Plex not Working on Samsung TV: Why? How to Fix? (2023)

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Flex is a popular global streaming platform that offers its content to watch free of cost. You can view movies, games, and videos on 130 + channels.

Recently, users have complained that Plex is not working on the Samsung Smart TV. Either they are unable to load videos or it is showing an error.

Let’s get started to explore why Plex is not working on your Samsung Smart TV and then I will discuss common Plex issues and how to fix them.

Why is Plex not working on my Samsung TV?

There are some other troubles like a black screen, subtitles not appearing, app crashes, and more.

These issues are occurring on older versions of smart TVs. Even Plex has announced through its forums and emails that they won’t be able to show content on older smart TVS. 

Plex Not working on Samsung TV

This is because the TV manufacturers are not cooperating with Plex. They are not bringing an update to their older TVs which led to the expiry of certificates. When a TV does not have an updated certificate, it does not offer secure connections for app servers.

The issue is common with Samsung, Vizio, Hisense, LG, and other Smart TVs.  

All this started back on 30th September. Let’s Encrypt offers free certificates to different websites which is like a safe guarantee card.

When a website has a Let’s Encrypt certificate, it is considered safe and valid. This non-profit free certificate was issued to a large number of people by the year 2018.

It caused safety problems. Let’s encrypt the DST Root CA X3 signature on the initial certificates. Later it started issuing ISRG Root X1 signatures and the previous cross signature expired. 

Now the new devices are updated with the latest signature but the older devices are still using the previous CA X3 signature. Hence, apps like Plex can not establish connections with older smart TVs. 

How do I get Plex to work on my Samsung TV?

Whether your Samsung TV is older or the latest, You can still be able to get Plex and enjoy its content on your TV. Here are some methods to fix it.

Your TV and the server should be connected to the same network. In case your remote is acting as a server. Then you can change the Plex settings.

  • Go to the Settings using your remote button.
  • Click on the Advanced section and then set Allow Insecure Connections to ‘Always’. If you’re using an older TV then the settings will come under the ‘Main’ section. 

You will also have to change the settings for your Flex server. Go to the Settings and find Network. Now locate Secure Connections on the page. You will find a drop-down menu. Click on Preferred.

Most Frequently Seen Plex Issues and Fix

Users have noticed these common issues while playing Plex on their Samsung TVs. If you are one of them, find the plex issues and their quick fixes in the below section.

Plex playback error on Samsung TV

1. Outdated App

Sometimes, videos do not play on the Plex app or they stop in between. It can be due to a minor bug occurring in an outdated Plex app.

Therefore make sure that you are using the latest version of the app. If you are sure you are using the latest version then you can close the app and restart to resolve the issue.

Additionally, deleting the app and reinstalling it may also help. 

2. Poor Network Connection 

Another root cause for video playback errors can be poor internet connection. Check whether your TV is connected to the router.

Here is how you can connect both of them. Click Settings > General Menu > Network Status. Here, connect the TV to a faster WiFi.

3. Full Storage

If you are using the Plex app for a longer time then the storage issue may be the culprit here. Using an app for two long makes it store a lot of cache files.

It affects the overall performance of the app and the TV. Fortunately, you can easily fix this issue by clearing the cache of files.

To do this go to Settings from your TV home screen. Next, click on the Apps section and find the Plex app. Tap on Clear Cache to delete cache files. 

Plex App Crashing on Samsung TV

1. Outdated TV Software

Flex app crashes on Samsung TV when the TV is still using updated software. You need to update your Samsung Smart TV as it will solve Plex and other app bugs quickly.

Click on Settings > Support > Software Update. If you see the Update Now option available, tap on it. It’s better to enable the Auto Update option on your Samsung TV so that you don’t need to do it one by one for every app. 

2. VPN network

Many users activate VPN networks to use geo-restricted apps. If you have also activated the VPN, then you need to turn it off otherwise Plex will crash on your TV. Take your remote and head to the settings menu.

Find and click Select VPN on the left side of the screen. Click on the VPN you want to switch off. Then press the Disconnect option. After this, you need to restart your router after waiting 20 minutes. 

3. Smart Hub issues 

A corrupted Smart hub causes the Plex app to crash again and again on Samsung TV. You can fix the struggle by going to Settings and clicking Support. Then scroll down to find Self Diagnosis. Tap on Reset Smart Hub and then OK to confirm. Now check again if you can use the Plex app. 

Plex showing a black screen on Samsung TV

1. Power cycle your TV 

Whenever you open the Plex app on your Samsung TV and it shows a black or blank screen, then you can fix it by power cycling your television.

Turn off your TV and remove all the plugs from the power socket. Also, press the power button on your TV for a few seconds so that it completely drains the residual power. Wait for a minute and then plug the cords back in. Turn your TV on and check the app.

2. Reinstall

Log out of the Plex app and uninstall it from your TV. Then install the app again and sign into your account. The black screen issue will most likely go away.


So, how did these solutions work for you? I would like to hear your experience. You can write in the comments below.

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