Curved Vs Flat Monitors: Are there any Major Differences?

Author: Anirban Saha

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Monitors can be a flat type or can also be curved type.  Curved monitors are an innovation that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Curved screens provide an immersive experience, which is the next level of viewing for many people. However, flat monitors are commonly used and are very popular.

Have you noticed that in offices, and homes everywhere you see flat monitors? Don’t you wonder why?

Here I would like to explain the differences between curved and flat monitors.

Curved vs Flat Monitor

Curved MonitorsFlat Monitors
Immersive ExperienceExcellentGood
The curvature of the monitorCurvature is present and measured in a unit called R in mm.Monitors are flat.
CostCostlierCheaper as compared to curved
Gaming ExperienceBetterGood
Field of visionWide, monitor appears biggerNormal
flat vs curved monitor

What is a Curved Monitor?

A curved monitor has the screen curved to give an “immersive” experience to the end-user.

The curvature in the curved monitor is measured in units of R ie. in mm(millimeters).

You can learn more about the different types of curved monitors and their differences.

You can check this post containing a comparison of 1000R vs 1500R vs 1800R curved monitors.

What is a Flat Monitor?

A flat monitor has a rectangular screen, and it does not have any slope. 

This is the common monitor seen with computers. It can be made of TPS, TN, or VA panels.

Curved vs Flat monitor for Programming

Have you ever used a curved display for programming?

If not, then you must try once.

In programming, for example, Curved monitors are better because they offer a more immersive experience.

The curved monitor is best suited to programming and other fields requiring you to work with visuals, such as graphic design or animation.

Curved vs Flat monitor for Gaming

Games are best played on Curved monitors.

Gaming is all about immersion and realism, so it’s no wonder why curved screens are better for this activity than flat screens.

Flat Monitors will not give you the same experience as Curved ones can offer.  

Find here more about if curved monitors are good for gaming.

Curved vs flat monitor for Photo Editing or Video Editing

In editing photos or videos, Curved monitors are better because they offer a more immersive experience.

The curved monitor is best suited to fields requiring you to work with visuals such as graphic design or animation.

Flat Monitors will not give you the same experience as Curved ones can offer.  

Curved vs Flat Monitor for work 

Curved monitors are perfect for work.

Curved Monitors offer the best viewing angles and can be more ergonomic than a flat monitor since it reduces glare on your eyes. Also, the viewing angles are excellent.

You won’t need to move your head much when working in front of the screen.

Curved monitors also provide a more immersive experience for work, which is good because people may want to focus on their work.

Curved vs Flat Monitor For Movies

The Curved Monitor is also better for movies because it offers an immersive, cinematic experience that a flat monitor can’t provide.

Curved monitors are good for watching documentaries and other films where you feel like being part of what’s happening on the screen.

However, suppose multiple people are watching on the curved monitor from a distance. In that case, Curved monitors may not be the best option for persons sitting at the side.

In that case, you will enjoy watching movies on a flat monitor better.

You will only enjoy watching on a curved display if the size is huge like you watch with the curved screen at IMAX.

Curved Monitor Pros

  1. A Curved monitor can make the screen feel much bigger because of its gentle slope, which is why it feels like a more immersive experience.
  2. You can achieve a more immersive experience with a Curved screen because it wraps around you, whereas on a flat screen, the edges go straight out.

Curved Monitor Cons

  1. The curved monitor is expensive 
  2. The repair cost is also high.

Flat Monitor Pros

  1. Flat monitors are usually cheaper than Curved Monitors.
  2. You can also easily view your work without changing the angle of your head on a flat monitor because its sides are not curved.

Flat Monitor Cons

  1. A flat monitor is not as immersive as a Curved monitor.
  2. The screen size of a flat monitor also seems small, and it does not let you have an expansive view like Curved Monitors do.

FAQs on Curved Monitor vs Flat Monitor

Are curved monitors better for your eyes?

In the case of a curved monitor, your eyes remain equidistant from your monitor screen. Thus, there is no need to move your head from side to side, as you would with a flat monitor.

Are curved monitors better for Gaming?

Curved screens are better for Gaming because it’s more immersive and can make gamers feel like they’re in the game and their character is in front of them. 


Let’s conclude the post on curved vs flat monitors!

Curved monitors are gaining popularity in the gaming community because they provide a more immersive experience.

Curved screens can make gamers feel like they’re in the game and that their character is right there, which helps them stay focused on what matters most: winning!

On top of this, Curved Monitors also offer an expansive view for viewing work or streaming videos.

If you have been looking to upgrade your monitor, but haven’t found one yet, consider getting a Curved Monitor instead of a Flat Screen. It will be worth every penny.

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