How To Fix Keyboard Typing BackWards? (Issue SOLVED!)

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Is your Keyboard Typing backward from right to left often? In this post, I would discuss the cause behind that and how to fix the backward typing direction of your keyboard issue by troubleshooting it.

When you type on a keyboard, the letters appear in the order that they are typed.

However, sometimes the keyboard will type backward and the letters will print in the wrong order. This is one of the highlighting problems among many others if you are a Microsoft Windows user.

I have seen this issue with my keyboard once and after that only I came to know about this problem.

I hope this guide would be helpful to you to solve the keyboard typing backward the same way I solved it.

Keyboard Typing BackWards

Let’s get started!

Keyboard Backwards Typing Problem Overview

In general, we write from left to right unless we do not use any other languages where we write from right to left. This is seen in both laptop and desktop keyboards.

With this issue, your keyboard may start typing words and characters in a weird way in MS Word or any other tool from right to left even if you are typing in English and not any RTL Script.

This is an issue and not a general thing to consider.

Why is My Keyboard Typing Backward? (Right To Left)

There are several reasons why your keyboard, one of the essential peripherals, might be typing backward from Right to Left:

Why is My Keyboard Typing Backward

Faulty Language Settings

One possibility is that you have your language settings set to a different language than the one you are using. If this is the case, your keyboard will type in the language that is set as your default language.

Malfunctioned Keyboard Driver

If you find that your keyboard is typing backward, it is likely due to a malfunctioning keyboard driver. Drivers are small pieces of software that allow your computer to communicate with devices like keyboards and printers.

If a driver is not functioning properly, it can cause all sorts of problems, including making your keyboard type backward.

Incorrect Keyboard Settings

Another possible reason why your keyboard is typing backward is because of incorrect keyboard settings.

If your keyboard settings are not configured properly, it can cause the keys to be mapped incorrectly, which can lead to your keyboard typing backward.

To fix this, you can try resetting your keyboard settings to the default.

Damaged Keyboard

If your keyboard is physically damaged, it can also cause your keyboard to start typing backward.

This is because the keys might be short-circuiting or the keyboard might be malfunctioning. If your keyboard is damaged, you will need to replace it.\

Virus or Malware

If your computer is infected with a virus or malware, it can also cause your keyboard to start typing backward.

This is because the virus or malware can corrupt the keyboard driver or the keyboard settings. To fix this, you can try scanning your computer for viruses and malware and removing them.

Troubleshooting Steps for Keyboard Typing BackWards

Different methods can be used to fix it, such as resetting your keyboard or upgrading it.

Here are the fixes which you can consider if your keyboard is typing backward as below:

Step #1. Resetting keyboard settings to default

One of the most common causes of reversing keyboard input is a switch in the region. Some regions write letters from left to right, while others do so from right to left. If your keyboard is set incorrectly, you can reset it to the default region. 

This may be done in several ways. If you do not wish to spend any time or money on a keyboard repair service, you can always restore the keyboard to factory settings.

Another option for resetting keyboard settings is to download a free program to reset your device. You can also run the Keyboard Troubleshooter. If you’re unable to locate a keyboard troubleshooter, try to update your device drivers. 

If those fail, try cleaning and inspecting your keyboard. Also, you may want to check for a sticky key or wires that need to be replaced. Resetting the keyboard settings can be done either via the Control Panel or the Settings menu.

Step #2. Updating keyboard driver

If your computer is causing you to type on the wrong side of the keyboard, it may be due to outdated or missing drivers. One of the easiest ways to fix this is to update your keyboard driver.

Here are the steps to update the keyboard driver:

1. Open Device Manager by pressing Windows Key + X and selecting “Device Manager”. 

2. In the Device Manager window, locate and expand the “Keyboards” category. 

3. Right-click on the keyboard device that is causing the problem and select “Update Driver Software…” 

4. In the ensuing window, select “Browse my computer for driver software”. 

5. Click on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. 

6. Select “Standard PS/2 Keyboard” from the list and click “Next”.

7. If prompted to install a signed driver, click on “Yes”.

After installing the new keyboard driver, restart your computer and check whether the keyboard is working properly. If the problem persists, you can also update the drivers for all the hardware devices on your computer. 

You can download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website. You can also try to fix the problem manually. In this case, you can try to perform a Clean Boot. 

Step #3. Fixing faulty or incompatible drivers

Getting the keyboard to type backward isn’t a common PC issue, but it’s a problem that affects a fair number of people. 

This issue can result from misconfigured keyboard settings, an outdated or corrupted driver, or a combination of these factors. Fortunately, there are a couple of easy fixes you can try right now to remedy the problem.

One way to solve the issue is to uninstall any unnecessary drivers. If your keyboard is working fine when you want to type backward, the culprit may be a faulty or incompatible driver. 

To fix this problem, open Device Manager by typing “device manager” into the search bar. Expand the keyboard’s section, and then right-click the driver. 

To update the driver, click the “Update Driver” option. The update will then automatically find the most up-to-date version and install it onto your computer. When you’re done, restart your PC to see if the keyboard is working correctly.

Another way to fix this issue is to uninstall any keyboard shortcuts that may be installed on your system. 

Then, you can run Driver Easy to install any necessary drivers. 

This software automatically detects your system and can scan for faulty or incompatible drivers, then download and install them. 

Alternatively, you can manually update them with the help of the device manufacturer’s website. Just make sure to restart your computer after updating the drivers.

I hope these basic troubleshooting steps were easy to follow.


Let’s conclude the post on the keyboard typing backward issue!

So, here are the ways we can fix the keyboard typing backward issue:

  1. Resetting keyboard settings to default
  2. Updating keyboard driver
  3. Fixing faulty or incompatible drivers

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and follow the steps above to fix your computer keyboard by typing right to lift the issue.

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