What Is the RMB Key on Your Keyboard? (Answered!)

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If you spend any amount of time typing on your computer, you’ve probably noticed the “RMB” key on your keyboard. But what is this key for?

The RMB key stands for “Right Mouse Button.” This key gives you the same functionality on your keyboard as the right mouse button on an external mouse.

What Is the RMB Key on Your Keyboard

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What Is the RMB Key on Your Keyboard?

Mouse trackpads on laptops have RMB or Right Mouse Button functionality that is built.

However, there is functionality on laptop and PC keyboards that allows users to do the same functionality using their laptop and PC keyboards. 

This is the RMB button on your keyboard. Using a specific shortcut, you can right-click a certain element.

For Keyboards with a Touchpad

Laptops feature a full keyboard with a touchpad that includes the function of RMB. Even, you will find this in several keyboards for Smart TV too.

If you owned a laptop before, you will find a clickable area where it functions as right-click. However, some touchpads require a two-finger click to enable the right mouse click.

For Keyboards with Trackball

Keyboards that have trackballs also feature an RMB key. Traditional computer peripherals often include a trackball, and one such device is called a trackball keyboard.

Because of this function, a typist may do their job duties without needing an additional external mouse.

This kind of mouse includes two buttons, allowing the user to point and click without having to move their hand to another device.

In most cases, the right-click (RMB) button is situated near the trackball itself.

For Keyboards with TrackPoint Support

A pointing stick often called a TrackPoint or simply a nub, is a little analog stick that functions as a pointing device and is generally positioned in the middle of a computer keyboard.

Other names for this device include a TrackPoint and a pointing stick.

Due to the lack of available space surrounding the TrackPoint, the right mouse button (RMB) key can be found at the bottom of the keyboard.

RMB key functionalities on Keyboard

It is not always convenient always to click the Right Mouse button in a hurry. So, you can access it using this key and get all the functionality of your Right mouse button from your keyboard.

The RMB key can be used to open a new window or tab in a web browser. This is done by pressing the RMB key while hovering over a link.

A new window or tab will then open up and load the linked page. This is a handy way to quickly open up multiple pages without having to go back and forth between them.

The function of the RMB key can vary depending on the operating system, and what program is currently open. 

For example, in a word processor, you can use the RMB to select text or to bring up a context menu.

In a web browser, you can use the RMB to open a link in a new tab or to save an image to your computer.

What Is the LMB key on Your Keyboard?

In the same way that RMB refers to the Right Mouse Button, LMB refers to the Left Mouse Button.

f a keyboard contains a key for the Right Mouse Button, then it almost certainly also includes a key for the Left Mouse Button.

The purpose of the LMB key on the keyboard, in addition to being questioned fairly often, is comparable to that of the RMB key.

On certain keyboards, the LMB key may also be found in an entirely distinct button configuration. This is feasible in some situations.

What Is the MMB key on Your Keyboard?

MMB is an abbreviation for the middle mouse button.

Most modern mice include a scroll wheel in the center button, and this is often utilized for two things online: opening new tabs and closing tabs.

However, the middle mouse button has many more potential applications that can be configured in modern mice.

Pros and Cons of RMB Key on Keyboard

Here are the Pros and cons of the RMB key on the Keyboard:


  • If for some reason your mouse stops functioning or the RMB in it stops operating properly, the RMB on your laptop may be able to assist.
  • RMB can be handy for people who can’t use their mouse especially if they lost it and it’ll take days before they receive the replacement mouse.


  • You need to perform a key press every time you need to right-click something time-consuming for people who use RMB a lot.
  • You cannot game with RMB using the keyboard of your laptop or computer.
  • Actions will be limited and will require more time to accomplish tasks.


Q. What click is RMB?

Ans: RMB signifies Right Mouse Button Click.

Q. What is RMB stand for?

Ans: RMB stands for Right Mouse Button.


Let’s conclude the post on what Is the RMB Key on Your Keyboard!

The RMB is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways. The most important thing to remember is that the RMB is a powerful tool that can help you get the most out of your computer.

When in doubt, you can easily consult your software’s documentation to learn more about the RMB and how to use it to your advantage.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post. So, the next time you see the RMB key on your keyboard, you will know that it stands for the right mouse button!

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