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What is G Shift? (Complete Guide)

Logitech has an advanced keyboard modifier feature in their G Series mouse and keyboard called the G Shift. Have you heard about it?

In this post, I have covered everything you need to know about what it is, how to set it, how to reset it, how to toggle it, its benefits, and more.

Let’s get started!

What is G Shift?

G Shift is an advanced feature that allows gamers to customize Logitech G-series mouse and keyboard buttons beyond their default operations using the Logitech Gaming Hub. It acts as a key modifier, enabling users to assign an alternate mode to a single button.

G Shift

With this modifier enabled, the Logitech mouse/keyboard’s button default actions can be configured to an alternate key.

This allows gamers to have more control over their gaming experience and perform complex actions with just one button press. So, using this functionality, gamers using a Logitech G Series mouse can have more control during their intensive gaming sessions.

G shift button definition by Logitech
Credits: Logitech

E.g., If you are playing FPS games, you can use this feature to perform activities like reloading, making targets, running, ducking, and more.

You can use this functionality on G series mouse-like G502, G402, G203G600.

What does G Shift Do?

G Shift overrides the default mouse button operation and helps to get it a secondary functionality.

How to Setup G Shift?

assigning g shift to a button on Logitech Mouse or Keyboard

To assign a mouse or keyboard button as G Shift, you need to first download and install the Logitech G Hub software.

Then follow these steps as below:

  • Once installed, open the software and click on the gear icon to access the settings. From there, select the device you want to customize and click on the “Assignments” tab.
  • Under “Assignments,” click on the button you want to assign as G Shift and select “G Shift” from the dropdown menu.
  • You can then customize the button’s function while holding down G Shift by selecting it from the “Commands” list.

How to Use the G Shift Button?

When you hold down the G Shift button and then press another key, the secondary function assigned to that key will be activated.

Here’s how to use this button:

  • Press and hold the G Key located on the left side of the keyboard.
  • While holding down the G Shift button, press another key on the keyboard to trigger a secondary function or shortcut.
  • Release both keys to return to normal keyboard function.

This is similar to the case of the Logitech G series Mouse.

If you press the G Shift button there, holding that you enable G Shift functionality. Now, you press any other button, you get access to the alternate functionality assigned to it.

How to toggle G Shift?

To toggle G Shift, you can press the G Shift button on your keyboard or mouse. This will activate or deactivate the G Shift function, which allows you to access secondary functions on your keyboard/mouse.

How to reset G Shift?

Here are the steps to reset it:

  • Open the Logitech G Hub on your computer.
  • Click on the device that has the G Shift button assigned to it. It could be a mouse or a keyboard.
  • Click on the “Assignments” tab at the top of the window.
  • Then click on the Keys
  • Select on G Shift from Default
  • Select the button whose G Shift you want to reset
  • Then click on the Use Default, and it will reset the G shift functionality to the button.

You have successfully reset the G Shift button on your device. You can now assign a different function to it or leave it unassigned.

Its Benefits

Here are the benefits that Logitech G Shift provides:

  1. Customization: Gamers prefer to have their mouse customized to their comfort and practice. G Shift allows for different FPS gaming functionalities, such as switching between weapons, reloading ammo, and triggering, to become easy.
  2. Getting Competitive Edge over Other Gamers: G Shift’s customization gives you a competitive edge over other gamers due to getting access to the keyboard modifier on a mouse button.

G Shift vs Default

By default, each button on a mouse or keyboard is assigned a specific function.

With G Shift enabled, the mouse/keyboard button’s default actions can be configured to a secondary functionality. So, it acts as a modifier.

To better illustrate the differences between G Shift and default button operation, here we go with an example from playing a game:

  1. To perform a jump operation in a game a player can press the Left Mouse Button. With G Shift, the player can have a secondary operation, say a special spell/move on the Left Mouse Button + G Shift.
  2. Similarly, With a right click, you can set the default operation to block in the game. With G Shift you can assign secondary operation on Right click to open Inventory to choose equipment. To do that you need to press Right Mouse Button and G Shift together.

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