Logitech G203 vs G403 Prodigy: Which is BETTER?

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Here, I would compare G203 vs G403 and help you choose a better gaming mouse for your professional Gaming.

Let’s get started with the review! I would comprehensively cover each aspect in detail and my in-depth review of this mouse.

This article would help you to decide and choose in-depth about the two mice. 

As I am covering the comparison between the two gaming mice, I would focus mainly on performance, comfort, DPI adjustments, and advanced features important for Gaming.

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Logitech G203 vs Logitech G403

Let’s get started!

Logitech G203 vs G403 Prodigy Tabular Comparison

Comparison CriteriaLogitech G203 ProdigyLogitech G403 Prodigy
Mouse TypeWired Gaming MouseWired Gaming Mouse
Mouse SizeFull-Size MouseFull-Size Mouse
Gaming SensorGaming GradeGaming Grade(PMW3366)
Programmable Buttons6 button3 buttons
Logitech OptionsYesYes
Good For GamingYes Excellent For GamingYes Excellent for Gaming
DPI200-8000 DPI200-12000 DPI
Weight85g87.3g(+ 10g optional additional weight)
Cable2.10 m non-braided cable2.10 m braided cable
Design TypeAmbidextrous(both for left and right-hand use)Ambidextrous(both for left and right-hand use)
Bluetooth SupportNoNo
Supported OSWindows OS, Mac OS, Chrome OS, LinuxWindows 10 or later, Mac OS 10.5 or later, Chromebook OS, Linux.

Variable DPI

Logitech G203 has an option where gamers can configure the DPI from as low as 200 to a max of 8000 DPI. This DPI change is vital for different genres of gaming.

Like in FPS gaming, though, you need a high DPI while aiming to reduce their DPI. A combination of a light mouse with a low-DPI is fantastic.

Logitech G403 can have a low DPI of about 200, but its max DPI is large. You can increase DPI up to 12000.

So, in terms of DPI, the G403 has a max DPI of 50% greater than the G203.

Mouse Weight

Mouse weight matters for professional gaming, and FPS gamers prefer a lightweight mouse in place of choosing a mouse of high weight.

For FPS gamers, most professional gamers prefer a light mouse. Keeping this in mind, both the G203 and G403 are lightweight Logitech G-Series mice.

Logitech G203 weighs 85g, which is light enough to have a good performance on board.

G403 is better in terms of weight, as it comes with 87.3g with an optional variable weight of 10g ring placed in the bottom.

This mouse gives you a lot of control even when you need to adjust your mouse for better gaming aiming precision and accuracy.

OS Support

Mainly Gamers use the Windows OS in their gaming. Still, Both the G203 and G403 have OS support for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chrome OS. 

Logitech G Hub

Logitech G Hub is software developed by Logitech to customize the mouse performance and take it to the next level.

While gaming likes your desired RGB effects, the control you desire, setting profile for custom for each game, and even macro assignment for programmable switches in the gaming G series mice.

RGB Effects: RGB effects help get your desired colored lights from your gaming mouse and boost the gaming environment. It makes the gaming experience more immersive and fun to play.

Custom Profiles: Custom profiles are like storing all the custom settings you need for a particular application or game.

Having custom profiles is essential because of customization, RGB color settings, DPI adjustment, and macro settings. All the settings you need can be different across different applications and games you use throughout the day.

Macro: Macro commands that combine clicking more than one switch. For example, a combination of Carl+Alt+Del can be a macro and can be assigned to a single switch.

For some games, doing a specific task requires many keyboard keys to be pressed to do so. You can assign or program a customizable switch to do that task with macro settings in the mouse. So, after that, while gaming, you can replace clicking the sequence of keys on your keyboard by pressing a single mouse button.

This macro facility helps in doing advanced Gaming skills and can be used in multiple applications.

It’s excellent news that both the Logitech G203 and G403 have full Logitech G Hub support to get the max out of the mouse hardware for your competitive gaming performance.

The minor tweaks and customization you use this Logitech G Hub help get the most out of your gaming mouse hardware.

G Series benefits for gaming

G Series is curated, keeping professional gamers in mind. So, in build quality, mouse design, RGB Colors, and Sensors are taken good care of.

G series is probably the highest mouse hardware ever produced by Logitech to satisfy the gamers. These mice are widely used by competitive gamers worldwide.

Why should you consider G203?

G203 has the following great features:

  • Has a scope to adjust DPI from 200-8000 DPI.
  • Gaming Grade Sensor.
  • RGB color to make you immerse into the game
Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse – Black
  • Prodigy Series Logitech G mouse for advanced...
  • Advanced button tensioning reduces the force...
  • Classic design inspired by the Logitech G100S...

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Why should you consider G403?

G403 has the following features that make it :

  • Customizable DPI from 200 to 12000 DPI
  • Braided Cable for better durability
Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse – 16.8 Million Color Backlighting, 6 Programmable Buttons, Onboard Memory, Up to 12,000 DPI
  • Logitech G403 mouse for advanced gaming grade...
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design with rubber side...
  • Logitech’s most advanced optical sensor delivers...

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Which is the better Gaming mouse between G203 and G403?

If I compare G203 and G403 head to head, it is obvious that G403 is better than G403 due to its more DPI range and variable weight, better mouse sensor, and braided Cable.

Overall, G403 would be slightly better in terms of specs. However, in terms of gaming, when you compare, you barely notice any real difference unless


Let’s conclude the post on G203 vs G403!

I want to conclude by saying that I liked the G403 Prodigy very much overall. Even the G203 is good. 

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