What is IPS Glow: How to reduce it? (Know This FIX!)

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If you use a monitor with an IPS display, you will see some patches of pixels glowing on the monitor’s corners. 

You might have wondered about it and thought that it was a defect in the monitor. I would help you know what is IPS glow and all the details about reducing it.

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Let’s get started!

What is IPS Glow?

IPS Glow is an occurring natural glow of some pixels around the corners of the computer monitor and occurs commonly in IPS monitors.

To check the IPS Glow, you can check the monitor in a dark room. In the presence of light, the IPS glow will not be identifiable.

Then, is IPS Glow a monitor defect or normal? IPS Glow is commonly seen in backlit IPS monitors and is not a defect. IPS Glow is a drawback of the In-Plane Switch Technology (a.k.a IPS Panel Technology). The IPS glow happens if you look at your monitor at off angles.

What causes IPS Glow to occur?

IPS glow is caused by the way in which IPS panels are manufactured especially during the panel frame construction.

When an image is displayed on an IPS panel, there are two layers of liquid crystal molecules: one layer that faces the backlight, and one layer that faces the viewer.

Normally, these two layers are arranged so that they are perpendicular to each other.

However, when pressure is applied to the screen (for example, when you press your finger against it), the two layers can become misaligned and create a glowing effect around objects on the screen.

How to check your monitor for IPS Glow?

To check your monitor for IPS glow you can follow the steps below:

  1. First, Reduce the external light and make the room dark.
  2. Next, place a dark background image to check.
  3. Now, check that your monitor appears to be showing a glow.

How to Reduce IPS Glow?

IPS Glow may distract you during gaming. However, it does not bother me much in terms of display experience. 

These are the 5 ways you can reduce and fix IPS Glow effectively:

#1. Increase the Ambient lights of the Room

The IPS Glow is visible mainly in dark rooms or if your room is not well lit. The Darker your room’s ambient lighting is the more you will see visible IPS glow on the monitor.

You can adjust your room’s surrounding light by increasing it to provide sufficient lighting. This would reduce how much IPS glow you were previously noticing in your monitor.

#2. Adjusting the Viewing Angle

You can adjust the viewing angle of the monitor tilting vertically.

You will notice the IPS glow would change as you tilt the monitor. It will make sure that the IPS glow is less visible to your view.

Also, try sitting a bit further and check again on black screens in a pitch-black room.

Now, keep the viewing angle adjusted after you are satisfied with the Glow reduction.

#3. Decreasing Screen Brightness

IPS Glow issue looks worse on a Brighter screen and to avoid it and look normal you can reduce your screen brightness from the brightness settings on your monitor/TV.

Once you do the right monitor adjustments you will start to notice the IPS glow issue is now minimized and not bothering anymore.

#4. Reset the Monitor Settings and Calibrate Colour Profile

This would reset the preset monitor settings, including color profile, resolution, and other display settings.

You can even calibrate your monitor’s color profile and make the monitor look its best. Many times color, brightness, and contrast tweaks also help to reduce the IPS Glow.

You can also use a hardware color calibrator to calibrate your display.

#5. Trying to Reduce IPS Glow with Microfiber Cloth

This step is only to be done using a microfiber cloth only as other types of cloth may have dust that may scratch your display. 

You can use your microfiber cloth to gently rub the monitor’s corners. Please do not rub the display with pressure.

This step is actually to help the liquid crystals get to action if they are lying stagnant in some position, causing a glow.

#6. Loosen the Outer Panel frame to Reduce IPS Glow

If you are having doubt opening the panel frame, it is recommended to take the help of a TV repair person.

Open and assemble again properly the outer frame with the inner panel frame.

Now, properly close the monitor and test if the IPS glow has reduced.

Always do this with caution and do not put any pressure on the inside panel as it can worsen the thing you are trying to fix.

#7. Replace the IPS Monitor/TV in case of Excess light coming out as IPS Glow

If you have a new IPS monitor or TV, chances are that it is still replaceable. As IPS glow is common with IPS monitors or TVs don’t consider it a defect.

Once you catch bad IPS glow, look for if that is excess and unbearable, and if it needs repair or replacement, then only ask for replacement or claim a warranty.

Also, check if there are symptoms of backlight bleed on the corners of the monitor.

IPS Glow Compared to Backlight Bleeding

You may even wonder about another display problem where you will see some glow coming from the edge of the monitor. That is also known as Backlight Bleeding.

You may get confused if your display issue is IPS Glow or Backlight Bleed. This is commonly confused as the IPS Glow and backlight bleed looks similar to much extent. 

If your monitor glow happens in the corners and not in the edges, IPS Glow is the problem.

You can check IPS Glow vs Backlight Bleed to know the differences in detail.

FAQs on IPS Glow

Q. How much IPS Glow is acceptable?

You need to check the IPS monitor screen with dark background images and play games with dark backgrounds. Dark background images will help you know if the glowing presence on the corner of the screen is distracting you. Normally, with a good quality monitor, the IPS glow remains at an acceptable level.

Q. Does IPS Glow improve or get worse?

Normally, the IPS Glow does not improve. It also does not get worse with time. The IPS Glow remains as is with your monitor.

Q. Is IPS glow unavoidable?

IPS glow appears naturally in IPS panel monitors and it is generally not avoidable. However, the intensity of the IPS glow for the monitor can vary from model to model.

Q. Do IPS glow increase in time?

IPS Glow does not increase with time and generally stays with your monitor. It is natural for an IPS type of monitor to have this glow. If you are having a new monitor you do not need to worry.


Let’s conclude the post on IPS Glow and How to fix it!

IPS glow is commonly seen on computer monitors and laptop screens. My old laptop also has an IPS Glow problem. However, that is manageable. 

In most cases, an IPS glow fix can be done if you follow the steps and would help to reduce if there is any excess amount of it.

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