What are Topre Switches?(Review+Best Topre KEYBOARDS!)

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Topre switches are a type of electrostatic capacitive non-contact keyboard switch that are often considered some of the best available. 

They are a popular choice for gaming and professional applications. They offer a great mix of speed, tactile feedback, and quiet operation.

Though they may be more expensive than some other switch types, Topre switches are known for their durability and long lifespan.

In this post, I would introduce you to what are Topre switches, review, their pros and cons, and finally best Topre keyboards.

topre switches

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What are Topre Switches?

Topre Switches are electrostatic capacitive types of keyboard switches that provide a typing experience that is both satisfying and efficient. 

They are mounted on a rubber dome and have a capacitive keypress detection mechanism, and this gives them their unique feel, and faster actuation, and makes them quite popular among keyboard enthusiasts.

Their working mechanism is different than other mechanical keyboard switches.

For eg: This switch is used in the Topre Realforce keyboard. The Realforce keyboards are known for their high-quality construction and precise tactile feedback.  Even, you will find some good Topre switch keyboards from Cooler Master.

Topre Switches Review

The key mechanism of the Topre Switch keyboards consists of a plunger under the Keycap and sits on a rubber dome with a conical coiled spring mounted on a PCB board. 

When the key is pressed, the plunger engages with the spring, causing it to compress. This compression creates tactile feedback that users find pleasing and whisper-quiet.

1. Design

Topre Switch Internal Diagram
Topre Switch Internal Diagram,
Image Source: Spaghetti488, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The design of the Topre switch is unique and patented.

The slider contains a spring and a rubber dome.

When the key is depressed, the slider pushes down on the dome, which causes it to compress and then rebound. This action creates tactile feedback that lets you know when you have pressed the key fully.

This design gives Topre switches some unique properties. They have a light touch and very short travel distance, making them feel smooth and fast.

2. Switch Feel

Topre switches are often praised for the unique tactile feel that they give to computer keyboards. This unique feel is a result of the combination of a rubber dome and a spring. The rubber dome provides resistance, while the spring provides feedback.

Many people find this combination of a standard Topre switch to be more pleasing than traditional switches, which is why Topre switches are so popular among keyboard enthusiasts.

3. Construction

The Topre keyboards are made of durable material. It has a rubberized grip on the top side of the mechanism, which allows for a firm grip when typing. 

The keys are also lined with an anti-slip coating to prevent accidental keystrokes. The keys also have an aluminum base that prevents bottoming out, and it is fixed to the PCB(Printed Circuit Board) via small screws on each side.

3. Working Mechanism

The Topre keyboard switches use a capacitive mechanism to register a keypress, and this means that it does not require using the physical switch position to register a keystroke. 

The working mechanism is in between the Rubber dome switch and the other mechanical key switch technology. But as they are a combination of them, it makes their working mechanism unique.

The Keycaps have a plunger on the bottom. Below it, there is a slider in the Housing. Below the housing lies the Rubber Dome placed over a conical spring.

This sits over the Printed Circuit boards (PCBs) of the Topre keyboards.

Here is how the Topre switch keyboards work:

  • First when you press the keycaps you actually also press the plunger on the bottom of the keycap,
  • Then the plunger moves the slider and depresses the rubber dome and the spring gets depressed,
  • It finally touches the PCB electric circuit to register your keypress,
  • The spring bounces back and gives you bumpy tactile feedback.

The Topre switch would get activated when you press the switch halfway to the bottom. This is because the keycap sits on top of a plunger that moves down when the key is pressed. When you press in half the plunger moves way down to activate the circuit.

4. Actuation Force

The Topre switch uses a spring-loaded accelerator housed inside the silicone sleeve. 

This compressed spring and plunger are used to send keystrokes to the keyboard. The plunger is pushed down when you press a key down, causing the spring to compress. 

This compression causes the keycap to go down and contact the PCB. 

The PCB then sends a signal to the computer that causes it to beep or display whatever message you are typing.

5. Durability

Topre switches have a long lifespan, and they provide for an average of 50 million strokes before you need to replace them. 

The Topre switch is subject to electrostatic degradation, which is the degradation of the capacitive nature of the mechanism over time. 

The problem with this type of degradation is that it often comes as a surprise and can cause keys to stop responding, especially if they are hit while typing quickly.

6. Price

The Topre switches are more expensive than other types of mechanical switches.

This is because Topre Switches are not widely used and require a special spring mechanism to work properly, and they cost approximately $200 to $250.

7. Sound

Because Topre Switches have a capacitive mechanism, they are quieter than other switches. 

