What Is Motion Blur Reduction? How Does it Work?(Answered!)

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Gaming has evolved with high-end settings and with high frame rates.

The prevalent monitors cannot render the graphics correctly when the gaming frame is greater than the max frame rates supported by the monitor.

Thus, when you play such games, you may feel that the images get a bit blurred during fast motion.

Also, you will see this in racing games. The graphics are getting blurred during gameplay. The blurring is motion blur.

The monitors of different brands have the technology to reduce this to give a good gaming experience.

You need to reduce the blur during gaming; otherwise, you will not enjoy gaming.

what is motion blur reduction

What is Motion Blur Reduction?

Motion Blur Reduction technology is used in monitors to reduce the image ghosting or blur effect by backlight strobing or motion interpolation. Motion blur reduction technology is used commonly for gaming monitors as these monitors need to display at higher refresh rates.

How Does Motion Blur Reduction Work?

A new frame is generated from the input data before it’s shown on the screen.

The process of generating a new frame is called “interpolation”.

The interpolated frames get added to get smoother animation and better motion clarity during fast-paced scenes in the sequence.

In other words, MBR displays twice as many images per second (one-half of them get interpolated) as regular LCD monitors do when displaying at a 60 Hz refresh rate, so you see more detail with less blur around moving objects.

What is Motion Blur in monitors?

When the monitor displays a fast-moving object or scene, it might not render each frame correctly due to the lower refresh rate of the monitor.

The motion blur causes the object’s movement in the scene to appear blurry and not clear, as many frames in between the transitions get skipped.

This phenomenon occurs in low FPS monitors that try to play high FPS games.

Motion Blur impacting gaming

During gameplay in Fast-paced games like shooting games, and racing games. 

In the case of shooting games, if you quickly move and point to your opponent, then suddenly, for some time, the graphics may get blurry due to the fast motion you took while pointing to your opponent.

This can cause a loss of precision during the gameplay.

Motion Blur Reduction is an excellent feature for gamers because it eliminates ghosting effects around fast-moving objects.

They can see their target clearly without being distracted by these after images, giving them a competitive edge over opponents who don’t have MBR-enabled monitors.

In this video below you will find motion blur in the Call Of Duty Game.

Advantages of Motion Blur Reduction

1. The Motion blur reduction reduces Ghosting effects around fast-moving objects.

2. This technology improves transitions between frames for an overall better viewing experience.

3. The motion blur reduction eliminates blurring and enhances the clarity of on-screen graphics, text, and video content. 

4. Allows gamers to see their enemies more clearly, giving them an advantage over foes who do not have MBR-enabled monitors. 

5. Suitable for those with sensitive eyes and poor vision because it reduces eye fatigue caused by motion blur, leading to headaches, eyestrain, and soreness in the neck or back muscles from looking at screens for too long.

Drawbacks of Motion Blur Reduction

1. Requires a high refresh rate to be effective.

2. May does not work with some older games or graphics cards.

3. It can lead to eye strain and headaches if it is set improperly due to the intensified motion on-screen.

This problem may occur if there are too many light trails in your peripheral vision while you are playing.

4. Requires a high refresh rate because it only works effectively with this setting, which is why some gamers may not be able to use MBR at all and will have to turn on other features for the game they are watching or playing to look clear again.

5. Some older games do not support motion blur reduction technology so it will not work with these.

Different Types Of Motion Blur Reduction

The motion blur technology is present in the computer monitors of different brands in different names like:

Motion Blur Reduction Technology nameBrand
LightBoostULMB or Ultra Low Motion BlurNvidia
PureXP or Pure ExperienceViewSonic
You or Dynamic AccuracyBenQ Zowie
LMB or Extreme Low Motion BlurASUS
MotionFlow ImpulseSony
Point StabilizerAORUS/ Gigabyte Technology
VRB or Visual Response BoostAcer


Let’s conclude the post on Motion Blur Reduction and how it works!

Motion Blur Reduction in the case of Monitors is an excellent feature that gamers and those with sensitive eyes can use effectively. 

The motion Blur reduction eliminates ghosting or artifact effects around fast-moving objects across the screen. 

It also improves the transition between frames for a better viewing experience, reduces blurring, and enhances on-screen graphics and text content clarity. 

If you play competitive games, then you will get an advantage with MBR-enabled monitors.

I hope you learned in detail about motion blur reduction.

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