Which Connectors on Back of Computer to Attach a Mouse?

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Most computers come with a few basic input devices – a keyboard, a mouse, and sometimes a trackpad or touchpad.

Each of these devices serves a different purpose, but they all use connectors to connect to the computer.

Most computer mice nowadays come with a USB connector, which is the most common type of connector used on the back of a computer.

There are also other types of connectors used on the back of a computer, such as the PS/2 connector, which is used on some older mice.

The reason for this is that the USB connector is more commonly used on the back of a computer than the PS/2 connector.

Connector to connect computer mouse to PC

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Which Connectors on The Back of A Computer Are Commonly Used to Attach a Mouse?

There are a few different types of connectors that are commonly used to attach a mouse to a computer. The most common type of connector is a USB connector. There are also some older computers that use a PS/2 connector. 

USB Connector

The USB connection is the most common type of connection and is typically used on both desktops and laptops.

The USB connection is very simple to use and is very reliable. With a USB connector, you can easily connect your wired mouse to your computer without any hassle. 

Simply plug the USB connector into the port on your computer and then plug your mouse into the connector. That’s it!

So if you’re tired of constantly unplugging and replugging your wired mouse, consider getting a USB connector. It’s an easy and convenient way to keep your mouse connected to your computer.

PS/2 Connector

The PS/2 connector is a type of input/output connector typically used for connecting keyboards and mice to computers.

It is also used for connecting some types of digital cameras and scanners. The PS/2 connector has six pins.

The PS/2 connector was introduced by IBM in 1987 as a replacement for the earlier 5-pin DIN(Deutsches Institut für Normung) connector.

The PS/2 connector is still widely used today, although it has been replaced by USB in many applications.

The PS/2 connector is named after the IBM Personal System/2 series of computers, which were the first computers to use this type of connector.

The PS/2 connector is also sometimes referred to as a mini-DIN connector, due to its similar appearance to the larger DIN connectors used for audio and video signals.


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