Glorious Model O vs Model O Wireless: Differences Compared

Lightweight gaming mice are popular for FPS games, and Glorious has a great range of lightweight gaming mice, Glorious Model O and Glorious Model O Wireless

Lightweight gaming mice are great for First Person Shooter gaming by combining it with Low DPI settings for higher accuracy. If you play First Person Shooter games frequently, it would be worth considering these mice from Glorious. 

Let’s start the comparison.

Glorious Model O vs Glorious Model O Wireless

Glorious Model O Glorious Model O Wireless
Type Wireless Lightweight GamingWireless Lightweight Gaming
DesignAmbidextrous Mouse with Honeycomb designAmbidextrous Mouse with Honeycomb Design
Weight67 g 69 g
SensorPixart 3360 SensorBAMF Sensor
Colour OptionsMatte Black, Shiny Black, Matte White, Shiny White, PinkBlack, White
Max DPI1200019000
Tracking Speed250 IPS400 IPS
Polling Rate1000 Hz (1 ms)1000 Hz (1 ms)
Glorious Model O vs Model O Wireless

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Design Comparison

The Glorious Model O and the Model O Wireless look similar. Both have a beautiful honeycomb design that looks good and rigid. This design for both these mice would fit well in medium to large hands.

This honeycomb structure helped to make the design lightweight and extremely handy for competitive gaming. 

The Glorious Model O has an ascend cord that is very light compared to the normal cord of a wired mouse. However, there is also an ascend cable available for the Model O Wireless that you can attach to play while charging on the go.

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There is a speciality in mouse feet design of Glorious Model O and Model O Wireless. The bottom feet are made of 100% virgin PTFE also known as G Skates. This smooth bottom mouse feet design helps to glide quickly over the mouse pad and allows smooth and fast movement in gaming.

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These design elements in the Glorious model O and Model O Wireless gives an edge for the gaming performance in First Person Shooter games.

Sensor Comparison

Glorious model o is renowned for the performance in first person shooter games. The sensor of this mouse is extremely accurate and perfect.

Glorious Model O has the Pixart PMW 3360, which is a popular sensor in the gaming community. With this sensor, you won’t have to think about the pointing accuracy and the fast-paced movements and accuracy in gaming. Pixart PMW 3360 has a tracking speed of 250 IPS, a Polling Rate of 1000 Hz(1ms), and a max DPI of 12000.

Glorious Model O Wireless has the BAMF Sensor for its tracking. This sensor is a newly developed pro-gaming grade sensor with great gaming performance while consuming less battery power. BAMF sensor has a Polling rate of 1000 Hz (1ms), 400 IPS tracking speed, and DPI goes up to 19000.

RGB Colours

RGB colours provide a real feel of the gaming mouse. The RGB colour in the Glorious Model O and the wireless version looks amazing.

Both the Model O and Model O wireless mouse has RGB coloured light support in the mouse. You can customise different profiles with colour settings for the mouse.

Performance Comparison

Glorious Model O’s performance is unmatched, and many pros prefer going for the Glorious model O for such lightweight and excellent performance.

The Glorious Model O Wireless has a newer sensor in collaboration with Pixart that solves the lag problem of wireless mouses. With the model O wireless, you will not feel any lags or slowness, even in First Person shooter games.

The performance of these lightweight mouses touches the benchmark up to which an excellent gaming mouse should perform. I have no complaints about the performance of any of these mice.

Glorious Model O Review

Glorious Model O is a power-packed lightweight wired gaming mouse. This has a great honeycombed design, and the body is rigid and durable.

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The switches are Omron Mechanical Rated switches that have a lifetime of 20 Million Clicks which is excellent.

In terms of comfort, this mouse feels awesome. The lightweight of this mouse and the smooth gliding mouse feet known as G Skate helps to move the mouse quickly during gaming.

Playing games is great with this Glorious Model O. This is worth trying. This mouse is well supported in multi-OS platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

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Find detailed mouse features and real feel while gaming in the video.

Glorious Model O Wireless Review

Glorious Model O is itself great. After that, refinement is done, and a wireless version is made known as Model O Wireless. 

Glorious Model O Wireless has a great design and looks like the Model O. The Model O Wireless has great connectivity established using the 2.4 GHz Wireless receiver.

The newer sensor BAMF in the Glorious Model O Wireless makes sure there are no lags or slowness during gameplay. You will eventually forget that you are playing with a wireless mouse.

Though it is a wireless mouse, it still comes with a super flexible ascend cable. The Ascend cable makes it possible to use Glorious Model O Wireless while charging.

This mouse is supported in Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

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In this video, you will find the Model O Wireless features and performance in gaming. You will get to know how beautifully this mouse glides on the mouse pad.


I am impressed by the look, feel and performance of the Glorious Model O mouse. I liked the wireless option because of how much improved performance we can get in the wireless version. 

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The Glorious Model O is also a great choice, and you can choose considering its price is much lower than the Glorious Model O Wireless.