G703 vs G Pro Wireless: Differences (Which is Better?)

Suppose you are looking for the comparison of G703 vs G Pro Wireless. In that case, this is the right post where I have compared the most important parts of a gaming mouse to consider for competitive gaming. 

Competitive gaming needs accurate and precise mouse movements for FPS gaming as you require to make the crosshair point to your target as soon as possible to aim.

Agility is also essential, so I compared this difference comparison to get you clarity, which is better between the two most popular Logitech gaming mouse. 

Logitech G703 vs Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G703 Logitech G Pro Wireless
TypeWireless Gaming MouseWireless Gaming Mouse
SensorPMW3366 Gaming SensorHERO 25K Sensor
SizeFull Size MouseFull Size Mouse
Weight107 g80 g
G703 vs G Pro Wireless Mouse

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Sensor Technology

Let’s talk about sensor technology. 

The Logitech G Pro Wireless comes with the HERO 25k sensor, which is Logitech’s innovation for the sensor of gaming mouse that has changed the feel of the wireless gaming mouse.

Previously the wired mouse dominated FPS gaming. But now, with the HERO 25K sensor, it feels the wireless mouse is equally capable to the wired mouse.

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The Logitech G703 comes with the popular gaming-grade sensor PMW3366. Professionals have widely used this to play FPS games with a wired mouse.

This sensor enables a user to get high precision and is known for its accuracy. 

For the G703, being a wireless mouse, the sensor also performs quite good, but the Logitech HERO 25K Sensor in the G Pro Wireless performs better than the PMW3366 gaming sensor in G703.

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A higher Dpi helps in moving fast across the screen with a small mouse movement. So, it is essential to have an ample amount of dpi range for different gaming needs. 

The Logitech G Pro Wireless has a wide range of DPI from 100 at its lowest to 25,600 at its highest.

The Logitech G703 does not go that far, but it covers in the range of 200 DPI to 12,000 DPI

Usually, the 12,000 dpi in the highest range is quite suitable for a gaming mouse, and you probably won’t need to go any higher. Considering 200 as the lowest part is also quite good. Only a few people may need to go below 200.

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The weight of a gaming mouse also defines how fast you can move the gaming mouse into pointing your target in FPS gaming. Heavier gaming mouses have higher accuracy, but you cannot move that fast. Lighter gaming mouses have lower accuracy, but You can move them faster across the screen.

The gamers prefer to use them with low DPI settings for FPS games to get higher accuracy with a lighter mouse.

The Logitech G703 weighs around 107 grams, including the batteries. This weight is a bit on the higher side of the mouse, so we can consider this a bit heavier than the Logitech G Pro wireless, which weighs only 80 grams.

Logitech G Pro Wireless is a highly lightweight mouse considering only 80 grams. You will feel much more agility while moving the mouse. 


G703 and G Pro. Wireless are gaming mouses from Logitech Gaming mouse range and wireless. The performance is excellent as the deliverer is one millisecond response time when you click the mouse.

The programmable buttons present on these gaming mouses are great to be configured on the Logitech G Hub software.

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Overall in terms of performance, you will find the GoPro wireless a bit better than the G703, but considering G703 is a bit lower priced than G pro wireless, it justifies it. The price difference outweighs the performance. So, overall, g7003 would be a good choice in terms of price, but if you only look for the performance, I would probably choose the G Pro Wireless.

G Hub Support

G Hub is software from Logitech that helps to customise the different aspects of gaming mouse like RGB Lighting, customisable buttons etc.

You can also customise your mouse for different applications and games. 

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

Let’s come to the review of the G-pro wireless mouse now.

G-pro wireless has been a game-changer as Logitech came up with a good mouse in the wireless segment with a 1 ms report rate using wireless light speed Technology.

This fast report rate of 1ms is outstanding for a wireless mouse to achieve. The sensor of this mouse is the HERO 25k sensor, the most accurate sensor built by Logitech.

The mouse is customizable. The buttons are programmable using the Logitech G Hub software. The most fantastic thing about this mouse is it is ultra-lightweight at only 80 grams only.

You would feel very light while using the mouse. You would need to move the mouse throughout the screen very fast using this mouse, and you won’t have any problem using this mouse for an extended time overall. This mouse is like a gaming beast.

You will enjoy gaming for long hours without having any issue.

The most important thing is that the battery is rechargeable. If you enable the default lighting, it will last for 48 hours, and if you disable the lights of this mouse, it will last for 60 hours.

So if you play for 4 hours/day, it will last for 12 days with default lighting enabled.

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???? Choose the best out for your gaming needs. The most lightweight one is here. Check here this G Pro Wireless at Amazon.

In this video, find the detailed review and the in hand feel of G Pro Wireless mouse. You will also get the performance of the G Pro wireless in real life from this video.

Logitech G703 review

I want to highlight the performance of this G703 mouse very much. This mouse has the popular PMW3366, the sensor which is famous for high performing wired gaming mouse.

The G703 achieved a 1 ms report rate, which is fantastic. You will get a lightning-fast response from the mouse as you click fast using your mouse during gaming.

This mouse has an optional weight of 10 g available. If you like to increase the weight of your mouse, you can add that. This would help to stabilize and make pointing more accurate at higher DPI settings.

In this video, find the exact feel of the G 703 mouse. Also, you will get to know about the detailed features this mouse has to offer for your gaming.

???? Choose the best out for your gaming needs. The most lightweight one is here. Check here this G703 at Amazon.

FAQs on G Pro Wireless vs G703

Is G Pro Wireless Better than G703?

In terms of Sensor performance and being lightweight, the G pro wireless is better than the G 703.

Is G703 good for FPS?

G703 has the popular gaming-grade sensor PMW3366, which is great for FPS games. 


Let’s conclude the comparison of Logitech G Pro Wireless vs G703 in this post. If I consider pure performance and features, the G pro wireless is better than the G703.