Logitech M317 vs M185: Differences (What’s BETTER?)

Author: Anirban Saha

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If you are looking for a good wireless Logitech mouse or if you want to know the difference between the Logitech M317 vs M185, here I have compared both the mouse in detail where you know the pros and cons of using both the mouse.

This comparison would help you decide on the mouse as per your requirement and choose the right mouse.

Even if a mouse is really good, it might not be suitable for a particular kind of usage full stop.

For example, not every mouse gives FPS gaming compatibility and uses it in a professional gaming environment. Not every mouse is multitasking, or it is an argument in design.

I would go in-depth, comparing every criterion for Logitech M317 Vs M185 in this post.

Logitech M317 vs M185 Comparison Table 

Below, I have compared the Logitech M317 and m185 Mouse with every factor:

Comparison CriteriaLogitech M317Logitech M185
Mouse TypeWirelessWireless
Mouse SizeCompactSmall
Number of Buttons3 buttons (Left, Right, and Centre Scroll Wheel)3 buttons (Left, Right, and Centre Scroll Wheel)
Logitech OptionsYes, this enables you to use the mouse effectively by customizingYes, there would be many options available
Silent ClicksNoNo
Good For GamingYes, but not for FPS gamingYes,  but not for FPS gaming
DPI1000 DPI1000 DPI
Battery Life12 Months12  Months
Design TypeAmbidextrous(both for left and right-hand use)Ambidextrous(both for left and right-hand use)
Bluetooth SupportYesYes
Supported OSWide Os support(Windows OS, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux).Wide Os support (Windows 10 or later, Mac OS 10.5 or later, Chrome OS, Linux Kernel)
Logitech M317 vs M185

Logitech M317 Review with Highlighting Features

Logitech M317 is great for people with small hands who want to improve their productivity.

  • This mouse delivers Professional Grade performance out of the box and more with Logitech Options support.
  • It has a good rubber grip on its sides that enhances the usability and feel while holding M317.
  • Great color options are available, and even it comes in printed textures and image versions which is great.
  • It is a great mouse option that you can reliably use with your laptop and work better than your laptop’s trackpad. 
  • Battery Life is also good as you would get a 12-month backup that you need when you choose a wireless mouse as your primary daily driver.

Logitech M317 is overall a good choice for all kinds of tasks, and I would highly recommend this mouse to you.

Logitech M185 Review with Highlighting features

Logitech M185 has a compact design that would fit in your small hands very easily, and you can work reliably with this mouse. 

  • The cursor of M185 is very good. You can precisely scroll and navigate as you wish.
  • The battery is a highlighting factor as you get a good reliable life of 12 months.
  • This mouse works great by just plugging and playing its Logitech Unifying connector.

Logitech M185 is good, but I would find it better if it had a better grip on its side.

Otherwise, this mouse’s simplicity, preciseness, and performance made me feel great with this mouse.

The Real Shortcomings of both M317 and M185 mouse

Both the Logitech mouse M317 and M185 are compact-sized mouse you will not be able to use them if you have large hands. For people with smaller hands, it would be a great experience for your regular work.

Both the Logitech M317 and M185 mice are not recommended for FPS gaming if you are a professional gamer. For that, you can look for the G series of mice to stay ahead in the competition.

Which is better between Logitech M317 and M185?

Logitech is a very reliable brand to purchase a wireless mouse. Both the Logitech m317 and the m185 are high-performance wireless mice. These will be perfect if you have small hands. 

Logitech m317 has various color options, and you would find printed textures too on Logitech M317c. If you love colorful and beautiful textured mice, then you can go with M317. Find M317 on Amazon here.

If you like a mouse design with a single color, then M185 is good. Find the link to M185 on Amazon here.

In terms of grip, M317 has a better grip on its sides. So, while using it for your daily tasks, it would be easier for you.

If you have large hands, you can consider M310 or M590.

Final Words

Whether you choose the Logitech m317 or the Logitech M185, you cannot go wrong with any of these. The premium quality with durability and performance mix would make your productivity getting improved after choosing one.

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