They also have a higher actuation force, requiring more pressure to be applied before the computer registers the keystroke.

8. Typing Performance

 The Topre switch is one of the fastest switches on the market. It is used commonly in the Topre Realforce line, which boasts a response time of 1ms. 

The keycaps are also designed to have a short actuation point, making it a very fast typing keyboard.

9. Gaming Performance

Topre switches are known for their durability and are commonly used in computer keyboard models designed specifically for high-performance gaming. 

Some gaming keyboards also use tactile Topre switches, which provide a unique typing experience that can make for an enjoyable gaming experience. It is really good to have a Topre switch gaming keyboard.

Another option can be from Cherry switches if you would consider a mechanical keyboard switch like the Cherry MX Red switches of linear type and Cherry MX Brown Switches of Tactile Type.

Pros and Cons of Topre Switches

Here are the pros and cons of the Topre Switches:


  • They are quiet
  • They have a very high actuation force without requiring too much force to press down.
  • They offer a unique feel that many users find pleasing.


  • They are more expensive than other types of switches.
  • They are not used in common keyboards because of their high cost.

Best Topre keyboards

The Topre Realforce 104UB Review 

The Topre Realforce 104UB is one of the best Topre keyboards. It is a mechanical keyboard with a full 104-key QWERTY keyboard and a completely different build from any other Topre keyboard.

Topre Realforce 104UB

The keyboard’s look is very similar to most mechanical keyboards in function and design, but it has some unique features that set it apart from them.

The underside of the keyboard is made of plastic and has two legs similar to those you would find on a laptop.

The keys on the keyboard are concave, making them easy to manage. The fonts on the keys are also very large, making it easier for gamers and typists alike to see them without any issues.

Why should you consider this keyboard?

This is an excellent keyboard for typists that’s worth considering. It is very lightweight and has an authentic Topre switch that can ease any complaints about the feel of the keys.

It also provides a very low-profile typing experience, making it easy to type on for long periods of time.


  • It’s a good choice for typists
  • It provides a very low-profile typing experience
  • The plastic underneath is sturdy enough to prevent bending


  • It is prone to getting fingerprints on the top of the keyboard
  • The keys are not as easy to see as some other keyboards.
  • It’s not great for gamers. It does not have any programmable buttons or lighting effects.

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Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 Review

The Happy Hacking Professional 2 is a Topre keyboard that combines the benefits of aluminum construction with an aluminum base. It has an angle that is also adjustable for typing comfort and is made with ruggedness in mind.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2

The keyboard has a rubberized palm rest, which provides an excellent grip to keep your hands from slipping even when typing at high speeds.

The keys are concave and have large keycaps that help them stand out.

Why should you consider this keyboard?

This is a good choice for those who prefer lighter keyboards that provide plenty of comfort while typing frenetic amounts of text.

The lightweight body and comfortable palm rest can make it a good choice for typists and gamers alike.


  • The keys are large enough to be seen even in low lighting.
  • It has a sturdy palm rest that prevents it from slipping when typing.
  • It’s made very durable and can last for a long time with proper care.
  • The keyboard’s angle can be adjusted, so it is easy enough to set up in any position you like.
  • The design is not just stylish but also extremely functional.


  • The letters printed onto the keys are not quite as visible in low lighting.
  • Some users have reported that they are difficult to clean, causing them to get dirty more quickly.
  • N-key rollover is not supported, so some keys may not register when pressed at the same time.
  • The keyboard is very heavy and may be difficult to transport when traveling.

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Seasonic Topre keyboard Realforce RGB Review

The Realforce RGB is a Topre keyboard that features RGB lighting on all of its keys. It has an aluminum frame and chassis with an angled design for better comfort.

Because of this, it’s easier to use for long periods of time and won’t cause as much wrist strain as other keyboards that you could be using.

Seasonic Topre keyboard Realforce RGB

Because it is not mechanical, it does not require the same amount of frequent cleaning and maintenance as other keyboards do.

The matte finish on the case and keys prevents any fingerprinting from showing up when it’s dirty or oily.

The case is also made out of plastic, so it’s durable enough to withstand any amount of punishment you can throw at it.

Why should you consider this keyboard?

The Realforce RGB is the best mechanical keyboard for typing, and it features one of the easiest switches for typing, which is almost comparable to a non-mechanical switch.

The keys may feel stiff at first but will become easier to type over time. They are also highly responsive and provide minimal keystroke delay, benefiting gamers.


