Are Nylon Braided Cables Better? (+ More Durable)

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We see braiding or covering as protection in all the wires and equipment we use daily as computer peripherals or accessories.

The wires of the connectors with USB ports, the wires of the chargers, and others get easily damaged by wire and tear.

To protect them, a proper coating of protection is essential.

The protection to the wires is provided by a braiding layer on top of a wire.

Braiding makes the wires last long, even with heavy usage. 

Are Nylon Braided Cables Better? Nylon braided cables are better as they provide better durability, crucial structural strength, and flexibility, and make a wire last long. 

So Are braided cables more durable? Braided cables are made by winding multiple wire strands, are durable as compared to a single thicker wire. Also, braided cables are more flexible and easily bent without breaking.   

Braiding is a process of twisting multiple wire threads together to form a strong structure.

are nylon braided cables better and more durable

What is Nylon Braiding?

Nylon Braiding involves multiple Nylon strands twisted together to do the braiding and forms very rigidly.

Nylon Braiding makes the braiding structure flexible too.

With nylon braiding, you can bend braided wires easily.

Nylon as a braiding material

Nylon is a solid and rigid elastic polyamide material that has outstanding durability and flexibility. 

It reduces the chance of flammability also.

Here are the benefits of using Nylon as a Braiding material:

  • Variation of luster: Nylon can be very lustrous, semi-lustrous, or dull.
  • Durability: its high tenacity fibers are used for seatbelts, tire cords, ballistic cloth, and other uses.
  • Elongation: Nylon has high elongation property, which is very helpful for braiding.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Nylon has excellent abrasion resistance. Hence, nylon braiding is suitable for any condition.
  • Resilient: Nylon is resilient enough, and with heat, there is no problem too.
  • Paved the way for High resistance to insects, fungi, and animals, as well as molds, mildew, rot, and many chemicals
  • Nylon melts instead of burning, which is essential as your equipment wires would be less prone to get burnt in a fire.

Source: Wiki

The texture to hold the braiding is also good when we use nylon braided wires.

The nylon braided cables came to the market to provide durability to our wired gadgets.

Equipment where Nylon Braided Cables are used

Nylon braiding is both durable and flexible.

The nylon braided cables are used worldwide in many types of equipment like:

  1. Charger cords: Eg: Cords like USB, Type C power cords.
  2. Connectors for peripherals: Eg: keyboard wire or mouse wire.
  3. Wired Adapters: Eg:  HDMI
  4. Earphones: Eg: Earphone wires


Nylon braided cables are good and impart a longer lifespan to the wire on which it is used.

Nylon is advantageous as a braiding material, and many companies nowadays use nylon braiding on their products.

I hope this post was helpful about nylon braiding.

I choose the braided cables over the non-braided ones when I go for a purchase.

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