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Mechanical vs Membrane keyboard: Which is better?

Whenever you try to choose a keyboard for your programming or gaming, the two most popular keyboard types that comes to your mind are Mechanical Keyboards and Membrane Keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards are mainly popular among professionals and even pro gamers. However, the membrane type of keyboard is the cheapest and most widely used one across the globe.

If the mechanical keyboards are the best, then why does someone use a membrane keyboard? I would clear all your doubts in this post.

So, let’s begin with the comparison.

Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard Differences

Mechanical KeyboardMembrane Keyboard
Lifespan10-15 years1.5-3 years
Repairing costLowHigh
Key TravelMoreLess
Noise during typingHigh with Blue Switch,Moderate with Brown Switch,Silent/ Low with Red SwitchLow
DurabilityVery DurableLess Durable
Keypress DelayVery LessComparatively more
Gaming ExperienceGreatAverage
Intended UsersProfessionals and GamersAny Common User

Average Lifespan of Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard

Usage CriteriaMechanical Keyboard Estimated Life SpanMembrane Keyboard Estimated  Life Span
Low Usage 18-20 Years4-5 Years
Moderate Usage14-16 Years2-3 Years
Heavy Usage10-15 Years1-1.5 Years

The Average lifespan of Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane in terms of Keypress

Keyboard TypeLifespan in terms of Keypress
Mechanical Keyboard30 and 70 million keypresses
Membrane KeyboardAround 5 million presses

So, do mechanical keyboards last longer? Mechanical Keyboards last 6 to 14 times as compared to membrane keyboards. 

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical Keyboards are the type of keyboards specially built with custom mechanical switches providing more excellent durability.

Monitors are Crucial Components of ... x
Monitors are Crucial Components of your PC

For each switch, there is a unique mechanism of mechanical control that registers your click. These switches pass your click information to the circuit layer beneath it. 

Mechanical keyboards are durable and long-lasting. An average mechanical keyboard can last for about 10-15 years on moderate to heavy usage.

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Mechanical keyboards are used by professional gamers, programmers, content creators, and heavy keyboard involvement in daily work.

Advantage of Mechanical Keyboard

So, let’s see now if there are any advantages or disadvantages of the mechanical keyboard to explore further:

Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboard

Though there are a lot of advantages, still the mechanical keyboards have the following disadvantages:

  • Mechanical keyboards are loud (especially the mechanical keyboards with blue switches)
  • Mechanical keyboards are bulky and not at all suitable to carry for traveling
  • Mechanical keyboards are expensive as compared to membrane keyboards

Let’s now talk about the membrane keyboards.

The most commonly used and widely accepted keyboard is the membrane type of keyboards. Whether you look in offices, schools, cyber cafes, and in most places, you will find people using membrane type of keyboard.

What is a Membrane Keyboard?

Membrane keyboards are keyboards that are built with a membrane below the keys. The keys are attached and are not separated. 

Mechanical keyboards are commonly available and are available at budget rates. Mechanical keyboards are great for general uses.

Membrane keyboards are typical among most hobbyists, casual users, students, and even casual gamers.

Advantages of Membrane Keyboard

There are several advantages of the membrane type of keyboards such as:

  • The membrane types of keyboards are available at a very budget rate and are suitable for everyday use.
  • Membrane keyboards are comparatively silent.
  • Membrane keyboards have all the essential features required and hence is cost-effective
  • The input gets slowly registered in the membrane keyboards as the impression happens on the membrane layer before it gets registered on the keyboard.
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Disadvantages of Membrane Keyboard

Though there are advantages, there are several disadvantages that the membrane keyboards have:

Find here the comparison of mechanical keyboard and membrane type of keyboards side by side

Which type of keyboard is better for Programming?

Membrane keyboards would give you a good typing experience as the clicks would be silent. Overall, it would be a good experience. 

If you use a mechanical keyboard for programming, you would feel the clickiness feel of the keyboard that I like very much. The sound of the mechanical switches helps me to know that I have pressed the key.

I used both the mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard for programming. Initially, it was a good experience with a membrane type of keyboard. But once I used the mechanical type of keyboard and get used to it. 

Which type of keyboard is Better for Gaming?

I play racing games, primarily adventure-based games, and a few FPS games. While gaming, you will notice a huge difference.

With the mechanical keyboard, the clicks get register better when you click fast due to the anti-ghosting present in the mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard felt much more responsive when I clicked during the game.

Also, the RGB colours on the mechanical keyboard set up my gaming mood. 

Overall, you would love playing games more on a mechanical keyboard.

My Views

I use the keyboard for blogging, programming, and gaming. Considering all the aspects, I would like to highlight the mechanical keyboard performed far better than a membrane keyboard during gaming.

During typing and programming, I enjoyed typing on the mechanical keyboard more than the membrane keyboard.
This video compares typing speed of mechanical keyboard and membrane type of keyboard


Though there are pros and cons of both the keyboard, the mechanical keyboard, and the membrane keyboard are typical worldwide. The membrane keyboard satisfies cost-effectiveness with balanced performance, whereas the mechanical keyboard, though expensive, performs the best.

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I hope you liked the comparison between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard. Feel free to share this post.