What is G shift? (Ultimate Guide 2022)-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If you have the Logitech G-Series Mouse and are looking to know what G Shift functionality is, then this is the right place.

While using the Logitech Gaming Mouse-like G502, G402, G203, or any other you would find in the Logitech Gaming Hub, G Shift has minimal mention. Here I will explain G Shift in detail. G Shift is a must to know if you are a pro gamer or advanced customization for your Logitech G series mouse.

So, What is G Shift? G Shift is an advanced mouse button customization option present in Logitech Gaming Hub that acts as a keyboard modifier to override the default mouse button operation. With G Shift enabled, the mouse button’s default actions can be configured to the keyboard keys or even a sequence of keyboard keys known as a macro.

This video shows you How to setup the G Shift

If G Shift is not enabled, the mouse configuration is set as default out of the box, which is ok for most users and gamers. G Shift is only for gamers who need advanced customization for their mouse.

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How to assign a G SHIFT command to a button?

g shift

As per Logitech G Hub Manual, you can assign a G SHIFT key to a device, and that G SHIFT key will synchronize on all devices. For example, you can have a G SHIFT key on your keyboard. When pressed, your mouse will also enter the G SHIFT mode and vice versa. To assign a G SHIFT key, navigate to the System tab in Assignments and drag the command to a programmable key/button.

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Logitech Gaming Software (G Hub)

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Logitech’s Gaming Hub Software, also known as G Hub, is a common portal for optimizing and customizing hardware configuration, lighting all Logitech G gears, including mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers webcams. You can install G Hub in both Windows and Mac OS. 

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Advanced Settings Customisation

Logitech G Hub is the software you need to configure every setting you need to configure in your mouse. G Hub provides all the advanced gaming customization possible with any gaming mouse like Mouse FPS, G Shift for key customization, advanced color customization, and Polling rate

Synchronization of Colours

Using Logitech G Hub, you can set the lighting settings of your gaming mouse and synchronize between your Logitech Gaming keyboard. 

Setting up G Hub Profiles across different Gaming titles

With G Hub, you can customize different settings like Polling Rate, FPS, G Shift, and lighting settings and keep it saved as a profile. Similarly, you can create multiple profiles for different gaming titles or as you wish. You can choose any profile you wish when you play.

This Video Gives overview of GHub and Tips and Tricks of GHub

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G Shift Benefits

G Shift is the most demanded choice. Even pro players love to customize the gaming mouse with the best settings for any competitive gameplay.

G Shift has the following benefits for gamers:

  1. Gamers prefer to have their mouse customized as per their comfort and practice. The different FPS gaming functionalities like switching between weapons, reloading ammo, triggering becomes easy and handy.
  2. G shift’s customization gives you an edge compared to other gamers, which is essential during competitive gameplay. Even a minor enhancement is due to better peripheral matter.
  3. G Shift provides the option to remove unwanted mouse button configuration, which is not needed, and helps to override those by implementing the priority functionalities in gaming.  

Q : Can you use G Shift in other Logitech Series Mouse?

Ans : G Shift functionality that overrides the default mouse button configuration with the custom one is available with the Logitech Mouse that supports G Hub Software. G Hub software is only available for G Series Logitech Mouse only. So, you cannot use the G Shift feature with other Logitech Mouse versions.

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Q : How do you make G Shift act like toggle?

Ans : Suppose you want to configure your Logitech G series mouse to toggle between default and G shift mode. In that case, you can toggle between Logitech’s G Hub software profiles. If you want to set the G Shift toggle as a macro to a button, there is no option in G Hub.

Q : Can you change led colour when g shift is active?

Ans : Changing color is independent of G Shift and can be easily configurable from the G Hub software of Logitech. You can easily customize to the desired colors you want during your gameplay, even with the G Shift enabled in your Logitech Gaming Mouse.


Let’s conclude the post!

Logitech G Shift is advanced customization for the G series Logitech Mouse which everyone may not need to configure. But if you would like to customize each keyboard command to a mouse, you need the Logitech G Shift

I explained the Logitech G Shift and where to find it in G Hub here. I hope you can now configure using G Shift.