How are UltraWide Monitors For Gaming With Its Pros & Cons

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Ultrawide monitors are getting more and more popular, but what kind of advantages do they have when it comes to gaming?

In this article, I will cover whether these ultrawide monitors are good for gaming with their pros and cons. 

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Are ultrawide monitors good for gaming?

Yes, the ultrawide monitors are good for gaming. Ultrawide monitors can give you a more immersive gaming experience, as they provide a wider field of view. This can make tracking enemies or objects in the game world easier.

Ultrawide monitors can also be useful for multitasking.

If you need to keep tabs on several applications at once, an ultrawide monitor can give you more screen real estate to work with.

Are ultrawide monitors good for FPS?

It depends on the game. Some FPS games are designed to be played on a 16:9 monitor and may not look as good or play on an ultrawide monitor. 

However, many newer FPS games are designed to take advantage of the extra width offered by an ultrawide monitor and provide a more immersive experience.

Therefore, an ultrawide monitor is good for FPS if the game you want to play was designed with 21:9 in mind.

Gaming Experience on Ultrawide Monitor

Ultrawide monitors are a relatively new type of display that offers a wider view than any other.

They are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why.

Imagine being able to see more of your game, more of your work, or even more of your browsing experience.

Ultrawide monitors are better for gaming than you might think.

The wider field of view on an ultrawide monitor can help you track enemies or objects in a virtual world more effectively.

Ultrawide monitors also provide an excellent opportunity for multitasking, as they give you the screen real estate to keep tabs on several apps at once. 

This is especially helpful if you’re playing games that require you to be in constant communication with a team.

I use an LG 34″ Ultrawide display to do my regular tasks and play games. The gaming experience is much better than a typical 16:9 display that I used before moving to this bigger 34″ 21:9 aspect ratio LG Ultrawide Monitor.

Whether you play RPG games, FPS games, or any other types of Games like Sports or even racing, you will enjoy a lot more with an Ultrawide display.

In the case of Sports games, FIFA 19 gives an unmatched experience with more view on the edges of the field, which helps to see players at longer distances, and the gameplay feels more immersive.

For games like GTA V, the cities look better as we see them at wider angles, and the experience of gameplay gets a lot more enhanced and immersive going on a mission, etc.

For Racing Games like NFS, the main gameplay remains the same, except the nature and environmental beauty increases with Ultrawide monitors.

I like the trees, mountains, and bushes on the sides of the tracks on different Racing courses.

Also, when two cars overtake in an NFS game, you will feel more immersive while playing on an Ultrawide monitor.

For FPS shooter games like CS: Go, pointing and shooting remain the same.

However, you have more views on the sides you may or may not like. But I enjoy the FPS on Ultrawide also. 

Do all PC games support ultrawide?

No, not all PC games support ultrawide monitors. Ultrawide compatibility will depend on the game’s design.

If the game has been designed to take advantage of an ultrawide monitor, you’re likely to have a good experience with it. 

Games designed for a more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio might not work as well on an ultrawide monitor.

Pros and cons of the Ultrawide monitor for ​gaming


  • More immersive experience
  • It gives you more screen real estate for multitasking
  • Suitable for newer FPS games


  • Some games may not be compatible with ultrawide monitors
  • It can be more expensive than traditional monitors
  • It takes up more desk space

Is ultrawide or a regular 16:9 4K better for gaming?

That depends on the game. Some newer FPS games are designed to take advantage of the extra width offered by an ultrawide monitor and provide a more immersive experience. 

However, 4K monitors offer much sharper images than ultrawide monitors, so they may be a better option for games that require high-resolution graphics.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

In addition to a more immersive gaming experience, ultrawide monitors can also give you a lot more screen real estate for multitasking.

This is especially helpful if your games require you to communicate with a team constantly.

Can my computer handle an ultrawide monitor?

It depends on your computer’s specs. Your computer will need to handle the extra graphics requirements of an ultrawide monitor to use one.

If your computer cannot handle an ultrawide monitor, you may experience lag or choppiness while gaming.

You need to check the resolution supported by your Graphics card.

If they support any Ultrawide resolutions like 2560×1080, I use an LG 34″ Ultrawide monitor and my Graphics Card is Radeon RX580, and it is well supported.

My UltraWide Gaming Monitor Choices

Here are some of the Ultrawide monitors that you can consider for gaming:

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Let’s conclude the post!

Ultrawide monitors are excellent in terms of gaming, and you will find a lot of uses of Ultrawide other than gaming. Whatever tasks you do regularly with your PC, if it involves multitasking, the Ultrawide monitors would be a great choice.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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