‘Arrow keys not working’ in Keyboard? (Quick FIX!)

Author: Anirban Saha

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Many times we face keyboard arrows not working as they should. This can be a bit of a problem as we depend on the keyboard as a key input device and a pointing device.

So can you imagine what can go wrong if our keyboard arrow keys stopped working? Even, I found several times that my arrow keys aren’t working and it made me to do the research and find the exact troubleshooting steps for that.

Arrow keys are one of the most used keys while working on a computer. Imagine your day-to-day work without using the arrow keys.Well, it’s not impossible, but it would be challenging.

Arrow keys are used to scroll up, down, left, right. They are also used to navigate the text boxes, buttons, drop-down menus.

Let’s look into the probable causes for your arrow keys not working.

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Reasons why arrow keys not working with Fix

If you find your arrow keys are not working, here are the reasons which may cause it to malfunction like that.

Here are the troubleshooting steps:

1. Changing to another USB port

This is the most initial step that I always recommend performing. The essential step. 

You need to unplug your keyboard from your PC and connect again. If it does not work, connect to another USB port available on the PC and check again.

Next, check the arrow key. If it does not start to work, move to the next step. 

If it starts working, then that is an issue with the USB port of your PC.

2. Restart PC

Many times a general restart fixes many minor issues happening in the PC keyboard and mouse. 

Check if restarting the PC has solved the issue of arrows not working on keyboard.

3. Update Keyboard Drivers

It is always advisable to always use the latest hardware drivers. A driver malfunction can break the keyboard functionality.

You can update the keyboard driver to the latest one. You can check the driver from the official website of the keyboard to download it.

4. Cleaning the Arrow Keys

Due to excessive dust, the arrow keys may be jammed at the bottom. It might be the reason why your arrow keys are not working.

After cleaning the dust from the base of the arrow key, try again.

Cleaning the arrow keys of my keyboard image
Cleaning the arrow keys of my keyboard with tissue paper

If you use a mechanical keyboard, you can take off the keys and clean them easily.

After going through the initial troubleshooting, we found out that the keyboard had a hardware issue, and it was time to choose a new keyboard. 

5. Checking the Scroll Lock

Check if you have enabled the scroll lock of your keyboard.

Enabling the scroll lock will restrict the arrow key functionality of your keyboard if you use it to scroll in Microsoft Excel and other applications.

If it is so, disable the Scroll lock and try rechecking the arrow keys.

You will find the Scroll Lock key abbreviated as SL, ScLK, Slk, ScrLK or similar abbreviations. It is located near the Print Screen and Pause key on the keyboard.

You can also disable the Scroll Lock key, as follows: Windows-> On-Screen Keyboard

Then click on the ScrlLk key to disable it.

6. Key Mapping Malfunction

This happens in the case of 40% keyboards or other portable keyboards where there are no specific Arrow keys, and other keys are mapped to work as arrow keys.

In this case, check the software you use to set up the keyboard configurations, and you may reinstall the app to restore the functionality.


Let’s conclude the post on the troubleshooting guide for your arrow keys not working.

Following these steps, you would fix most of the issues of your arrows on keyboard not working quickly. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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