  • The keys are highly responsive and easy to type on for long periods of time without much effort or error.
  • The chassis has a matte finish that prevents fingerprints from showing up on it and keeps it looking clean no matter how much you use it.
  • The angle of the chassis is adjustable. You can easily adjust it to your liking without being able to damage the keyboard by yourself.
  • There is an RGB lighting effect that may appeal to some, although it is unnecessary.
  • The keys are not too small and can still be seen even in low lighting.


  • Some users have had issues cleaning the keyboard and oiling it, causing the keys to becoming dirty quickly.
  • There are no programmable buttons on this keyboard, so only certain key combinations will work with certain programs.
  • It also does not include any lighting effects or backlight options either.
Seasonic Topre REALFORCE RGB AEAX01 USB Wired 108-Key Keyboard
  • Premium tactile feel that conquers fatigue....
  • 16.8 million colors. Per-key lighting. Software...
  • Control your accuracy with 25% faster key to key...

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Are Topre Switches Worth Buying?

Most Topre Keyboards are costly. At a premium price, these electro-capacitive switches give you the premium light-touch feel to actuate and the thock sound when this switch bottoms out as you type with them.

They are used in high-quality keyboards such as the Topre Realforce line, making them an excellent choice for heavy typists and gamers alike.

Overall, considering the quality of the Topre switches and the tactile bump it gives, it is worth buying them.

What Do Topre Switches Feel Like?

The Standard Topre Capacitive Switch feels like typing on a hard, thick, and refined rubber dome switch. The crisp tactile feedback it provides is unlike any other type of switch, and many users find it pleasant and easy to type on. 

It also allows for fast typing speed, as the lack of friction makes typing faster than keyboards that use other types of switches.

What Do Topre Switches Sound Like?

 Topre Switches sound mild and provide less noise when pressed than Cherry MX Brown switches.

This is gone because they do not require the physical keycap position to be depressed to register a keystroke. Because of this, they are more silent than other keyboards.

Do Topre Switches Take Longer to Type On?

The Topre switch only requires some pressure to register a keystroke, making it an easy switch for faster typing speeds. Many users who prefer silent typing find that the Topre Switch is great for their needs.

Are Topre switches tactile?

Topre switches are tactile switches. The tactile feedback is crisp. Because of this, some users may find it challenging to adapt to them. They are great for users who prefer a light touch when typing.

Can You Install Topre Switches Yourself?

Topre switches can be installed using a DIY installation kit, and they’re relatively easy to do so. You will need a screwdriver and the Topre switch keyboard kit to do this. 

The screws on the back of the keyboards are all labeled with Topre switch names, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem reading them.

Topre Switches vs Cherry MX switches

Here are the key differences between the switches in the Topre and Cherry MX keyboards:

  • Topre Switches have a longer lifespan than the more popular Cherry MX switches. They are rated for up to 50 million keystrokes, about 10 times more than a typical mechanical switch.
  • Topre Switches are much quieter than a Cherry MX Switch that has been pressed down. When you press a Topre switch down, it will make less noise.
  • Topre Switches have less key travel because they don’t bottom out when pressed. They are much easier to tap on.
  • Topre switches do not have clicky sounds, making them ideal for quieter environments.

Which is better for gaming?

If you are a gamer or looking for a mechanical keyboard to use at home with your PC, we recommend choosing the Cherry MX switches.

Cherry MX switches have a very short throw and customize the entire keystroke depending on whichever keys are pressed. It’s very precise, benefiting those who need a more accurate gaming experience.

Which is better for typing?

If you are a typist looking for a mechanical keyboard for work, we recommend choosing the Topre switches.

The keys do not bottom out and have very little travel, ideal for those who type a lot.

Topre Switches FAQs

Q. What is special about Topre switches?

The Topre switch is called a linear switch because it uses pressure-based activation. Unlike switches that use physical bumps in the rubber membrane to activate their key, it doesn’t move.

Q. Are Topre switches good?

Topre switches are great for typing and quieter than Cherry MX switches. They also last about ten times longer, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Q. Is Topre better for typing?

Topre switches are better for typing because they are quieter and generally easier. You can get used to it over time, while your “Cherry” MX mechanical keyboard may take much more time.


Let’s conclude the post on Topre Switches!

Topre switches are a type of keyboard switch that is popular among typists and gamers. These switches use a spring to create the actuation force, which makes them more responsive than other types of switches.

They are popular because they offer a very precise and responsive feel, making them perfect for gaming or typing. Furthermore, their construction allows for a high degree of durability, making them an ideal choice for professional use.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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