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Crystal UHD Vs QLED: Differences(Which is BETTER?)

Panel technology is advancing, and upgraded technologies are arriving. Currently, two very popular technologies for panels are Crystal UHD and QLED.

If you are looking to compare Crystal UHD vs QLED, then this is the right post.

Crystal UHD Vs QLED

Let’s get started to know the differences!

Crystal UHD Vs QLED

HDR supportPresent in most Crystal UHD TVsPresent in most QLED TVs
Processor UsedCrystal 4k ProcessorQuantum Dot Processor(Quantum Processor Lite 4K/ Quantum Processor 4k/Neo Quantum Processor 4k
specifically for Samsung)
Color OutputGreatVivid and Lifelike
LifespanLesser Lifespan than QLEDLong

What Is Crystal UHD?

UHD stands for Ultra-High Definition. It is the name that refers to the entry-level LCD and LED televisions which are products of the Samsung company.

The Crystal UHD is the company’s latest line of televisions that are better than regular 4k LED TVs.

It is supposed to be the next generation of 4K resolution televisions.

Samsung markets a special Crystal 4k image processor that can take the image ahead of a standard 4k TV.

This processor upscales the image further and has excellent color mapping technology to get your TV’s more realistic color output. They call the color Dynamic Crystal Color or PurColor.

What Is QLED?

The term QLED stands for quantum dot light-emitting diode. It is a technology that enhances the visibility of a television screen, that is, the colors and brightness of images displayed on the screen.

It’s similar to OLED, which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. QLED is different because it uses nanocrystals, which are tiny crystals that emit light.

By using the nanocrystals, the pixels on the screen can create a more comprehensive range of colors.

As a result, they can make a more realistic picture.

The Quantum Dot film is a thin sheet of colorless crystals that emits light of a particular color when excited by energy from the LED light source.

By controlling the intensity of the LED light, manufacturers can control the intensity of the Quantum Dot film’s color.

In a nutshell, QLED TVs are self-emitting with a Quantum Dot film that produces a vibrant range of color and impressive contrast – with no color filters. 

Color Output

Both have a great color output of 1 Billion shades of color as described for Samsung TVs.

However, in terms of real color output, the QLED colors stand out and look much better as compared to the Crystal 4k TVs.

Crystal UHD TVs are better than regular 4k but as compared to QLED, they are behind. You will feel lifelike color more in QLED TVs.

Viewing Experience

Both the Crystal UHD and the QLED 4k TVs have a great optimized viewing experience due to their rich color reproduction, clarity of image, and upscaling clarity.

The Crystal TVs have Crystal 4k Image Processors which reproduce great image clarity with 4k upscaling.

The QLED TVs have Quantum Dot Processors to make the viewing experience lifelike.

You will feel like you have been to that place when you watch.

Pros and Cons of Crystal UHD

Here are the advantages and disadvantages below to help you know about the Crystal UHD TVs:

Crystal UHD Advantages 

1. Enhances the quality of pictures.

Crystal UHD enhances the quality of the pictures on your television since its picture tube has been improved to enhance the contrast ratio.

2. Easy visibility during the night.

It is easier to see in dark rooms since it is very reflective and thus enhances the visibility of images during the night.

Crystal UHD Disadvantages

1. The television screen is very reflective

It becomes difficult to watch during the day since the screen brightness is low, thus producing low-quality images.

2. Complications of the interface software

The smart interface software has the problem of crashing and can sometimes freeze, thus making the user not comfortable when watching television.

Advantages and Disadvantages of QLED

Here are the advantages and disadvantages below to help you understand QLED TVs:

QLED Advantages

1. High-quality brightness

QLED enhances the quality of brightness of images that are displayed on a screen. Then it is the best compared to the Crystal UHD. In addition, it gives the most accurate colored pictures in all kinds of lighting conditions.

2. Low power consumption

QLED uses less power than the Crystal UHD, thus helping to save on the cost of energy at your home.

3. High switching speed

You can easily switch it on and off very fast compared to the Crystal UHD.

QLED Disadvantages

1. They do not produce light by themselves since they depend on the backlight unit for illumination.

2. The quality and color of viewing diminish according to the angle at which the viewer is seated. When you move up and down or side to side, the contrast keeps on changing.

Crystal Processor 4k vs Quantum Processor 4k

The crystal Processor and Quantum processor are both marketing terms used in TV. They both have the feature to upscale images to 4k and reproduce lifelike colors.

However, the Quantum Processor 4k upscales images using AI features which makes it more advanced than the Crystal Processor 4k.

Having these processors in your TV also adds some smart features like having an AI assistant on your TV like Samsung Bixby.

Which is better Crystal UHD or QLED?

In terms of budget-friendliness, the Crystal UHD TVs are better compared to the QLED. However, though the QLED TVs are more expensive, they give you a better overall viewing experience and color output on your TV.

For general users to watch content, Crystal UHD TVs would be great and you won’t find any need to upgrade to a QLED TV for those upgrades.

Some awesome Crystal UHD TVs:

Last update on 2023-02-03 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Some great choices of QLED TVs:

Last update on 2023-02-03 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Crystal UHD Vs QLED FAQs

Q: Is QLED brighter than LED?

Ans: QLED has a quantum dot filter in between the LED backlight of the TV and the LCD which makes it brighter than LED.

Q: What does Crystal TV mean?

Ans: Crystal TV is like a regular LED TV from Samsung having a processor named a Crystal 4k image processor that helps to get better color output.

Q: What does QLED stand for?

Ans: QLED stands for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode.

Q: Is QLED 4k better than Regular 4k TV?

Ans: QLED 4k TV has a Quantum dot filter which helps to emit brighter, crisper, and better color and picture quality as compared to a regular 4k TV.


Let’s conclude the post on the comparison of Crystal UHD Vs QLED.

Both TV technologies have advantages and disadvantages.

However, as per budget and other requirements, you need to pick one according to your need.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.