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Are Monitor Stands Universal?-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

For years, monitor stands have been a go-to solution for desktop computer users looking to organize their work area.

The monitor stand is a simple but effective design that makes it easy to change your viewing angle and organize your desk space. 

If you want to know if the monitor stands are universal, this is the right post.

A monitor stand is an essential part of the computer system.

It is an ergonomic device that allows you to adjust the monitor’s height so that it is at the correct height for your eyes.

You can also use it to tilt and rotate the monitor. 

It should be at eye level, with the top of the monitor at the same level as your eyes.

The monitor should not be placed too far away or close to you.

The monitor stand enables you to adjust the height of the monitor. 

Are Monitor Stands Universal

You can also use it to adjust the monitor’s angle and rotate the monitor.

The monitor stand is an essential part of the computer system, and it is an ergonomic device that allows you to adjust the height of the monitor so that it is at the correct height for your eyes.

You can also use it to tilt and rotate the monitor.

Let’sLet’s get started! 

Are monitor stands universal?

When you’re looking for monitor stands, you might notice that there are many different types of monitor stands available.

Some stands are made for specific monitors, and others are universal. 

The answer to this is, yes, universal monitor stands can be applicable in all cases. It is important to know that before using any external stands, you must have a VESA-compatible monitor, meaning holes can be easily drilled on the back of the monitor.

This can be done directly into the monitor’s steel frame, thus making it easy and quick to screw the monitor stand.

Are monitor mounts universal?

Yes, all types of monitors today can easily be mounted; monitor manufacturers today ensure that they are made with a mounting plate at the back, making it easy to utilize other famous monitor mounting products.

Also, the oldest type of monitor with no specific setup can be mounted.

Do all monitor stands come off?

Most of the monitors have a detachable stand because they are sold in a box like the primary screen, while the stand is sold separately, so the user is supposed to attach the stand. 

Some of the standard monitor stands that can be removed and detached include; Ergotron HX Desk Triple Monitor Bow Kit, VIVO STAND-V003T, Ergotech Quad 1 over 3 Desk Stand, Right Angle Hover E Electric Monitor Arm, ESI Evolve6-FF, NavePoint Triple Vertical LCD Monitor Desk Stand, Innovative Bild Quad Monitor Mount among others.

How do monitor mounts work?

Monitor mounts enable the user to achieve greater office ergonomics.

It primarily contributes to better posture while using your computer, and they enable the neck and the lower body to work efficiently without any ergonomic intervention. 

However, you should adjust the tool to achieve the desired height, angle, and distance to get better results.

Which monitors are mountable?

The following are the monitors you can easily mount; Dell P Series LED-Lit Monitor, Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24-INCH Screen Led-Monitor, ASUS VA24EHE 23.8’’ Monitor 75Hz Full HD IPS, BenQ ZOWIE 24’’ Gaming Monitor, and the Viewsonic VA2446M 24’’.

Can you switch monitor stands?

The monitors that use VESA standardized connectivity style can easily switch, while you cannot switch those with proprietary connection methods.

The Dual Monitor Mount/ Interchangeable C-Clamp and Grommet Base is a perfect example of a monitor stand that one can switch. 

It can tilt your monitor up to 90 degrees up and down, swivel 180 degrees left and right, and each one of the screens can rotate for 360 degrees. 

The mounting plates are removable at any time and can be easily re-installed back.

How do I choose a monitor stand?

Consider the following when choosing a monitor stand:

Size, model, and the weight of the monitor

Ensure the monitor you have will be compatible with the stand you are about to buy; confirm the make or model of your monitor first and if your monitor’s weight will be on the same line as the stand.

Hole pattern 

Check the back of your monitor to confirm the VESA pattern, which should match the VESA pattern on the stand, and if they do not match, you can opt for adapters.


Almost all stands facilitate back and forth tilting, right to the left, with landscape or portrait movement.

Ensure that the stand you choose offers the same adjustability you need for your monitor.

Cable management

Everyone would want a clean and mess-free monitor stand; You can achieve this through the cable management of the stand you choose.


Let’s conclude the post on if the monitor stands are universal.

A monitor stand is a monitor riser designed for a dual monitor setup and offers flexibility.

The monitor stand offers the ability to adjust the height of the monitors, the angle of both the monitors and the tilt of the monitors.

The monitor stands are great for people who want to adjust their monitors depending on the activity they are carrying out.

The monitor stands can be adjusted by hand or using a monitor arm.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.