Mecha-Membrane vs Mechanical Keyboards: Which is better?

Mecha-membrane by Razer and the mechanical keyboards are good enough for gaming, typing, and programming.

However, suppose you want to know the actual difference between the mecha-membrane keyboards and the mechanical keyboards. In that case, you can find the comparison between the two types of keyboards.

Mecha-Membrane vs Mechanical Keyboards

Mecha-Membrane KeyboardsMechanical Keyboard
TechnologySits on rubber domesHave mechanical switches beneath
Keypress ExperienceGood tactile feedback from switchesExcellent feedback from switches. (Blue switches have clicky feedback, brown have tactile, and red have linear feedback)
Gaming PerformanceGoodExcellent
NoiseLowCan be high(with Blue switches)

What is Mecha-Membrane?

Mecha-membrane is a combination of mechanical and membrane keyboards and is created to make the best of them. Mecha-membrane keyboard technology came out as an innovation by Razer.

Razer created this type of keyboard to eliminate the drawbacks that mechanical or membrane keyboards have.

For the mecha-membrane, the switches of the keyboards rest on rubber-domes beneath the keyboards. This rubber dome is presently similar to the membrane type of keyboard.

The rubber dome reduces the noise that prevents many people from using mechanical keyboards. The mecha-membrane keyboards have tactile feedback that simulates the feel of mechanical keyboards.

What are Mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are made of unique mechanical build switches, of which each has its unique mechanism to process each click.

Mechanical keyboards are excellent in terms of durability, sturdiness to withstand your heavy daily tasks efficiently. 

Even due to the performance, tactile feedback, and the sound that the mechanical keyboards produce is loved by gamers. The pro gamers prefer using mechanical keyboards for tournaments.

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Major Pros of Mechanical Keyboards and the Mecha-membrane keyboards

Both the keyboards are designed to serve a specific purpose, and the performance is excellent for both of these keyboard types.

Mechanical Keyboard Major Advantages

Mechanical keyboards are very popular among professionals, and this is because of the following features of the mechanical keyboards:

  • Essential travel for each click is satisfying and gives you feedback after you type.
  • Improves speed of typing with a mechanical keyboard and the mechanical keyboards support typing. 
  • The mechanical keyboard comes with switches that are loud to silent
  • Mechanical keyboards with blue switches are clicky and loud, brown switches are tactile, and the red switches are smooth and silent. So, you get enough options to choose from according to your requirement.
  • Mechanical keyboards are durable and also last long for 10-15 years.
  • These keyboards are easily repairable with Low cost.

Mecha-membrane keyboards Major Advantages

Mecha-membrane keyboards take the best of both the mechanical and membrane keyboards into a single keyboard. The unique features include:

  • The mecha-membrane keyboards have a swift key response.
  • The keypress is not hard and easy to click.
  • The switches are tactile and silent, which is great
  • Keyboards are designed and build by Razer, so you are assured of getting the best quality keyboard out of the box.

Downsides of the Mechanical keyboards and the Mecha-membrane keyboards

The mechanical keyboards may feel loud, and people avoid using them in offices or quiet places. The mechanical keyboards may feel bulky and hence not suitable for carrying with you.

But, there are many mechanical keyboards in terms of switches choice that can reduce the click noise. If you do not like the loud clicks, you probably will not choose the blue switch as they are clicky and loud. The brown switch would feel comparatively more silent and tactile. 

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Finally, the red switches are the smoothest and do not make any noise. Typing would feel buttery smooth on the red switches. These varieties of customisation available remove the initial drawbacks of the mechanical switches that the mecha-membrane came up with to solve.

The mecha-membrane keyboards, though, are very silent in the clicks sound. However, with time, the clicks may feel mushy and not so good to type. This thing only you can notice if you are simultaneously using an excellent mechanical keyboard with a membrane type of keyboard. 

The mecha-membrane keyboards are comparatively less durable due to the rubber dome inside. Its lifetime would be better than a membrane type of keyboard but not as good as a mechanical type of keyboard. 

This video shows the comparison between the mecha-membrane and the mechanical keyboards side-by-side

Which type of keyboard is better?

I always prefer investing in mechanical keyboards as they are treasured to consider for your daily productivity. 

The switches of the mechanical keyboards are easily repairable. They hence would be cost-effective and better for long time usage.

However, if you usually use the membrane type of keyboard for your daily task, you would like the mecha membrane keyboard very much. I loved the innovation of the technology in mecha-membrane keyboards.


The comparison was head to head between the mecha-membrane and the mechanical switches. By paper specs, we may feel that the mecha-membrane can be better. However, mechanical keyboards are still the best in every aspect.