Logitech K380 vs K480: Which is a better keyboard?

As we know Logitech keyboard is great and especially if we are using the keyboards with a multi-device and want a Bluetooth connecting keyboard so we get essentially the two choices the Logitech K380 and Logitech K480. 

You might be confused that whether you should choose the Logitech K380 or Logitech K480. So here I have made a clear-cut comparison where I would compare head-to-head with the two good wireless multi-device keyboard that was sure to enhance your productivity whether you are working on any device like iPad phone laptop desktop and even smart TV.

K380 vs K480: Comparison

Logitech K380 vs Logitech K480


Every keyword whenever we use or choose for a workspace we look at how appropriate the design would complement our workspace. In terms of design, the Logitech K380 has a sleeker design as compared to Logitech K480 which is well cared for.

Logitech K380 has a sleek and slim design that completely compliments how good it looks and its design looks cleaner and very much unique. 

The Logitech K480 has housing for holding the phone or the iPad on it so it has to keep its weight on the heavier side. This edition of the cradle design and enhances the usability and the benefit is enormous. 

You do not need any particular hard surface to keep your iPad on and start typing. You can work on any type of service whether it is hard or soft and also you can use it as a laptop on your lap.

Both the device has a unique design like the key cabs Hai is not square-shaped as they and they’re somewhat rounded in shape.


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The Logitech K380 is less durable and is more intended to use it safely and to avoid drops. However, the Logitech K480 looks more like a live one and it can handle any task you give it.

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The build quality of the K480 is very sturdy.

Keypress Experience

The Logitech K380 comes with the scissor types of keys That you find generally in a laptop. These keys are soft to touch and you can type very fast easily. The travel of the keys is low and diet leads to very little effort to click the keys which is convenient for many.

The Logitech K480 has membrane-type switches with rubber domes beneath it and has rightly tactile feedback coming out of it though it does not have much sound due to that of rubber dome switch. 

Overall you feel like a dampened version of the mechanical keyboard though it is not a mechanical keyboard. The keypress is light to medium. The key travel in the Logitech K480 is far better than Logitech 380 you get enough to travel distance of the keys when you press.

 This gives you an improved experience of typing. If you are quite much familiar way of typing with a mechanical keyboard then probably won’t like any of the laptop keyboard or even the Logitech K380 keyboard as it has very little key travel which I don’t like. 

Otherwise, I love the way that it can handle typing with very little pressure applying to it.

Multi-device connectivity

Whether you have a device like a PC(with Windows) or a laptop(with Windows or Mac OS) and even an iPad running on iPad OS or a phone running on android or iOS platform you will not face any issue connecting either of the Logitech k380 and k480 keyboards. 

You can connect and switch between all your devices easily by using the Multi-device connectivity by both the Logitech K480 and K380 mouse which is great.

The Logitech K480 has a knob-like structure on its top left side which appeals to me very much as I can rotate the note and connect to the other Bluetooth device quickly and switch between them very easily. 

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In Logitech K380 you can also connect after three devices wirelessly but while switching the devices you will get to switch by using the buttons on the top left side of the keyboard.

This video shows side by side the keyboards K380 and K480.

Can these be Gaming keyboards?

Though both of these keyboards are good in terms of performance build quality durability which is essential for any gaming keyboard still I won’t recommend playing games with this keyboard. 

This is because for any gaming keyboard the main factor that is very good to consider is the latency. 

These keyboards being the wireless type of keyboard is good for normal kind of usage but not at all good for gaming purpose because while playing the game is very fast you will probably See that that clicks and lagging and it is far behind the game you are playing.

Shortcomings of Logitech K380 and K480

The Logitech K380 has some problems with the build quality and I am not happy with the build quality that I am getting at the price point. The build quality does not look at all durable. 

Also, you need an additional stand for keeping the iPad straight while using the iPad with the keyboard. Some people may find this keyboard a business here than the K380 but this does not concern me so I did not consider this as a con but many can find this.


If you’re primarily considering these keyboards like the Logitech K380 and K480 primarily for using it with an iPad then I would suggest you go for the K480 keyboard. 

This is because the cradle attached to it adds great convenience for holding the iPad and the feel of the keyboard keys while pressing. I found it great as I am very much comfortable using the mechanical type of keyboard daily.

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