Logitech M220 vs M330: What’s better Silent Mouse? [2023]

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Logitech M220 and M330 are two very popular mouse models from Logitech.

In fact, both models are so good that some people can’t decide which one to go for.

That’s why I chose to compare Logitech M220 vs M330 and see which one is better for your needs.

In this post, I will review the M220 and M330 and contrast their differences to help you choose the best one for your needs.

With their simplistic design, the mice are geared toward anyone who surfs the net, does their work, and needs a basic wireless mouse for easy access.

Whether you’re a gamer or a writer, a wireless mouse is a must for basic convenience, but it’s also nice to know that you’re getting the exact features that you want.

These Logitech mice are lightweight, with a great design and wireless technology.

They both offer wireless connectivity so that you can do your work in a variety of places.

Let’s get started!

Logitech M220 vs M330

Logitech M220 Silent MouseLogitech M330 Silent Plus Mouse
Mouse TypeWireless MouseWireless Mouse
Wireless Connectivity2.4GHz Wireless2.4GHz Wireless
Silent ClicksYesYes
Mouse SizeCompact SizeCompact Size Mouse
Mouse TrackingSmooth Optical Tracking High Precision Optical Tracking
Dimensions Height: 99 mm,
Width: 60 mm,
Depth: 39 mm
Height: 105.4 mm,
Width:  67.9 mm,
Depth: 38.4 mm
Weight (including battery)75.2g 91g
OS SupportWindows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux
Battery Life18 months24 months
Logitech M220 vs M330

Logitech M220 Wireless Mouse Review

Designed to be as comfortable and accurate as possible, the Logitech M220 Silent Wireless Mouse is a great way to get your computer going.

The advanced optical tracking technology allows for smooth moves and quick cursor control.

It works with all operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

The M220 wireless mouse connects to your device through a small, unnoticeable USB receiver.

The mouse itself is very light and fits comfortably in your hand. 

This wireless mouse feels like a wired mouse and even comes with the same click feel, and 90% noise reduction, which is incredible.

It is designed for everyday use in home offices, libraries, labs, and hospitals.

This Logitech mouse is small and portable, and it is so light you will forget you are carrying it.

It is ideal for use while traveling or with laptops and other mobile devices.

Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse with Silent Clicks
1. Silent Clicks (90% less noise than regular mouse clicks)
2. 18 months Long Battery Life
3. Compact Size Mouse
4. Ambidextrous design
5. M221 has DPI of 1000
6. Good for Travel and Regular Usage

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Conventional wireless mice have a few problems, the biggest being the battery life.

While Logitech has managed to keep the battery life to 18 months for this mouse, its competitors have failed to do so. 

It has a scrolling wheel, as well as left and right-click buttons.

The battery life is also excellent, lasting up to twelve months on a single charge.

Overall, the Logitech M220 is perfect for a basic wireless mouse.

If you’re looking for a wireless mouse that’s fast, lightweight, and provides precise cursor control on almost any surface, the Logitech M220 is the way to go. 

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech M330 Wireless Mouse is a straightforward and simple mouse with great features.

The device is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a simple and useful mouse that is easy to use.

It combines simplicity with quality, performance, and advanced features. 

The mouse is designed with a silent clicking feature that makes it perfect for shared or open offices.

It also has a long battery life, lasting up to 18 months on a single charge.

Additionally, the mouse has a contoured design that makes it comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

The only downside of the mouse is that it is not as precise as some of the other options on the market.

Overall, the Logitech M330 Silent Plus Mouse is an excellent option for those looking for a quiet and comfortable mouse.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse
1. Silent Clicks upto 90% silent
2. 24 months Long Battery Life
3. Compact Size Mouse
4. RIght handed ergonomic design
5. M331 has DPI of 1000
6. M331 is a reliable companion and is Good for Regular Usage

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With Logitech reliability and quality, the Logitech Wireless Mouse gives you a reliable wireless connection with a 2.4GHz connection.

