Tactile vs Linear vs Clicky: (Detailed Guide)

Linear vs Tactile vs Clicky Switches

Whether you choose a mechanical keyboard for gaming or typing, it is essential to know which type of switch would be better for you, tactile or linear. After comparing and using both tactile and linear switch mechanical keys, I have created this helpful guide.

The available Mechanical Switches come in different colors like Blue, Green, Red, Brown, Black, and more. Whether you are a gamer, typist, programmer, or want to have a good mechanical keyboard for your workspace. Then you must know the type of mechanical switches available and what difference it would make if you choose either one of them.

The most important thing in mechanical keyboards is the mechanical switches. Mechanical switches are unique switches that help to register our clicks accurately. Let’s do a comparison for Tactile vs Linear vs Clicky switches.

What are Tactile Switches?

Tactile switches are mechanical switches having bumpy responsive feedback. Tactile switches are not very loud but are a great choice to type due to the tactile switches‘ enhanced feedback. 

Tactile switches give a bumpy feeling without much clicking noise than the clicky switches present in the mechanical keyboards. 

Tactile switches are good for offices as they produce less noise, and also clicks come more accurate as you get a good clicky feel as a response from this keyboard. 

What are Linear Switches?

Linear switches are a smooth and silent option among the mechanical switches available in the market. Linear switches are smooth to use and are very satisfying for typing silently. 

Linear switches can be used in programming and even good for office use. You need not worry about the mechanical keyboard noise with Linear type of switches. Hence, it is suitable wherever silence is a priority.

Linear switches are awesome as they produce the least amount of noise in the total mechanical keyboard range. Linear switches choose those who don’t like the bumpy feeling and the noisy mechanical keyboard experience.

Linear switches are amazing to use as they feel buttery smooth when you type with them. Your clicks would be less tiring, and you would love to use a mechanical keyboard very much.

What are Clicky Switches?

Clicky switches are types of switches that generate a clicky sound when clicked and activated. This noise can be satisfying during gameplay as you get an idea of the switches you press very quickly during any gaming tournament or match.

Clicky switches help type accurately as you get the proper clicking sound as soon as you click a switch on the keyboard.

Tactile vs Linear vs Clicky Switches Comparison

Clicky SwitchTactile SwitchLinear Switch
NoiseLoudQuieter than ClickyVery Quiet
Feedback while TypingGood amount of Clicking feedbackGood Feedback Smooth and with no feedback
Typing ExperienceThe best typing experience as it feels like a typewriter.Good Typing experience with its tactile feedback.Good for typing for silent typists.
Gaming ExperienceThis gives excellent gaming experience.The gaming experience is moderate considering the blue keys feels better.This is fast and responsive. So, its good for fast paced gaming. However, as it lacks feedback the overall experience of gaming feels average.
Switch ColorsBlue, GreenBrownRed

Decoding the Mechanical Switch Colors

Mechanical Switches come in various variants and Colors, and accordingly, your experience would differ as some are tactile, some clicky, and others are linear. 

Blue Switch

Blue Switches are a clicky type and produce noisy sound. Blue switches are bumpy type and provide a unique clicking experience that you can enjoy during gaming and typing.

Being a typewriter fan, I like the blues. Often when I game or when I go on typing my blog, it feels awesome. A typical blue sweet keyboard looks like it is pretty durable and would be long-lasting. Especially the Cherry MX switches in terms of their lifetime and force performance they give.

Green Switch

Green switches are of clicky types and And especially like the blue switches, but as more activation falls, so if you would like to green switches, that means you want more force typing are you love to type with more force on the keyboard, and that is good using a green switch.

For common people, green sweets are not so meaningful due to their deep rest seems pretty hard, and at times you would feel a bit tiring by tapping using a green switch.

But especially for gaming those who press keys pretty hard, it’s awesome to play with the green switch keyboard as you would enjoy your gameplay with it. It gives the real essence of an FPS gameplay, or any fighting type of gameplay with these keys and experience as the feedback you get provides a more immersive experience in your game.

Red Switch

Red switches are the linear type of mechanical switches. Reed Switches are smooth and very good to use. Red switches need less activation force. I like how Red switches work, especially the smoothness it provides as a mechanical switch is unmatched.

A mechanical sweet that is also very convenient and so smooth that you would love to type regularly without a hitch, and probably you would like to type it more often than any other keyboard. The rates would make your fingers glide through the mechanical keyboard and would make your typing experience immersive. Most of them Bridge suites buyers I love typing and especially if typing is your main concern. You don’t like any noise that a typical mechanical keyboard provides or produces similar to a typewriter, then the reed switches are the sure options.

Brown Switch

Brown Switch is between the red and blue mechanical switches and has quality from both. You can consider the Brown switch as a comparatively silent version of the Blue mechanical switch. 

Brown switch has a bumpy feeling, and you would Be between the clicky switches and the Vania switches. It means that you are not also getting that noisy sound, but you are getting that thinking experience. Also, you are not getting that smooth and silent experience, but in terms, you are getting a comparatively silent and attractive experience with the Brown switches.

The activation force that the brown switches will not bother you even if you play games or try for a long period. The experience of typing won’t be any tiring if you use this brown switch keyboard for your daily use. 

Brands that are not that noisy can be considered in office spaces also, and none of the colleagues or anyone else won’t complain due to the keyboard noise.

Should you get tactile or linear switches?

Choosing between tactile or linear switches takes many things to consider.

First, answer a question in your mind, Do you like a sweet that is quiet and smooth, or do you like a speech that has attracted feeling and it’s not that quiet also not noisy.

If you like the first one, then you should go for the linear switches. Otherwise, for the second, you can choose the tactile switches.

Tactile switches are better for those who prefer to get a buttery smooth experience from a keyboard switch.

If you are a programmer or a gamer, you would more like the tactile type of switches as you need good, responsive feedback to increase typing accuracy with speed.

Is tactile or linear quieter?

Both tactile and linear switches in a mechanical keyboard were designed to be quieter compared to the clicky switches.

Tactile switches are designed to keep the typing experience of the clicky switch intact though making it quieter.

Linear switches have a different use as they lack the bumpy or clicky responsive feedback that the tactile switches have. Linear switches are smooth to use and are quieter than tactile switches.

Are Clicky switches loud?

Clicky switches are the basic mechanical switches that resemble the typewriter experience in a computer keyboard. Clicky switches are loud, and they produce a sound that you may not like in a quieter workspace environment. 

If I explain how you would hear the clicky switch sound, I would like to remember if you have ever heard the typewriter sound before. It is a bit quieter than a typewriter.

Which Mechanical Switch is better between Clicky, Tactile, and Linear?

For Gamers, you can choose clicky switches. For programmers, tactile switches or clicky switches are better. Linear switches are fast and responsive and require less activation force. 

Hence for fast typing and fast gaming response, linear keyboards are a good option.

Though we like to stereotype the choices, it is seen that people with different genre liking and different kind of switches. 


Mechanical Switches are great and durable. We get so much customization of the keycaps the different mechanical varieties, and that is fantastic. With a mechanical switches keyboard, we enable you to customize every part of our typing and gaming experience.

Also, as I compared the clicky, tactile and linear switches, you will find significant differences between the mechanical keyboards depending on which switch you choose. Every type of mechanical switch is made to cater to the different types of need for which we consider a mechanical keyboard.

This resource to compare clicky, tactile and linear switches were insightful and gave you a good idea for choosing the right one.

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