Why is my Vizio TV talking to me? How to Turn Off Narrator?

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Are you tired of your Vizio TV talking to you every time you turn it on? Are you wondering how to turn off the narrator feature and get some peace and quiet? If so, you’re in the right place!

In this article, we’ll provide detailed instructions on disabling the narrator feature on your Vizio TV, as well as explain why your TV might be talking to you in the first place.

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to silence your Vizio TV and customize the narrator settings to your liking, giving you the peace and quiet you desire.

How to turn off the Narrator on Vizio TV

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Why is my Vizio TV talking to me?

The Voice Guide is turned on in your TV if your Vizio TV is talking to you. To render support to users who have low vision, this Voice Guide is an accessibility function. You can turn off the narrator on your TV by turning the audio description on/off with the remote control and setting menus.

This feature can be found in your TV’s Settings Menu, under Accessibility. However, TVs have remote controls and setting menus that vary according to different models.

The TalkBack feature, in a Vizio Smart TV, allows users to follow the content easily to individuals who are visually impaired and find it challenging to estimate the content paving on the screen. This narration features text-to-speech technology which is known as Voice Guide. 

Continuous narration on your Vizio TV could be due to the activated TalkBack feature on your TV. Vizio was generous enough to include these accessibility tools. The Talk Back feature works only with texts that are displayed by themselves including menu items on a TV.

Although this feature is not compatible with audio description and does not work with connected devices like cables, streaming applications, or satellite boxes. All television programs are not enabled with this feature. The TalkBack feature, if turned on accidentally, shall have voice guidance on programs that support this trait.

How to turn off the Narrator on Vizio TV?

Vizio initiated advanced accessibility features with added tools which you can activate on your device with the following steps –

  • Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote
  • Select the ‘System’ function button and press ‘Ok’
  • Select the ‘Accessibility’ function and you can select your accessibility features.

You have options like “Talk Back, Speech Rate, Zoom Mode, and Closed Captioning” functions. To find the ‘System’ function look under ‘Settings’ or search for the ‘Cog’ icon.

You can select the “Talk Back” function to start or to turn it off again. Voice Guidance is a Text-to-Speech function that guides you through the Vizio UI.

At times Voice Guidance has activated on your TV accidentally when you press the menu button and a couple of buttons after it which activates this Talk Back feature.

Turning Off Narrator Steps

Commonly, the accessibility features get activated themselves but could be turned off with a few steps followed:

  • Power on and activate your TV
  • Using your remote navigate to the System option and click on Menu. A list of settings and options will appear on your TV screen. Select system options with the arrow on your remote. Press Enter.
  • From the multiple options displayed choose the Accessibility list and click on it to turn off the feature 
  • In case you have the Save The Change option on your TV, Press the exit button to save it.

Troubleshooting the Narrator and Turning it Off if it does not turn off Normally

If you still have the problem and the narrator didn’t turn it off then follow the steps for the ultimate solution:

Using the Menu to Reset Vizio TV

  • Press Menu on your Remote and access the option Reset Admin
  • Navigating to the Reset & Admin page, you find options like restarting or rebooting the TV. Click on Reset TV to factory settings.
  • Wait for your TV to restart and Reinitialize.
  • Check out if you are able to turn off or deactivate the ‘TalkBack’ or narrator.

Using Reset Button on Vizio TV

In case you have tried all the above and your problem didn’t get resolved try the ultimate one –

With a thin pointy object, locate the Reset button at the back of the TV. Press and hold that specific button until the television resets, which usually takes about 15-30 seconds. The narrating feature should be turned off once your TV reactivates.


Let’s conclude the post!

If you still face the narrator problem then contact Vizio TV’s customer support team for assistance. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the post and have successfully turned off your Vizio TVs narrator.

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