Precise optical tracking and 1000 DPI deliver complete control when working, surfing the web, or playing.

The tiny Logitech Unifying receiver stays in your notebook while you enjoy a comfortable design, smooth scroll wheel, and soft rubber grips.

The Logitech M330 Wireless Mouse is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS.

This mouse is ideal for all users who want to enjoy high-quality design, advanced features, and flexibility. 


The Logitech M330 and M220 are both wireless mice that have been designed for durability.

M220 has a very basic design that makes it simple to use and operate.

The Logitech M220 is designed to last and can withstand day-to-day wear and tear.

The plastic used in making this mouse is of excellent quality, which further adds to its durability.

It has a smooth design that helps keep it from getting stuck on a surface during use.

The Logitech M220 has left, right, and center buttons, which are enough to navigate through your computer and web page.

The Logitech M330 is a well-built, dependable mouse that works well on most surfaces.

It’s comfortable to hold and works well for right- and left-handed users.

If you have the M220, it’s not worth upgrading to the M330.

If you’re looking for a budget mouse that’s comfortable, reliable, and not too flashy, the M330 is a great choice.


In terms of performance, both the M220 and the M330 perform very well.

You can browse the internet, perform basic regular work and get your work done fast with these mice. 

In the case of gaming, these perform well for regular gaming.

However, if you are playing in competitions for FPS gaming, these are not recommended.

Then a regular wired gaming mouse would be better.


Whether you’re a working professional or a student, you need a reliable mouse. Logitech’s wireless mice are designed specifically for comfort, and they also work seamlessly with your devices.  

The Logitech M220 and M330 are both designed for comfort and performance, but they have some minor differences.

The Logitech M220 mouse is famous for its ergonomic design and comfortable usage.

The M330, on the other hand, has a new sculpted shape which also fits well in hands.,

However, the M220 is designed for both right and left-handed users, while the M330 is only for right-handed users.

So, if you are a left-handed user, then Logitech M220 would be the one to consider.

Mouse Size

The M220 is more comfortable for people who have medium-sized hands.

This mouse is relatively small, and if you want to be more comfortable with it, you should get a bigger one, the M330.

Though the M330 is still a compact-sized mouse, it is still larger than the M220. 

Which is better in Logitech M220 and M330?

The Logitech M220 and M330 are lightweight, with a great design and wireless technology.

They both offer wireless connectivity to do your work in various places. 

They both are silent too.

M220 can be considered if you want a compact-sized mouse suitable for travel and usable by both left and right-handed people (Ambidextrous design).

On the Otherhand, the M330 can be considered if you like an ergonomic mouse design that fits perfectly for right-handed usage.

Now it depends on your preferences and needs.

If you plan to use your mouse as a primary input method, you might want to consider choosing something more comfortable.

However, if you are a casual user and need a mouse that you can always carry with you, the M220 might be a better fit for you.

Logitech M220 vs M330 Mouse FAQs

Q. Does Logitech M220 have Bluetooth?

Ans. No, the Logitech M220 does not have Bluetooth support for their wireless connectivity, and they use the regular 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity to establish a wireless connection.

Q. What is Logitech M330 DPI?

Ans. Logitech M330 has a DPI of 1000.

Q. Is Logitech M220 unifying?

Ans. The Logitech M220 does not support the Logitech Unifying receiver, and it uses Logitech’s 2.4 GHz Wireless Nano Receiver.

Q. How do I connect my Logitech M330 mouse to my Mac?

Ans. To connect Logitech M330 to Mac, plug the Logitech Nano receiver into the USB port in Mac. Then it is ready to use.


Let’s conclude the post on Logitech M220 vs M330!

I know that it can be hard to make a purchasing decision on wireless mice. With that in mind,

I hope this article was able to help you decide which mouse is the best choice for you.

Both the M220 and M330 are great options for wireless mice.

Each mouse has a few key differences, but they are both great at what they do. Each mouse has a few key differences, but they are both great at what they do. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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