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Why Do Gamers Prefer Mechanical Keyboards? (Answered!)

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If you’re wondering why gamers including pro gamers use mechanical keyboards, then you’ve come to the right place. Here I will cover the reasons in detail.

So, why do Gamers prefer mechanical keyboards? Gamers prefer mechanical keyboards because they have a more responsive gaming experience. Gamers also appreciate the tactile feedback that mechanical keyboards provide.

They are more durable than other types of keyboards, which is important for gamers who tend to use their keyboards a lot. Additionally, they offer more customization options than other types of keyboards.

I’ve been using a mechanical keyboard for my gaming experience for about two years now. I’ve never looked back. It offers a faster, more responsive keystroke than traditional keyboards. 

I especially like the feel of the clicks of the blue switch while using it during gaming. I use a Kailh Blue switch mechanical keyboard. The clicking sound feels a treat to my ears.

Why Do Gamers Prefer Mechanical Keyboards

Let’s get started!

Do Pro Gamers use Mechanical Keyboards?

Pro gamers use mechanical keyboards when they are playing video games because it gives them a better gaming experience.

Mechanical keyboards are more durable than regular keyboards and they have more keys. This means that pro gamers can hit more keys at once which makes them faster in the game.

Choosing the right keyboard is important for gaming, and many pro gamers have made the switch to mechanical keyboards.

They aren’t magic, but they are simple and easy to use. They have been around since the 80s, and more gamers are discovering their versatility and benefits. 

Some are also ergonomically designed and come with customizable keypads. 

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Worth It for Gaming?

A mechanical keyboard is great for gaming as they provide better precision, responsiveness, and durability.

These keyboards have programmable keys that can be configured to perform various macro functions. They can also have multiple configurable RGB colors on the keys. 

However, there are a few things to consider before making the switch. Mechanical keyboards are more expensive than most keyboards, so it’s important to decide if they’re worth the price. 

Reasons why Gamers prefer Mechanical Keyboards

There are many reasons why Gamers Prefer Mechanical Keyboards:

gaming mechanical keyboard
Image of My Gaming Mechanical keyboard

1. Programmable Keys with Macro Support

With a mechanical gaming keyboard, you can program the keys and make them perform a variety of actions.

This way, you can go into the game with a distinct advantage over your opponents. You can set the keys to perform multiple actions as well. 

For example, you can set the WASD keys to move your character forward, backward, left, and right. And you can also use the space bar to jump. This will allow you to move around the game world very quickly. 

2. Extremely Durable Build Quality

Gamers are known for being “hard on their equipment”. There is no denying that mechanical keyboards are the best gaming keyboards and have great build quality.

Gamers are always on the lookout for the best gaming peripherals that can improve their gameplay, but they also want these accessories to be durable. 

A mechanical keyboard has a long lifespan and will last you through long and intense gaming sessions. The lifespan of a mechanical keyboard is no less than that of most high-end gaming mice.

3. Advanced Gaming Features

One of the most important reasons is that mechanical keyboards offer anti-ghosting. This means that you can press multiple keys at the same time and they will all register.

This is crucial for gaming because you need to be able to press multiple keys simultaneously to execute certain moves. 

This feature is crucial which you find in most Mechanical keyboards.

When you get a good quality Mechanical gaming keyboard, you also get support for the RGB backlighting in it. With this RGB lighting, you will enjoy your gaming sessions more than on a regular keyboard.

4. Faster Actuation of Mechanical Switches

Mechanical keyboards are well known for their extreme responsiveness and speed. This is measured by actuation time, the time it takes a key to register your click once fully actuated, and send information to a computer. 

You also get to choose and customize actuation force as it suits you in gaming just by choosing a different set of mechanical switches.

You get the ultimate customization flexibility in case of a mechanical keyboard for gaming which you might have missed in case of any other gaming keyboard.

5. Customize With Clicky/Tactile/Linear Switches

Mechanical Switches

This is one of the most important reasons, as it makes a mechanical keyboard different than other membrane keyboards. 

With a mechanical gaming keyboard, you get the ability to customize with different kinds of mechanical switches available like clicky, tactile, or linear.

If you would like to know the comparison of clicky vs tactile vs linear switches, I have a complete guide here.

It is not that only, you can also customize and choose a different type of switch and assign it to a particular set of keys on your keyboard.

For eg: you can turn the Arrow Key and WASD key switches to linear/ tactile for fast actuation and keep the remaining keys to a different set of switches.

And, if you have a How Swappable switch-supported mechanical gaming keyboard, then you can swap switches much easier than before. You do need not solder to replace a switch that has a hot-swap socket in it.

6. More Comfortable for Long Gaming Sessions

Mechanical keyboard with Wooden Wrist Rest Perfect for long sessions of gaming

If you spend hours on your computer, you’ll want to make sure you’re not putting too much strain on your wrists. Thankfully, mechanical keyboards can be customized to your liking.

You can swap keycap sets to alter the keycap profiles to improve typing and gaming, or you can change the switch type to avoid pressing too hard. 

And you can use a wrist rest to relieve any pressure that builds up in your wrists while you play.

The comfort of a mechanical keyboard is one of its main advantages, and some keyboard enthusiasts swear by it. They’re more comfortable to use and feel better than membrane keyboards

7. More Compact Size Options in Case of a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

When you choose a regular gaming keyboard you only get a full-sized keyboard. But, if you check the mechanical keyboard range that you can use for your gaming, you will see many different keyboard sizes available in compact form.

The compact sizes include:

So, if you are a gamer who likes a compact keyboard, you will get a great option in mechanical keyboard to set up and level up your gaming without adding much bulk.


Let’s conclude the post on why Gamers Prefer Mechanical Keyboards!

Here is what we have seen in a glimpse.

So, gamers do prefer mechanical keyboards because they are durable, have a better response time, and provide more tactile feedback than other types of keyboards.

You will see the most popular streamers and gamers playing with a mechanical gaming keyboard.

If you are a gamer and are in the market for a new keyboard, we recommend you consider a mechanical one.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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