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40-inch TV Dimensions: Width, Height (Complete Guide)

Knowing the exact dimensions is often a good thing to consider to have knowledge before you choose a TV. It can help you in choosing the right furniture and knowing the right fit for your room.

In this complete guide, I will discuss everything you need to know about 40-inch TV dimensions, including width, height, and more. 

I have also included some handy images to help visualize the dimensions of a 40-inch TV. 

40 inch TV dimensions

Here is the table showing data to get exact dimensions of 40 inch TV in different units in inches, cm, and ft to get a good idea.

Dimensions of 40-inch TVDimension(in Inch)Dimension(in cm)Dimension(in ft)
Width34.9 inches88.6 cm2.90 ft
Height19.6 inches49.8 cm1.63 ft
Diagonal Measurement40 inches101.6 cm3.33 ft

Let’s get started!

Dimensions of a 40-Inch TV

Measuring using a Measuring tape, the dimensions of a 40-inch TV with a 16:9 Aspect ratio comes to 34.9” wide and 19.6” in height.

From TV to TV it varies about a few inches due to the presence of bezels on their sides and a stand on the bottom.

How Wide is a 40-inch TV?

A 40-inch TV is 34.9 inches wide considering the TV has a 16:9 aspect ratio.  

This is the absolute measurement of your TV without considering the bezels on its sides. Most of the TV bezel Range from 0.5 to 1 inch on the sides. It will add 1 inch to your TV considering the bezel.

Image of Measuring the 40 inch Sony TV's Width
Image of Measuring the 40 inch Sony TV’s Width

So, if you need to place it on a Table, it should be at least 56 inches, considering 3 inches gap on either side. We need to consider that due to the bezel space for your TV.

Is a 40-inch TV big?

A 40-inch TV is generally considered a good size for watching movies.

This 40-inch is diagonal measurement and is only 34.9 to 35 inches wide. So, It is not much big and there is a very large size Television too with larger screens like 55 inches or 60 inches.

However, with this screen size, your TV viewing experience is going to be good and enjoyable.

How Far Should you sit from a 40-inch TV?

To watch a 40-inch TV, the optimal distance is to sit between 4ft to 5.5 ft from the TV. The Field of View would be between 30 degrees and 40 degrees.

This Field of View is said to be optimal for viewing TVs. Field View is important to negate the factor of visual fatigue while watching TV for a longer duration. If you view 40-inch TV at a distance lesser than 4 ft, you may not feel natural as the Field of view will get to >40 degrees.

You can size it further than 5.5 feet but that is absolutely fine as per your convenience.

Science to Know to Choose the Right Size of TV

When you choose a TV for your home, it’s good to know the right size that would fit the space.

Here are the things you should know that would help you to know if this TV size is the right fit for you:

Knowing The Field of View

Field of view is the area your Eye can scan comfortably while looking. As the recommended field of view measurement, 30 degrees to a max of 40 degrees is comfortable to watch TV.

So, the bigger your TV is, you need to sit at a further distance for a comfortable viewing experience. The distance can be measured by the field of View.

Check the Rooms size and especially where you will sit to watch the TV and then calculate the distance from the area where the TV with be installed. Now, you will get a good idea.

If you see the distance is about 4-5.5 ft, the 40-inch TV is suitable.

However, if you see the length is greater, then you can even try going for bigger sized TV. In case you are interested in a bigger-sized TV, you may check this 55-inch TV dimensions guide written by me.

Knowing the Bezel Thickness

If your TV has a thicker bezel it may appear to be bigger. However, to get an immersive viewing experience going with the as much lesser bezel as possible is recommended.

Modern TVs come with a very thin bezel and they don’t take up any additional space than the TV’s screen size. In case you are mounting the TV on a Cabinet, you need to take some space for the bezel and then calculate the size.

How is TV Size Measured?

TV Size is measured in terms of its diagonal measurement from one corner to another corner.

Image of Diagonally Measuring Sony's 40 inch TV
Image of Diagonally Measuring Sony’s 40 inch TV

The TV’s size remains the same across different brands considering they provide the TV at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

It can only vary a little considering the additional size of the Bezel that covers the outside part of your TV screen.


Let’s conclude the post on the 40-inch TV dimension!

So, now you got an informed decision about your TV’s size and hope you will be now good to decide on the right size for your TV.

I hope you liked reading the post.


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