How to Fix the Logitech G Hub Not Detecting Keyboard?

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If you have recently purchased a new Logitech G keyboard, you may have to install Logitech G Hub software to use the full potential of your keyboard.

Logitech G Hub software is available for Windows, Mac, and Android.

If you have trouble with the Logitech G hub not detecting your keyboard, you are not alone.

Many people out there have problems with Logitech and their G hub.

Many people are reporting that the G hub will not recognize their Logitech keyboard, and they have tried everything to fix it. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the issue of Logitech G Hub not detecting the keyboard.

That kind of error is usually due to a faulty Logitech G Hub, or in other cases, it is due to a defective keyboard.

There can be different reasons too.

A logitech G Series Mechanical Keyboard

Let’s get started!

How to fix Logitech G Hub not detecting Keyboard Mac?

Logitech G Hub is one of the best devices to work with Logitech peripherals and has a simple design.

However, there are instances when Logitech G Hub does not detect the keyboard, which is a common issue with Logitech G Hub. 

Let’s try out the solutions below to fix this issue on Mac.

Updating Keyboard Drivers

Updating the keyboard driver is a significant step in resolving Logitech G Hub’s not detecting keyboards.

You can do this quickly by visiting the Logitech support website. 

Logitech has a built-in updater for keyboards which you can access by visiting the official Logitech support website. 

Restart your System

It’s a common problem when you connect a new keyboard, and it doesn’t work.

In this case, you are lucky because there is a simple solution to fix the Logitech G hub not detecting Keyboard Mac.

Restart your Mac and see if this fixes the issue. First, reboot your system.

Press and hold the Power button for about 5 seconds until the system shuts down.

When the system is off, wait for about 30 seconds and turn it back on.

Ensure proper connection of the keyboard

Ensure that the keyboard has been properly connected to your Mac by unplugging it and replugging it again.

After checking the Logitech G Hub device and the keyboard, you should check the connection of the devices.

There are several ways to check if the connection is secure.

First, check if the connection is broken physically.

Make sure that the keyboard is correctly inserted into the USB port of the Logitech G Hub. 

Check if the Logitech G Hub is connected using a USB cable to the PC.

Check if the USB port is properly working and if the device is connected.

It is possible that the USB port of your PC is not working. 

In that case, try connecting the device to the other USB port.

If the USB port does not work, try using an external USB hub. 

If you already use a USB hub, in that case, you can try using a different USB port in that.

If the problem persists, try using another keyboard.

The Logitech G Hub will detect it if the keyboard is connected correctly.

Update Mac OS

Update your operating system and the device driver software.

Once you have done what has been described in the steps above, your computer will detect that you have a keyboard connected and instantly start the software responsible for detecting the keyboard and controlling it by acting as the interface with your operating system. 

It should be a matter of minutes to get the issue fixed unless you are dealing with a broken cable or connector which is causing your keyboard not to be recognized.

How to fix Logitech G Hub not detecting the Keyboard in Windows 10?

It’s a known issue, commonly happening with many Windows 10 version users.

For some Logitech users, when they upgrade to Windows 10, the Logitech G Hub software doesn’t detect the keyboard paired with it.

So, they are not able to use their keyboard. 

This could be an issue with the new Windows 10 update or the Logitech software.

If you face the same problem, this guide will help you fix the Logitech G Hub not detecting the Keyboard issues.

Check the Keyboard connection with the PC

Confirm that your keyboard is correctly connected to your computer. This is an easy fix. First, check the connection.

If it’s loose, it may not be reading the keyboard.

Ensure the keyboard is connected to the hub and the hub is connected to the PC. 

Also, you may want to check another USB port on the PC. If that doesn’t work, you may want to restart the PC and the G Hub.

If properly connected, try typing something and see if it works.

Restart your computer

When your Logitech G Hub is not detecting the keyboard, one easy solution is to restart your computer.

If you are using a Logitech G Hub, wired or wireless, and your keyboard is not working, the first thing you will want to try is to restart your computer. 

Restarting frees up memory space and closes the other background programs interfering with recognition.

Also, installing it will ensure that the update has been applied correctly by a restart if you have a pending Windows update.

Update Device Drivers and Windows 10 OS

Update your hardware drivers and operating system to ensure that you use the latest software versions for all your hardware.

After the update, restart your computer again to take effect fully.

With the steps listed above, you should determine whether it is a hardware or software problem that is causing your keyboard not to be detected by the Logitech G Hub software.

You will also fix the problem and get your keyboard back into working order.

Which Logitech Keyboards work with G Hub?

Logitech G Hub software works with some Logitech keyboards, including:-

  1. Logitech G Pro Keyboard
  2. Logitech G915
  3. Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum
  4. Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum
  5. Logitech G613
  6. Logitech G610 Orion Red
  7. Logitech G513
  8. Logitech G512
  9. Logitech G103
  10. Logitech G19
  11. Logitech G15
  12. Logitech G11

How do I add a keyboard to my Logitech G Hub?

Logitech G Hub is a lightweight software that has been designed to make your customization easier.

Adding a keyboard to the software is as simple as opening up the software and adding the keyboard to the settings.

The keyboard will have to be scanned first to determine if it is the best fit for your computer or not.

It also has to be a keyboard compatible with the software, and the initial scan is meant to confirm this.

Updating your G Hub software when you have installed a new keyboard on your computer is also very simple, and within a matter of minutes, you will be able to set up and configure a profile for your keyboard.

For instance, you can assign some special keys on your keyboard to specific tasks and determine profiles that can be used for your usual tasks and others specially designed for gaming.

These profiles will make it easier to use specific keys and combinations of keys for different application and usage scenarios, such as opening games and accessing features and functionalities in the various software applications that you will be using.


Let’s conclude the post on Logitech G Hub not detecting the keyboard!

The G Hub keyboard is an excellent addition to the Logitech G series collection of gaming peripherals.

Here, I talked about steps you can follow to detect your keyboard by G Hub properly. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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