate, Logitech G Pro X Superlight are examples of some of the best lightweight mouses for gaming.

Benefits of Light Mouse

A light mouse is getting popular day by day, and the gamer community is also preferring using Light mouse due to the following benefits:

  • You can move the light mouse faster 
  • It does not tire your arms, and you would feel comfortable during your prolonged gaming session

Drawbacks of Light Mouse

The Light mouse has the following drawbacks:

  • A lightweight mouse is not so good in terms of durability
  • Even the features are less as compared to a heavy mouse.

This video shows the comparison between Heavy and Light Gaming mouse in-detail.

Here I mentioned FPS(First Person Shooter) games as a generic term. Let’s see how the heavy and lightweight mouse performs for Fortnite and CS Go.

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Heavy vs Light Mouse for Fortnite

In this video, find precisely the comparison between the heavy and light mouse types for Fortnite. You can see the performance comparison with actual tests.

Heavy vs Light Mouse for CS Go

In this video, you would find excellent information to choose your mouse type for your CS Go.

My views on Comparison between Light and Heavy mouse

After using a light mouse and a heavy mouse, here are my views which I consider to be essential factors to know in this comparison. 

The lightweight mouse stands better in overall comparison for a competitive gamer. Now, the gaming mouse comes with additional optional weights below to adjust the mouse weight.

These mouses come with optional weights of 10 gm present on the back case of the mouse. This additional optional weight gives an option to fine-tune your mouse for gameplay.

When I play FPS games like Counterstrike, Valorant, etc., I prefer using a lightweight mouse with a high DPI setting.

Mouse with Optional Weights

There are gaming mouses with an optional additional weight present within them. You can attach the other weights to increase the mouse weight. So, this gives better flexibility to choose your mouse.

You can make it a heavy mouse with optional additional weights with a single mouse if it is a light mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does mouse weight affect sensitivity?

When you move a heavier mouse, you will find that the movement is slower than the lightweight mouse. So, with an increase in mouse weight, the sensitivity decreases. 
Thus, we can use a heavy mouse with High DPI settings, whereas we need to make the DPI lower for lightweight mouses to have control over it. So, as compared to the heavier mouse, the light mouse has more sensitivity.

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Can you aim better with a heavier mouse?

The heavy mouse can be better controlled even if your DPI settings are set high. The heavier mouse ensures better control of the mouse movement on the screen. Thus you can aim better with a heavier mouse
Still, many professional gamers can achieve better aiming with a lightweight mouse by setting the DPI low.


Let’s conclude the comparison of light mouse vs heavy mouse for competitive gaming.

So, which type of mouse, Lighter or heavier mouse, is better for competitive gaming? The lighter mouse performs better for Games with low DPI settings, whereas the Heavier mouse performs better with High DPI settings. In terms of comfort, the lightweight mouse is excellent.