Logitech M100 vs M100r: Are there any differences?

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If you are looking for a comparison between the Logitech M100 and the M100r, this is the right post.

Both the M100 and M100r are wired Optical mouses from Logitech’s budget mouse range.

So, here are the features that I would consider for comparing the two wired mouses.

To compare, I would consider Build Quality as an important factor.

Also, the design, comfort, and performance would play a vital role in this comparison too.

So, let’s jump straight into the comparison of M100 vs M100r!

Logitech M100 vs M100r Comparison Table

Logitech M100Logitech M100r
TypeFull-Sized Wired MouseFull-Sized Wired Mouse
Tracking TypeOptical TrackingOptical Tracking
Build Material HIgh-Quality PlasticHigh-Quality plastic
DimensionHeight: 11.3 cm
Width: 6.2 cm
Depth: 3.8 cm
Height: 18.1 cm
Width: 13 cm
Depth: 5.2 cm
Logitech M100 vs M100r

Logitech M100 Review

Logitech M100 is a wired optical mouse with a basic look.

This mouse has all the basic features that a mouse needs. 

In terms of basic features, I found this mouse has all the essential features.

It is satisfactory to use regularly, and it will perform great.

This mouse has great support for multiple Operating Systems like Windows 10, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and Linux.

In the video, find the unboxing and exact feel of the Logitech M100.

Why consider M100?

M100 is a great budget multipurpose mouse.

In terms of use, the comfort I feel these are the points below to consider for the M100:

  • Logitech M100 feels comfortable for both right-handed people and left-handed people.
  • This mouse has a warranty of 3 years which is great.
  • Connectivity is very easy for M100. You can easily connect this mouse by plugging the USB cable into the USB port of your computer and laptop. No more software setup is required.
  • Logitech M100 has a durable build made from recycled plastics.
  • The scroll wheel is accurate and helps to navigate easily on the screen.
  • Tracking is also great. With Optical Tracking technology, M100 has good tracking that works great on opaque surfaces like wood. 

What did I find as a downside of M100?

The optical tracking does not work well with a Reflective surface like Glass.

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Logitech M100r review

Logitech M100r is a full-sized wired mouse with good quality wired connections.

You can connect this easily to your computer and laptop by plugging in the USB port. 

The installation is without any hassle. You can do any type of task that a basic mouse can do.

The performance in daily usage is great, and you will not have any complaints.

M100r supports multiple Operating Systems like Windows 10, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and Linux.

Why consider M100r?

  • The design is simple and easy to grip the mouse.
  • The quality of the build is good enough considering the price.
  • The performance of tracking and scrolling is accurate.
Logitech M100R Wired Usb Mouse Dark Black
  • New - Retail
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Logitech 910-001601

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What did I find as a downside of the M100r?

Optical tracking does not work well with reflective surfaces like Glass.

Both of the mouses have a typical basic design of a wired mouse. 


The Logitech M100 and M100r are both from the budget range of Logitech.

Both the mouses are made of high-quality plastic material. 

Both the mouses are durable enough that with regular uses there would not be any problem.


In terms of design, the M100 and the M100r has an ambidextrous design(suitable for left-handed and right-handed use).

FAQs on M100 vs M100r

Q. What is the DPI of Logitech M100?

Ans. The DPI of the Logitech M100 is 1000.

Q. What is the DPI of Logitech m100r?

Ans. The DPI of the Logitech M100r is 1000.

Q. How much does the Logitech M100 weigh?

Ans. Logitech M100 weighs 90g.

Q. Does Logitech M100 work with Windows 10?

Ans. Yes, the Logitech M100 works with all versions of Windows 10.


Let’s conclude the post on Logitech M100 vs M100r!

So, both of these are the basic full-sized wired mouses from Logitech and have the standard functionalities well built in them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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