I Measured My 55-inch TV Dimensions(Width,Height)

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Do you know that we measure TVs diagonally? In this complete guide, I covered in detail the 55-inch TV dimensions, including width, height, and more in different units like inches, cm, and feet. 

I have even included handy images to help visualize it. 

55 inch TV dimensions

Let’s get started!

55-inch TV Dimensions

The dimensions of a 55-inch TV with a 16:9 Aspect ratio come to 47.9” wide and 27” in height.

Here is the table below showing the exact dimensions of a 55-inch TV in different units in inches, cm, and ft to get a good idea:

Dimensionsin Inchesin cmin ft
Width47.9″121.7 cm4.99 ft
Height27″68.6 cm2.25 ft
Diagonal Measurement55”139.7 cm4.58 ft

From TV to TV this dimension varies about a few inches due to the presence of bezels on their sides and a stand on the bottom. The measurements without a stand and with a stand would differ.

Similarly, with a bezel, the measurement will increase.

Here the measurements are only considering the Screen and not the bezel or the TV stand.

Height Measurement of 55-inch TV:

55-inch TV height measurement
Here is the process of how I measured the height of a 55-inch TV.

Width Measurement of 55-inch TV:

55-inch TV width Measurement
Here is me measuring the width of the 55-inch TV.

How Wide is a 55-inch TV?

A 55-inch TV is 47.9 inches wide considering the TV has a 16:9 aspect ratio.  

The width of a 55-inch TV may vary up to 1-2 inches based on the width of the bezel used on your TV. The measurement above is the exact measurement without considering any bezel on the TV.

So, if you need to place it on a Table, it should be at least 56 inches, considering a 3-inch gap on either side. We need to consider that due to the bezel space for your TV.

Measuring the width of my 55 inch Smart TV
Measuring the width of my 55-inch Smart TV

Is 55 inches too big for a TV?

A 55-inch TV is much bigger than a regular TV. However, considering we are more getting used to bigger sized screens, it is now a good size to consider for a TV at your Home.

If you are not used to bigger-sized TVs like at least 40 inches, you may feel this size of a TV is a big one. So, it is not for all. But, it is definitely for the people who want to have a bigger screen for Entertainment and a more immersive experience.

To be sure whether this sized TV would be suitable for your room, you can check whether your viewing location and your TV have a distance of 7.5 ft.

How Far Should You Sit from a 55-inch TV?

The optimal distance to watch a 55-inch TV is between 7 ft to 11 ft from the TV. The Field of View would be between 30 degrees and 40 degrees.

This Field of View is said to be optimal for viewing TVs. Field View is important to negate the factor of visual fatigue while watching TV for a longer duration.

If you view a 55-inch TV at a distance of less than 5.5ft, you may not feel natural as the Field of view will get to >40 degrees.

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Can you wall-mount a 55-inch TV?

Yes, a 55-inch TV can be wall-mounted by using wall-mounting brackets.

Is 55 inches TV too big for your house?

A 55-inch TV is fine for your house as long as you are watching TV from at least 7 feet away. If your room is smaller then you need to choose a bigger room like the living room or a smaller TV.

Is a 55-inch TV too big for a bedroom?

A 55-inch TV is suitable for large large-sized bedroom that has a viewing distance of 7 ft or more. For a smaller-sized bedroom, it is not recommended to choose a 55-inch television.

Is 5 feet too close for a 55-inch TV?

Yes, sitting at 5 feet is too close for a 55-inch TV. The optimal distance to sit should be between 7 to 11 ft.

Is a 55-inch TV too big for my living room?

A 55-inch TV is a good size for most living rooms considering the placement of the TV would be such that it has a viewing distance of 7 feet or more.

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