What is Mouse Acceleration? Should You Turn it Off?

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Have you ever experienced your cursor moving in unpredictable ways while gaming? 

Well, that could be due to mouse acceleration, a feature that increases the rate of cursor travel on a monitor with the same amount of mouse movement.

What is Mouse Acceleration

Let’s get started!

What is Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse Acceleration is a feature that means how much distance your mouse would travel across the screen in pixels by moving the mouse physically by a certain distance. Tuning it can move the mouse faster by moving a lesser physical distance and even slower too according to the configuration.

Now, if you increase mouse acceleration, then it will travel more distance across the screen than the previous distance when moved by the same physical distance.

Example: Sam moved the mouse left to right on his mouse pad by 10 cm. If it moved by 300px across the screen, then with increased mouse acceleration it will move more than 300px now with the same amount of mouse movement by Sam.

So, this adds some acceleration to your mouse movements which is great for regular usage. But, it’s not good where you need precision.

Another example can be gaming, where if you enable Mouse acceleration it’s very difficult to point the cursor accurately to the point during the gameplay. You will notice this especially while playing FPS games.

The good news is, you can easily disable mouse acceleration whether you are using Windows 10/11 or even Mac OS, and in doing so, your cursor will move a predetermined distance based solely on your mouse’s physical movement. This leads to more precise control and improved gaming accuracy.

How Does Mouse Acceleration Work?

Mouse acceleration works by using an algorithm to calculate the speed at which the cursor should move based on the physical movement of the mouse. 

This algorithm takes into account factors such as the speed of the mouse, the distance the mouse is moving, and the current sensitivity settings. 

The result of this calculation is then used to determine the speed at which the cursor should move on the screen.

Using this algorithm configured, makes your cursor accelerates on the screen as desired. You have full control to make it slower or faster.

This configuration generally happens in the Mouse Software like the G Hub for Logitech G Series of Mouse. It’s Razer Synapse for Razer Mouses.

Should you turn off mouse Acceleration?

This tip is for Serious FPS gamers who care about their precision in gaming.

For gaming, you need control and precision to be the highest priority. With acceleration enabled on your gaming mouse, it would be definitely a hit or miss when you try anything quickly.

Even with mouse acceleration turned on it feels like the cursor is getting pushed further than where it is needed.

So, if you are a gamer, you would definitely improve your gaming experience by turning off the mouse acceleration.

Pros of Using Mouse Acceleration

  • One of the biggest benefits of mouse acceleration is that it can make it easier to navigate quickly across the screen. 
  • It can also be helpful for users who need to move the cursor over long distances quickly, such as when working with large spreadsheets or documents.

Cons of Using Mouse Acceleration

On the other hand, mouse acceleration can make it more difficult to control the cursor accurately. 

This can be especially problematic for gamers who need precise aim in first-person shooter games, or for users who need to be precise when working with graphics or design programs. 

My Personal Experience with Mouse Acceleration

As a computer user and gamer, I have tried both using and not using mouse acceleration. I have found that for me, mouse acceleration is not a useful feature. I realized turning off mouse acceleration improved the cursor control massively.

I prefer to have complete control over my cursor movements, and mouse acceleration often makes my cursor move too quickly or in an unpredictable way. 

However, I know other users who have found mouse acceleration to be incredibly helpful, so it really comes down to personal preference.

If you ask my preference, I never turned back Mouse Acceleration on my mouse again!


Question: Does mouse acceleration affect aim?

Answer: Yes, mouse acceleration affects aim negatively when used for FPS gaming. Mouse acceleration can accelerate and miss your aim when you are trying to point your cursor to a particular point during FPS gaming. 

Question: Do pro gamers use mouse acceleration?

Answer: Pro gamers avoid using Mouse Acceleration in their gaming as they need maximum precision.


Let’s conclude the post on what is mouse acceleration!

Now, whether you use it or not, it’s definitely your choice. However, for general-purpose usage, you can try using it and check whether it is useful to you.

As a takeaway, do you know in many gaming mice this is enabled by default until you turn it off? So, if you find your mouse difficult to use and control, quickly check the settings in your OS. If you use Windows 10, it’s enabled by default.

I hope you found this helpful!

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