How To Factory Reset Sharp TV: With and Without Remote

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Hey! Welcome to TechBullish. In this guide, you will learn how to factory reset your Sharp TV with a remote and also without a remote.

The steps mentioned are self-explanatory and are tested to work across different Sharp TV models.

How to factory reset sharp tv with and without remote

Let’s get started!

How To Factory Reset Sharp TV with remote?

If you are concerned about certain issues that your Sharp TV is facing, it’s not always advisable to get technical support in the first place. Initially, you can try out a factory reset on your Sharp TV.

This might erase all your saved data on the TV since a factory reset leads your TV functions to a default mode. You can say your TV is a new one after a factory reset. 

At times issues are organized with a reset. To get this done with your remote all you need to do is a soft reset or a hard reset. 

For a soft reset, you primarily need to unplug your TV from the power source directly without using the remote control in the first place. Wait for a minute and then plug it back again. This should solve minor issues which your TV is facing.

 If it does not work you can try hard reset next. For this, you need to press the Menu Button on the TV remote and select Initial Set-up.

Select Reset after that and confirm by selecting Yes. Resetting will require a couple of minutes.

Hopefully, your TV is now done with a factory reset wiping all the settings, apps, and programs it had before. You will have an experience of a new television now to add to your choices.

How To Factory Reset Sharp TV without a remote?

Sometimes it is noticeable that the remote control of your TV is not synced with your TV. You face difficulties in operating your remote which is a big bother at times. You should definitely check out when your sharp TV remote is dysfunctional.

All you need to do is to reset your Sharp TV and its remote simultaneously. 

For this initially unplug your TV for 1 minute and take out the batteries of the remote. Press and hold the power buttons for a few moments and replace the batteries in the remote. Press all the buttons on the remote from left to right. Plug in your Sharp TV and turn it on with the remote.

Possibly your TV and remote may be synced now.

However in other cases, if you have an unavoidable situation with your TV remote making it impossible to use, we have other options. You can surely reset your Sharp TV without a remote with a few steps-

Firstly unplug your TV and press on Channel Down and the Input buttons on the Sharp TV Panel.

Plug in your TV back and hold down the two buttons. This will turn on your Sharp TV. Your TV reset shall be done.

How to Factory Reset Sharp TV with a Black Screen?

The screen of your Sharp TV can go black due to several reasons like your TV might be running with a glitch or a bug. It can be a condition due to an unstable cable connection. Faulty or damaged cable at times may lead to this disorder or it may also be due to a hardware issue.

Despite all the above-mentioned issues, this problem of black screen in Sharp TV can be fixed by trying out a few basic tips initially.

In the first place, use a remote button to turn off your TV and wait for a few seconds before turning it on again. If this is not working then unplug the power cord from the power outlet. After waiting for a minute or so, plug it back again. This should solve your problem.

In case this solution doesn’t work check out your TV remote, cable connections, and power outlet, and also check on the HDMI cable issues.

However, you can reset your Sharp TV with a black screen with a few steps like-

Unplug your TV and press and hold the volume down and input button on the side/back of your TV. Keep holding the button and plug in your TV till it is on. Release the button once the picture appears. Press the Volume and Channel button together to enter the service menu. Go to the Reset option using the channel button on your TV and reset your TV next.

Factory Reset Sharp Aquos TV With Remote

The process of restoring a sharp Aquos TV  to its factory reset is a little different than other Sharp TV models. For this all you need to do is….

After switching on your Sharp Aquos TV press the Menu Button on the remote control. Select the ‘Picture’ option and press Enter. Select the ‘Advanced’ option in the sub-menu and press Enter.

You will find 3 different sub-menus on your screen. Choose the ‘General’ submenu and enter the ‘Factory Reset TV’ option. You need to Enter your Sharp Aquos TV passcode and your TV will reboot instantly. Your Sharp TV will be restored to its factory settings once it turns on. Now you can set up your chosen features on the TV.

Hard Reset Sharp Aquos TV With Remote

To do a hard reset for a Sharp Aquos TV with a remote follow these steps here as follows:

  • Click the menu on your remote control. Go to settings and then move on to setup.
  • Select the option to reset the TV.
  • You need to enter the password which in the case of default settings might be 0 (four times) or (1 four times).
  • Try out the default password and choose it correctly.
  • Click on Yes to confirm a reset on your TV.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the reset program on your TV.

Sharp Aquos Reset Secret Number

If you forget the secret number you can clear the secret number using a few steps-

Select an item from the list below which will display the secret number input screen

  • Color system
  • EZ Setup or Reset
  • CH Setup
  • Parental CTRL
  • Software Update

You can also press and hold CH^ and VOL+ on the TV simultaneously until the message appears on the screen.


Let’s conclude the post on how to factory reset Sharp TV!

As a takeaway, your Sharp TV can be reset to its initial factory settings with and without the remote. However, even after doing this if you still face any issues, you can contact Sharp TV Customer support (Sharp’s Mail id: [email protected]).

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