My Sanyo TV turns ON then OFF immediately (Causes+FIX!)

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Welcome to our blog post, where we will be discussing the issue of Sanyo TVs turning off and on immediately. We’ll be looking at the potential causes of this issue and how you can go about fixing it.

With the right information and a few simple steps, you’ll be able to get your Sanyo TV working properly again in no time.

So, let’s get started!

Why Sanyo TV Turns on and then Off Immediately?

If your Sanyo TV turns on and then immediately shuts off, it could be due to a few different issues. First, it could be a problem with the internal memory. Resetting the TV should help fix this. Second, the TV could be running too hot and needs to be cooled down. Again, resetting the TV can help with this. Lastly, the TV driver could be outdated and needs to be updated. To do this, go to the manufacturer’s website and find the most recent driver for your model of Sanyo TV.

Sanyo TV Turns on and Then off Immediately

Here are the detailed causes with ways to fix that to solve the issue of Sanyo TV Turning on and then Off:

#1. Overheating of Sanyo TV

When your Sanyo TV is running for a long time, it can start to overheat, causing it to turn off unexpectedly. In most cases when this issue happens, overheating becomes the most common reason to look into.

Before any fixes, you need to find out why your Sanyo tv overheats.

Your Sanyo TV may be ON for a long time, or your TV’s ventilation system on the back may have dust accumulation which causes heat to not escape the TV. Also, check that there should be no open window where direct sunlight is coming and heating the TV.

How to Fix Overheating of Sanyo TV?

If the television is getting too hot, the first step is to try and pinpoint the cause. If it is in a hot, humid area, move it to a cooler location. If it is in an enclosed space, try to improve the airflow around it.

Additionally, dust buildup inside the TV may be to blame, so cleaning the vents and ensuring good airflow can help. You can also use a TV stand with built-in cooling to aid in keeping the TV cool. To clean the TV, unplug it and use compressed air to get rid of the dust. After that, attempt to turn it on again.

#2. Faulty Power Supply

A bad power supply is another potential reason for your TV to shut off instantly. Make sure the power strip is turned on if your TV is plugged into one.

Here is the Fix

If your TV is plugged directly into a wall outlet, plug in another item to make sure the outlet is operational. Check for any loose connections as well.

Your Sanyo TV may occasionally get disconnected after being turned on as a result of a loose connection.

Try using alternative power sockets in your power outlet with your TV’s power cord. You might need to change the power source if your TV still won’t stay powered on.

#3. Problem with Sanyo TV’s internal Memory

One possible cause of your Sanyo TV turning on and then off abruptly is a problem with the internal memory.

If the internal memory is corrupted or full, the TV may turn on and then off abruptly.

To begin with, Smart TVs, including Sanyo TVs, have limited internal memory that is easily occupied by cache build-up and software updates.

In addition, there may be unused software installed in your Sanyo Smart TV that you do not use frequently.


If the issue is with the internal memory, the TV may need to be reset or the cache cleared. This would make space available on your Sanyo Tv and make this issue resolved.

#4. Sanyo TV Driver Issue causing it to turn on then off immediately

If you’re using an older model of Sanyo TV, it’s possible that the drivers are outdated and need to be updated.

Also, the TV driver may have got corrupted which is causing it to turn off immediately after you turn your Sanyo TV on.


If the problem is with the TV driver, you may need to update the driver or reinstall it. To do this, go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver for your Sanyo TV model. 

Once the driver is downloaded, install it on your computer and then connect the TV to the computer using a USB cable. After the driver is installed, try turning on the TV again.

#5. Sanyo TV Infected With Virus

This rarely occurs now that we rarely plug an external device into our Sanyo Smart TV.

If an external device, such as a pen drive or external hard disc, is infected with a virus, viruses or malware can enter the system.

You may also bring viruses if you have installed any other apps on your TV that are not from the Play Store.


To fix it, remove any external devices connected to the TV, format them and scan them with an anti-virus on your laptop or PC.

#6. Issue With the Sanyo TV Hardware

If your TV turns on and then immediately turns off and you’ve ruled out overheating, driver issues and power supply issues, the problem is most likely with the TV itself.

This can happen every now and then.


First, check your Sanyo TV’s warranty. If your TV is still under warranty, you must file a complaint and open a ticket with Sanyo’s official customer service.

If your TV is out of warranty, take it to a nearby repair shop and have them diagnose the problem and give you an estimate.

Cross-check the estimate with official customer support before submitting it for repair.

Generally, this can get fixed at a low cost. Otherwise, you need to look for a new TV.


Let’s wrap up this post on the Sanyo TV turning on and then off the issue with causes and troubleshooting steps to resolve it!

This problem can be resolved using the troubleshooting steps outlined above and it is usually resolved in a single step without the need for a technician visit.

I hope you found this post interesting and useful.

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