Jefferson McCall Co Founder

Jefferson McCall

Co-Founder & HR-Head

Jefferson McCall is the tech-savvy co-founder of TechBullish, brings his passion for electronics to life through hands-on expertise. He has a deep understanding of embedded systems and consumer electronics from his decade of industry experience repairing and troubleshooting them.

Whether it’s troubleshooting or repairing the circuits of a Smart TV or breathing new life into a beloved gadget, his knowledge and skills keep the tech world humming.

With an array of experiences in multiple technology startups, Jefferson’s expertise in the field has been refined over several years.

His journey began as a diligent TV Repair Mechanic, mastering the art of electronics and problem-solving.

He grew his knowledge working hands-on for different branded Smart TVs and other consumer electronics.

As time progressed, Jefferson immersed himself in various technical roles, expanding his knowledge and skills in the technology sector.

With a vision to make a significant impact, he discussed with Anirban and co-founded TechBullish, which has grown to be an esteemed tech blog in the industry.

Here at TechBullish, Jefferson delivers his expertise in the articles he writes.

Through his dedication and leadership, Jefferson is driving the TechBullish team to new heights.

He also spends several hours every week to find improvements and breakthroughs in our writing style to make our content most helpful for the readers.


  • Jefferson has a decade of experience of embedded systems and consumer electronics, beginning as a TV Repair Mechanic and mastering electronics problem-solving of hardware circuits.
  • He expanded his skills in the technology sector through diverse technical roles at startups.
  • Constantly learning, Jefferson leverages his tech expertise to conduct extensive research for content published on Techbullish.


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